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The Dragon's Table

The Dragon's Table (竜の祭壇 lit. Dragon's Altar) is a location in Archanea and its future version Ylisse.

In Marth's time, the Dragon's Table is a huge spiraling structure found between the border of Macedon and Dolhr, surrounded by the Wyvern's Dale. Several hundreds of years ago, Naga sealed the Earth Dragons within the Dragon's Table using the Shield of Seals and appointed Medeus as its guard. In the present age, the Earth Dragons have began to awaken, following the weakening of the Shield of Seals. Also, after being defeated in the War of Shadows, Medeus is resurrected again at the Dragon's Table, this time as a fearsome Dark Dragon.

During Chrom's time, the Table is an altar to the Fell Dragon Grima. It is a sacrificial platform used to feed humans to Grima. It is located inside Plegia near the Plegia Castle. It is the religious site for the Grimleal cult. In Chapter 22, members of the Grimleal begin to subconsciously march toward it during the Awakening Ceremony performed by Validar.


  • Although the Dragon's Table was originally used to seal away the degenerating Earth Dragons, it was later used as a place of worship for the Grimleal. It is likely that the founders of the cult knew its origins, whereas the current generation of the Grimleal (excluding Validar) do not.


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