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“Roy was shocked by Larum's story. He quickly penned off a letter to Cecilia letting her know of the horrors happening on the Western Isles, and his chosen course of action. After sending the letter, Roy led his forces towards Mt Ebrakhm to try and free the people suffering from forced labor. Etruria had assigned Bishop Oro of the Elimine Church to supervise the mine. A fortune's worth of minerals had already been taken from the mine, but it seems Etruria's greed knew no bounds...Ebrakhm...the Mine of Death. The desperate wails of the people forced into labor echoed through the mines like the howling of ghosts...”
—Opening Narration

The Hero of the Western Isles (西方の勇者 Seihō no yūsha) is Chapter 11A of Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade if you visited the left of two villages back in Chapter 9: The Misty Isles.

Recruitable UnitsEdit

  • Talking to Thea with Klein will recruit her, talking to her with Shanna will turn her into a Green unit (will not attack you, but you cannot control them).


  • Turn 5 - Klein appears from Southeast as an enemy
  • Turn 7 - Thea appears from Northwest as an enemy, stop Bandits from pillaging villages at the Northeast and Southeast
  • Turn 8 - Echidna appears from right center village as an NPC
  • Recruit Klein with Roy or Clarine
  • Recruit Thea with Klein (or by talking with Shanna both before and after Klein is recruited)
  • Recruit Echidna with Larum
  • Enter the arena for Gold and experience
  • Visit 8 villages for Restore, Dragonshield, 5000G, Speedwing, Orion's Bolt, Sleep, Axereaver, and an Angelic Robe
  • Kill the boss before Turn 10 if you want to prevent 7 Cavaliers from showing up in the Northwest
  • Conquer the throne
  • Will obtain a Hero Crest at the end of the chapter if no villages were pillaged
  • Will obtain an Orion's Bolt at the end of the chapter if all Klein's units survived
  • Will obtain an Elysian Whip at the end of the chapter if all Thea's units survived


Secret Book (Artwork) The following part of this article contains strategy; therefore, it is subjective, and may not work for everyone.

For the best reward for completing this chapterEdit

It is possible to save all of the villages, Klein's units, and Tate's units all at the same time. That being said, this is mostly based on your luck with aIl of Klein's and Thea's units, so it can be difficult. This can be done by having a Paladin (like a promoted Alen or Lance) rush to the very right villages, ignoring the cracked wall. When Klein's units arrive, get Clarine into his range and talk to him (it may require several tries depending on your luck. Sometimes, Klein will not move away from his starting position). By the time Klein arrives, your Paladin should already be on the right side saving the most right villages in time from the bandits range. Once you talk to Klein, have your characters with high Constitution rescue the archers.

Two turns later Thea and her Pegasus squad arrive. If Klein has been recruited, talking to Thea with Shanna will cause all of her units to turn green. Klein can then talk to her to recruit her.

If you need strategies to lure them without killing them, then there are several methods you can use. If you have your paladin equipped with iron and steel weapons, it would a good time drop all of the weapons and get into the range of the pegasi. Alternatively, you can have a level 20 Sue (without a bow equipped since she may end up killing Thea or one of her four pegasi) or Clarine via arena abusing do the job (or a level 20 Bors without his weapons who should have high enough defense that the pegasi's attack will always deal 0 damage) although his movement speed would severely limit him), who should have high speed by then (just make sure you give them vulneraries should they get hit). Due to the AI, the pegasi should prioritize attacking units without equipped weapons (or in cases with bow users, attack in melee range). 

Alternatively, a weaponless Klein can be the bait unit. He takes very little damage from the pegasi (if any at all, due to their poor accuracy), especially on hard mode. As long as Klein doesn't charge too far forward, he shouldn't get surrounded and can recruit Tate the next turn.

Once you've dealt with all the remaining enemy units (excluding Thea and her pegasus squad) and the boss, have Shanna talk to Thea and use your Paladin to rescue Thea and bring her into Klein's range. At that point, you can freely release the archers and all the units should flee safely.

Echidna comes in a turn after Tate. When that happens, be sure to have some of your characters kill the Fighters and rescue her as soon as possible (you don't want her to go on a rampage killing Thea and her units) and get her into Larum's range. Have Larum talk to her. On hard mode, Echidna's steel axe hinders her so much that she could very well get killed by the three fighters, and will not survive the force of fighters to the north, requiring you to dispatch them quickly. A tag-teamed Alan and Lance are good choices, but Rutger or a stat-blessed Dieck can do that job as well. Having Shanna ferry over whatever team you choose to dispose of the force will drastically cut down on needless time sinks going around the wall. On hard mode (and maybe on normal too), the force includes an archer with a killer bow and a shaman that can deal a lot of damage.

The biggest concern would be the cavaliers appearing from your starting point, as your units rescuing the archers will hinder your speed. Luckily, should you have Rutger promoted into a Swordmaster with a good level, you can take the cavaliers down in a breeze. The cavaliers should attack southwards if most of your units are located at the southeast corner. This strategy has an additional problem on Hard Mode, as there will be a second group with a paladin, Robarts, which will come into the field from Klein's starting point after the first group of cavaliers enter.

Lastly, it's important to the note that, with the exception of Tate, Klein, and the 3 axemen surrounding Echidna, killing the boss stops all reinforcements from spawning. If you can kill him before turn 6, you don't even need to worry about the bandits destroying the villages. This is regardless of whether or not he's told them to sack the villages. If he's gone and they aren't on screen yet, they don't show.

There is a strategy for quickly killing the boss that is especially helpful on hard mode. If you completed Chapter 8x and have promoted Dieck or another fairly fast, sturdy unit with an S-rank in swords, equip him with the Durandal. With enough prior training and some luck, he should be able to kill Oro on the same turn he reaches him. With the help of Larum, have Thany rescue Dieck and carry him across the highest portion of the map. At the same time, have other units stand behind the cracked wall and bait as many enemies on the other side as possible, so they are less likely to attack Dieck. Drop Dieck into the "alleyway" between Oro's large building and the wall with the cracked section. Several enemies will home in on him, but he should be able to survive their attacks and kill them quickly. Get to Oro and kill him before he can summon the brigands, and this will make the rest of the chapter significantly easier - as stated above, reinforcements will not spawn, including Robarts. Unlike in normal mode, the bandits will still spawn, but it will take them a much longer time to do so.

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