Nohrian and Hoshidan royals clash blades on the battlefield. Corrin is torn between both kingdoms but finally makes a fateful decision...”
—Opening Narration

The Path is Yours is the second History Mode map of Fire Emblem Warriors after beating Chapter 13 of Story Mode. This map takes place in the Plains of Hoshido.


By defeating the Myrmidon, Hoshidan reinforcements arrive. By defeating the Great Knight, Nohrian reinforcements arrive.

Normal BattlesEdit

Hoshidan ReinforcementsEdit

  • Pegasus Knight, Targeted Elimination, Difficulty lv. 12, Stage Ebony Volcano, Rewards Flycatcher.
  • Myrmidon, Fort Defense, Difficulty lv. 14, Restrictions Time Constrained, Stage Aytolis City, Rewards Concoction, S-Rank Bonus Wyrmslayer.
  • Soldier, Timed Attack, Difficulty lv. 20, Stage Desolate Gorge, Rewards Takumi's Fur Wrap
  • Myrmidon, Fort Defense, Difficulty lv. 22, Deploy Limit Mounted, Stage Kingswood, Reward Hunter's Bow, S-Rank Bonus Master Seal.
  • Archer, Ally Rescue, Difficulty lv. 30, Deploy Limit Bows, Stage Castle Sol, Rewards Sakura's Headband, S-Rank Bonus Silver Bow.

Nohrian Reinforcements Edit

  • Fighter Fort Siege, Difficulty lv. 12, Stage Great Plain, Reward Wingbane Tome.
  • Knight, Timed Onslaught, Difficulty lv. 13. Stage Kingswood, Reward Concoction.
  • Archer, Arena, Difficulty lv. 21, Stage Kingswood, Reward Concoction.
  • Mage, Fort Defense, Difficulty lv. 30, Stage Dragon Valley, Reward Concoction, S-Rank Bonus Silver Tome.
  • Myrmidon, Fort Defense, Difficulty lv. 30, Stage Great Plain, Reward Mend, S-Rank Bonus Silver Sword.

Boss BattlesEdit

  • Ryoma, In the White Light, Difficulty lv. 36, Deploy Limit Nohrian Heroes, Stage Castle Sol, Rewards Ryoma's Battle Coat, S-Rank Bonus Master Seal, Anna's Mementos 2.
  • Sakura, Timed Onslaught, Difficuly lv. 17, Stage Castle Sol, Rewards Conduit Bow.
  • Takumi, Fort Siege, Difficulty lv. 25, Stage Castle Sol, Reward Cleave Bow, S-Rank Bonus Dragonkiller Bow.
  • Hinoka, Targeted Elimination, Difficulty lv. 28, Stage Castle Sol, Rewards Hinoka's Scarf, Anna's Mementos 2.
  • Xander, Embrace the Dark, Difficulty lv. 36, Deploy Limit Hoshidan Heroes, Stage Dusk Castle, Rewards Xander's Plate Armor, S-Rank Bonus Master Seal, Anna's Mementos 2.
  • Elise, Timed Attack, Difficulty lv. 16, Stage Dusk Castle, Reward Elise's Ribbon.
  • Leo, Targeted Elimination, Difficulty lv. 24, Stage Dusk Castle, Reward Leo's Collar, S-Rank Bonus Condragon Tome.
  • Camilla, Fort Siege, Difficulty lv. 28, Stage Dusk Castle, Reward Camilla's Tassles.

Anna's Mementos Edit

  • Hinoka, Targeted Elimination, Difficulty lv. 28, Stage Castle Sol.

2 Mementos

2 Mementos

  • Defeat 1,000 Enemies
  • Take five enemy forts.


The generic units next to the royals represent their retainers:

  • The Myrmidon and Pegasus Knight next to Sakura represent Hana and Subaki respectively.
  • The Soldier and the Myrmidon next to Takumi represent Oboro and Hinata respectively.
  • The Archer next to Hinoka represents Setsuna
  • The Fighter and Knight next to Elise represents Arthur and Effie respectively.
  • The Archer and Mage next to Leo represent Niles and Odin respectively.
  • The Myrmidon next to Camilla represents Selena.

The only ones not to be represented are Azama for Hinoka, Beruka for Camilla, Saizo and Kagero for Ryoma and Laslow and Peri for Xander.

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