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“Avatar follows Azura, hoping to discuss King Garon's cruel methods. Mysterious enemies ruin the plan when they launch an unexpected attack.”
—Opening Narration

The Black Pillar (鈍く崩れ落ちて lit. A Long Fall in the Japanese version) is Chapter 15 of Fire Emblem Fates in the Conquest Version.


Wracked with guilt over the massacre at Cheve and the hunt for the Cyrkensian performers, the Avatar has trouble sleeping. As they wander the forest mulling over their thoughts, they see Azura and decides to follow her, figuring that talking to her will help clear their thoughts. They hear a mysterious song in the air that happens to sound like the one the mysterious singer had used to cause great discomfort in King Garon. Eventually they find Azura at a lake where she suddenly vanishes. The Avatar quickly follows her, eventually falling through a portal that takes the Avatar to an unknown world. Although Azura wonders why they followed her, they are not given much time to think as an invisible soldier attacks them. Thankfully, they are rescued by Gunter who has miraculously survived his fall into the Bottomless Canyon.


A script for the chapter can be found here.


You only have three units at your disposal: Azura, the Avatar, and Gunter. For plot reasons, you cannot bring any of your other units into the battle, although you can swap any items that might be useful for the Avatar, Azura or Gunter to use. If the Avatar or Azura is underleveled, passing this chapter may be difficult. If they are underleveled, train them at the Boo Camp DLC since it is the only way you will get experience in Conquest apart from chapters and paralogues.

Gunter is a high-level Great Knight, with good weapons, HP and defense. This makes him ideal for aggroing enemy units and tanking hits. However, as he has poor growths, little room to grow and few supports, there is little incentive to use him in the long term, so experience may better be reserved for Azura and the Avatar.

Although there are a sheer amount of enemies, half of them are placed in the bottom isle which is cut off from the top. The top isle only has Ninja and Villagers, while the south one has Lancers, Ninja, a Fighter and a Hero. Remember that all three of your units on the top isle will need to escape by turn 20 (or at least kill the boss at the bottom isle), or you will lose. Having an Avatar with Axebreaker, Lancebreaker, Shurikenbreaker and Swordbreaker can help clear out the bottom group quicker if you are looking to get the items.

There is a Dragon Vein just south of your position; have the Avatar or Azura activate it. It will create replicas of your team for the southern island. They are all standing on healtiles, so you can have your real units battle the top while the bottom stays put to heal them. Alternatively, if the Avatar and Azura are well trained (and stocked on healing items), have them clear out the enemies on the bottom too, as there are several stat boosting items you can get from killing the enemy as well as experience to gain.



  • The name of this chapter, like many in Fates, is a reference to Lost in Thoughts All Alone. Both "鈍く崩れ落ちて" and "The Black Pillar" are taken from the middle of the Conquest version of the song, specifically from the line "The black pillar cracks beneath its weight" in the English Conquest version of the song.

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