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(Hoshidans reinforcement arrives)

Xander: Avatar, you're alive! They haven't harmed you, have they?
Avatar: Xander! I'm fine. But... why are you invading Hoshido?!
Xander: Father say's it's time to show our true strength. Join us, and we'll end this quickly. If we conquer Hoshido here and now, we can avoid unnecessary bloodshed.
Avatar: Xander... I...I need a minute.
Ryoma: Be careful, Avatar. That man is a Nohrian commander!
Avatar: Ryoma...

(Nohrian reinforcement arrives)

Camilla: Avatar! I was so worried about you. Don't ever wander away from me again!
Leo: I'm glad you're OK, Avatar. You must have the devil's own luck!
Elise: Yaaay! We got our brother/sister back!
Hinoka: Nohrian scum! First you kidnap him/her, now you lied to him/her?! Avatar is MY brother/sister, not yours!
Camilla: You are mistaken. Avatar is my sweet little brother/sister. You may not have him/her.
Ryoma: Don't be fooled by their words. You belong with your true family in Hoshido!
Xander: We have loved you and raised you since you were a child. Come home, little prince/princess. We can live as a family once more!
Ryoma: Come home to Hoshido, Avatar!
Xander: No, Avatar! Nohr is your home!

CG CutsceneEdit

(Ryoma show his hand)

Ryoma: This way!
Sakura: B-Big brother/sister?
Elise: He's my brother/sister!

(Xander show his hand)

Xander: We're your family.


Avatar: My family...

Branch of Fate - Choose Your PathEdit

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