Chapter 13x: The Peddler Merlinus Edit


  • Hector: Bah! Dark already.
  • Eliwood: We'll have to stop here for the night. We'll set out for Laus at the first sign of sunlight. Marcus, prepare the camp.
  • Marcus: Yes, my lord.
  • Hector: So this is Caelin? You think we ought to present ourselves to Lord Hausen?
  • Eliwood: We're simply passing through, so I don't see the need. I am curious how Lyndis is getting along, though.
  • Hector: Lyndis?
  • Eliwood: Marquess Caelin's granddaughter.
  • Hector: Oh, her. The missing heir who dealt with Lundgren last year. Didn't you have something to do with that?
  • Eliwood: Mm.
  • Hector: And? The granddaughter? Is she a beauty?
  • Eliwood: A beauty? She's... I don't...she's... I think it must be her Sacae heritage. She's...striking...
  • Hector: Striking? Too bad, isn't it?
  • Eliwood: What?
  • Hector: That we don't have time to see her, loverboy.
  • Eliwood: No! Lyndis and I are... We're not...
  • Hector: You're not? Then why are you getting so worked up?
  • Eliwood: Hector! Don't make me angry!
  • Hector: Ha ha ha ha! You are so much fun to tease! Huh? What was that? Did you hear something?
  • Eliwood: It was a scream. Someone's being attacked!
  • Hector: Do we help?
  • Eliwood: Of course!

(scene change, to bandits and Merlinus)

  • Merlinus: Oh noooooo! Someone! Help!!!
  • Bandit: Grrr! Stupid old fool! He's kept us running in circles for hours!
  • Merlinus: My... My valuable merchandise! What are you going to do?
  • Puzon: Hey, look at this. The old fool's wealthy.
  • Bandit: Huh huh huh. Our lucky day. Eh, Puzon?
  • Merlinus: Let go! Let go!! Will you let go!!!
  • Bandit: What a racket! Puzon, can we get rid of this simpleton?
  • Puzon: I suppose so. There's no reason to let him live.
  • Merlinus: Oh my!! Eeeyaaaaahhh!
  • Eliwood: Release him!
  • Puzon: Who--
  • Eliwood: I told you to let the man go!
  • Hector: If you move quickly, we'll let you live.
  • Puzon: Ha! A pair of dandies like you? You know what I think? Living off your parents' names, prancing about... I despise you! Come on! Don't hold back! We'll kill you all!

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