There is a small village on the border of Pherae and Bern. Here was where Roy was to meet the mercenary band that Eliwood had hired for him.

Just east of the village is a small castle occupied by Bern's forces. When Roy had reached the village, the castle was in a chaotic state. Roy had yet to learn that the confusion going on in the castle was going to cause turbulence all over Elibe...

Chapter 2: The Princess of Bern

(Outside the castle)

  • Milady: What I'm asking is where the princess is!
  • Rude: Y-Yes Captain Miledy... I'm certain she was in her room this morning.
  • Milady: I've already heard that! What I want to know is where the princess is at this moment!
  • Rude: Um... She's... Er...
  • Milady: We're almost going into head-on war with Lycia. What if something happens to the princess? Can you take responsibility?
  • Rude: ......
  • Milady: I never should have let her Highness go down to the border in the first place. I will return to Bern and inform the king about this matter. I'll try not to make it into a panic, so you must find the princess as soon as possible.
  • Rude: Yes, ma'am!

(Milady flies away)

  • Rude: Is Princess Guinevere still with us?
  • Soldier: Yes sir, she's under constant monitoring in the basement room.
  • Rude: Good. Don't let her escape.
  • Soldier: Sir... are you sure this is a good idea?
  • Rude: Don't worry! Bern has plenty of enemies. The younger sister of King Zephiel... We'll be sure to get a hefty amount of money by turning her in to one of their foes.
  • Soldier: .....
  • Rude: We're not going to make it anywhere by serving our country, anyway, so we're better off thinking of ways to make money fast, no?
  • Soldier: Yes, of course sir... But there is one little problem with that plan...
  • Rude: ? What do you mean?
  • Soldier: I just received a report... it seems that Princess Guinevere's servant has escaped...
  • Rude: What?! You fool, why didn't you say so earlier? Go search for her immediately! Don't let her get away!

(In Roy's side)

  • Merlinus: Master Roy, it's around here somewhere.
  • Roy: This is where we're supposed to meet the mercenary band?
  • Merlinus: Yes, though, it seems they aren't here yet. Oh wait, I can see somebody running this way...

(Elen appears)

  • Roy: Watch out!
  • Elen: Oh, excuse me! I was in a hurry...
  • Roy: No, it's all right. I'm fine, but are you okay?
  • Elen: Yes, I'm fine. Thank you.
  • Roy: It's good that you're not hurt.
  • Elen: ... You are from Lycia, are you not?
  • Roy: Yes. I am the son of the Marquess of Pherae.
  • Elen: Oh... Dear God! I thank you for your guidance!
  • Roy: ?
  • Elen: Please, could you help me rescue my mistress?
  • Roy: What happened?
  • Elen: My mistress and I were travelling to meet someone from the Lycia Alliance. However, while we were passing through here, we fell into a trap set by Rude, the lord of the castle just east of here. We were captured.
  • Merlinus: Master Roy! We must not get into unnecessary entanglements with Bern now!
  • Roy: But we can't neglect a person who has come to meet someone from the Alliance... But, it isn't smart to charge into enemy fields either... ...!

(Enemy soldier appears)

  • Soldier: There they are! Hey guys, over here! Get the servant girl! It doesn't matter whether she's dead or alive!

(Enemy army arrives)

  • Elen: Oh, no...
  • Roy: Well, Merlinus, they attacked first. We have to fight, don't we?
  • Merlinus: You won't pay heed of me, now will you? I guess I can be witness to how much you have learned in Ostia.
  • Roy: Alright! We're going to charge the castle! Miss Elen, you can hide some place safe...
  • Elen: No, I will accompany you. I cannot fight, but I can heal wounded allies.
  • Roy: Oh... But...
  • Elen: I'm the one that got you tangled up in this mess. Please let me be of some help.
  • Roy: Okay, but please don't strain yourself.
  • Elen: Yes, thank you for your consideration.

(Turn 1 begins)

(Before Turn 2 properly begins)
(A mercenary band appears from the south)

  • Dieck: They should be around here somewhere... Shanna, could you go and check to see if the Pherae Army is around here?
  • Shanna: Sure!

(Shanna flies off)

  • Wade: Dieck, who's our client this time?
  • Dieck: The Pherae family, one of the nobles of Lycia. The marquess' son is going to join the Lycia Alliance.

Lot: So we're going up against Bern?

  • Dieck: That's what it looks like.
  • Wade: A worthy opponent! Time to show some skill, eh?
  • Lot: Bern... this one's going to be tough. Better be careful.

(Shanna flies back)

  • Shanna: I think I've found them! But it looks like they're fighting somebody down there.
  • Dieck: What, a battle's already started? We better hurry!

(After taking the castle)

  • Merlinus: Master Roy! We have rescued a lady trapped in the basement!
  • Roy: That must be Elen's mistress. Have her come here.
  • Merlinus: Yes.

(Guinevere appears)

  • Elen: Your Highness!
  • Guinevere: Elen! Oh, are you all right? I never thought you would do such a brave thing for me... You had me worried, Elen.
  • Elen: I wanted to rescue you no matter what... So...
  • Guinevere: It is fine, Elen. Thanks to you, I am safe now.
  • Guinevere: I am in your debt. May I ask your name...?
  • Roy: I am Roy, the son of Eliwood, the Marquess of Pherae.
  • Guinevere: Yes... And I am...
  • Elen: Your Highness... Are you sure?
  • Guinevere: It is all right, Elen. My name is... Guinevere.
  • Roy: Guinevere?! That's impossible! That's the name of the Princess of Bern!
  • Guinevere: Yes, that is who I am.
  • Merlinus: What! Do you plan on attacking us now!?
  • Roy: Merlinus, wait a second.
  • Merlinus: I beg your pardon, Lord Roy, but...
  • Roy: I want to speak with her. Give me some time, will you?
  • Merlinus: Hmph, if Master Roy says so...

(Merlinus leaves)

  • Roy: You are indeed Princess Guinevere from Bern?
  • Guinevere: Yes. I am not sure if you will believe me, however.
  • Roy: Even if you are not the Princess of Bern, I can tell from your actions and your dress that you are certainly someone of high social status. But... if you are indeed Princess Guinevere, something doesn't seem right. Elen told me you are intended to meet someone from the Lycia Alliance.
  • Guinevere: Yes, that is correct.
  • Roy: Why, if you are the Princess of Bern?
  • Guinevere: I want to find a peaceful way of ending the war. I figured if I could speak to someone from Lycia, I could find some solution.
  • Roy: Your brother started this war. Is it in your power to stop it?
  • Guinevere: I certainly wish to stop it... No, it must be stopped.
  • Roy: ... I see. Anyway, will you come with us to meet the Lycia Alliance Army? I want to meet Lord Hector and see what he thinks about this matter.
  • Guinevere: Honestly... You will take me?
  • Roy: Yes. If there's a possibility to avoid bloodshed and end this war, then I believe that we must try it, no matter how small the chance.
  • Guinevere: Thank you! Thank you... truly.


Roy and DieckEdit

  • Dieck: Are you Roy of the Pherae family?
  • Roy: Who are you?
  • Dieck: I'm Dieck. I think you've heard the news from an old guy named Merlinus.
  • Roy: So you're the leader of the mercenary band?
  • Dieck: It's just a little group, really. I'm sorry we're late, I didn't think a battle was already going on.
  • Roy: Well... we have our issues...
  • Dieck: No no, we're not blaming you for it. Actually, everyone's all excited and saying that they can also show off their skills already.
  • Roy: Thank you. That is encouraging to hear.
  • Dieck: All right then, let's get this battle over with, shall we?

Against RudeEdit

(Before battling him)

  • Rude: Damn! Just when I thought luck was with me...

(After defeating him)

  • Rude: Ugh... Greed... only... brings you ill fate...

Houses and VillagesEdit

  • Village: "Oh, you really saved us! If those people got into our village, I don't know what would have happened to this precious sword! I was really scared..." (Armorslayer received!)
  • House: "A bow has great power against flying enemies. If they get close, you can tear'em apart!"
  • House: "The forts are the key to this kingdom's defense. If you're there, it's much easier. The enemy will miss easily, and the damage will be reduced. Also, your wounds are slightly healed."
  • House: "The three weapons... Swords, axes and spears. Remember, boy, swords beats axes, axes best spears, and spears beat swords! Just remember that and you will have an easy time!"

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