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“Five Anna sisters are mining ore in a lava cave when they are surrounded by enemies and end up falling into a life-threatening predicament.”
—Opening Narration

Five-Anna Firefight (The Five Annas in the Japanese version) is Xenologue 20 of Fire Emblem Awakening.

Important Note: The Rescue Staff cannot be used in this Xenologue.

This map tasks you with dealing with several waves of enemy units that will swarm the map in large numbers each turn. The walkable terrain is limited and a vast majority of the map is nothing but flowing lava and some walkable cool lava. Much of the walkable terrain is hazardous and stopping on one will result in 10 HP of damage.

You are also tasked to protect five Annas separated from you by a distance. The Annas are weak and cannot withstand many enemy attacks, so you will need to plan well to prevent the Annas from being attacked by the enemy. Because they do not move and for the fact that all 5 stand on hazard tiles, each Anna will take 10 HP each turn.

If all 5 Annas survive the map, you will receive a Catria Einherjar card.


The script for this chapter can be found here.


Secret Book (Artwork) The following part of this article contains strategy; therefore, it is subjective, and may not work for everyone.

General StrategyEdit

First and foremost, bring your most potent healer who can use Fortify. All 5 Annas will need to be healed every now and then due to the Lava damage they suffer from each turn. This way, all 5 can be healed by 1 unit while the others brought onto the map can focus on routing the enemy. Flying units will be lifesavers on this map as the enemy reinforcements arrive on the eastern and western areas of the map. The player starts off at a small isle with the Annas, but in their way are several Risen Generals and Snipers. The eastern side contains Risen Griffon Riders and Wyvern Lords, along with the commander of the group. If players manage to beat the level early, they can stop additional reinforcements from arriving, including several Tricksters with the Pass ability and Sorcerers who can kill the Annas easily with Mire.

Units nor Annas can die from hazard damage. They will always be left with 1 hp. Use this to your advantage if you have lots of units with Acrobat/ Renewal. If you can block all flyers from being able to enter the Annas' "Stage" so to speak, you can easily pick off the tricksters and Sorcerers.

Skill AdviceEdit

Galeforce is highly recommended to anyone you can bring onto the map to help clear multiple members of an enemy wave with a single unit. Renewal and Lifetaker are also viable skills to keep your units well healed since the Hazard tiles can affect both ground and flying units.


  • When selected in the purchase maps menu the word difficulty is misspelled, instead saying "diffculty".
  • The villager tells Chrom that the Risen "clawed" at them. However, in the map there are no Revenants or Entombeds, which are the only units that are capable of clawing their enemies.

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