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Chapter 18: The Sable OrderEdit

"For Gotoh to create the magic that could defeat Gharnef, he needed two orbs: the Lightsphere and the Starsphere. Marth and company set off to Chiasmir and the Fane of Raman to find them, but in their path stood a cohort of Grustian knights known as the Sable Order. The bridges across the strait would soon be choked with the brave and the dead..."

(Beginning of Chapter)

  • Malledus: "Prince Marth, I see them: a cohort of Grustian knights, out on the far side of the bridge. That must be the Sable Order..."

(Nyna enters conversation)

  • Nyna: "Marth, I heard the enemy forces have been spotted."
  • Marth: "Yes, that's right. The Sable Order, it seems."
  • Nyna: "Really? Tell me, who leads them?"
  • Marth: "Why does it matter?"
  • Nyna: ", it's just- they say the Sable Order is led by a brilliant general. I was...wondering if he was riding with them today."
  • Marth: "You must mean General Camus. I am told Doluna is not very happy with him at the moment, brilliant or not. Something about acting outside orders... They'll be keeping him on a short leash; I don't expect we'll see him here."
  • Nyna: "That...that is good news..."


  • Young Man: "You know how the Fane of Raman is supposed to be protected by a fearsome guardian? Well, I heard the "fearsome guardian" is nowt but a wee lass. If that’s true, you have to wonder why she’d stay all by herself in a dreary place like that. Mayhap she broke her ma’s favorite vase and got stuck there as a punishment? Ha ha, right."

(End Houses)

(Recruiting Est)

  • Est: "Ah, you're Prince Marth! I am Est, of the Medonian Whitewings- Palla and Catria's younger sister. I've been looking for you. Initially I intended to join up with you along with my sisters, but then I heard Grust had made off with one of Akaneia's three regalia- the sword Mercurius- so I flew there to get it back. This is Mercurius right here. It's lovely, isn't it? And powerful! In the right hands, I think you'll find it a formidable weapon indeed."

(Battle with Sternlin)

  • Sternlin: "You shall not pass! Not today! Not ever!"

(Defeating Sternlin)

  • Sternlin: "Nngh! You...shall...not...unnh..."

(Chapter End)

  • Nyna: "We've made it across the strait."
  • Marth: "Yes. But the real battle may yet be ahead of us."

(Enter Malledus)

  • Marth: "Malledus... Can we be certain the Lightsphere and the Starsphere are in the Fane of Raman?"
  • Malledus: "Yes, sire; but unfortunately, they may not be all we find. The fane is said to be guarded by a goddess, one with fearsome powers. Those who defile her sanctuary are punished by fire; none are spared from the blaze."
  • Nyna: "Perhaps we should reconsider, Marth..."
  • Marth: "Perhaps...But if none are spared from the blaze, where do the rumors come from? Besides, we need those two orbs."
  • Malledus: "Well, might I suggest you take in just a few able companions, and let the sleeping dragons lie?"
  • Marth: "Sage advice. I've no desire to tear apart a holy place, whether the goddess is home or not...I'll choose a handful of elite to search for the orbs with me."

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