After taking Saul, a priest of the Elimine Church, and Dorothy, his bodyguard into their ranks, Roy and company crossed the mountains and entered the Thria lands, located to the southeast of Ostia.

Thria is governed by Lord Orun, a half brother to Lord Hector. Orun's home castle seemed to be a safe place to stay for Roy. However, Bern had its reach in the lands of Thria as well...

Chapter 6: The Trap

(In some part of Castle Thria)

Cath: Well, sneaking in here was fine, but there's nothing worth stealing! Hmm, the room to the north seems to have treasure, but the security is so tight... Are those footsteps?

(Cath hides; Wagner and a soldier appear)

Wagner: I trust everything is under control.

Soldier: Yes, our soldiers are stationed all around this area.

Wagner: Lead them into the castle and ambush them, just as we did with Lord Orun.

Soldier: Yes sir.

Wagner: I want Princess Guinevere alive. The rest you can do with as you wish. Now go.

(The soldier leaves)

Wagner: Hahahaha... The Silver Wolf's granddaughter, and now Princess Guinevere... If we have this much to offer, Bern will be sure to allow us on their side.

(Wagner leaves and Cath reappears)

Cath: Hmmm... Now this is getting interesting.

(On another part of Castle Thria)

Merlinus: Well, for once we can get a good night's rest, Master Roy!

Roy: I wonder. That man said he was Lord Orun's advisor...

Merlinus: Wagner? Does he bother you in any way?

Roy: He seemed to be in control of everything, as if he owned the place. And we can't even go near Lord Orun because he's ill? Something seems wrong...

Merlinus: Hmm... come to think of it, you do have a point, Master Roy.

(Saul and Dorothy appear)

Saul: Excuse me, Master Roy. There seems to be an awful lot of soldiers patrolling the area.

Dorothy: I think we're being spied on.

Roy: What? No...

Dorothy: You noticed? Impressive.

Roy: !? Show yourself, intruder!

(Cath appears)

Cath: Hi!

Roy: And... who might you be?

Cath: Aw, we can talk about me later. You know, I was overhearing that Wagner guy's conversation in the main hall, and they said they're going to ambush you guys.

Roy: Lord Orun would never do that!

Cath: Oh yeah, that person's dead. That dark magician assassinated him or something.

Roy: What!?

Cath: And he's going to capture you guys and turn you into Bern so they can join up with them.

Merlinus: Hold it, Master Roy! Don't trust people like this so easily!

Cath: You can believe me or not, it's up to you. But don't come crying to me when you find yourselves in trouble!

Guinevere: Roy... If what she says is true...

Roy: Let's set a trap. We'll pretend like we're leaving. If Wagner is after us, he'll do something to persuade us to stay.

Cath: If you're gonna go outside, use the room in the north! That room leads to the courtyard, so you'll be out of here in no time. Good luck!

(Roy and his army enter the battlefield. Wagner and some soldiers intercept them)

Wagner: Oh, Master Roy! Where are you going? We will escort you into the castle, so please come this way.

Roy: My apologies, sir, but I have just received a report of a matter of importance. Excuse us, but we must be going now.

Wagner: Oh... But I surely cannot see you off without paying my respects and offering you a place to stay! Lord Orun would never forgive me for that! Please, Master Roy, will you not just spend one night here with us?

Roy: Do not worry, I shall tell Lord Orun myself that you are not to blame. I ought to pay my respects to him, anyway. Please show us to his room.

Wagner: Like I said, Master Roy, Lord Orun is ill and cannot see you.

Roy: I am sorry, sir, but if we cannot see him, then we have no reason to stay here. We are in a hurry. Excuse us, but we must be off.

Wagner: You are leaving... No matter what?

Roy: .....

Wagner: Then I have no choice but to kill you now! Everyone! Attack! Kill them all, but leave Princess Guinevere alive!

Roy: Damn! So they were after us!

Saul: Master Roy! Even if we escape this way, we'll be just attacked from behind!

Roy: Then we'll take over this castle! Everyone, follow me!

(Turn 1 begins)

(After Turn 1, in one of the western rooms of the castle)

Sue: All this noise... a battle? What's going on outside?

(After Turn 5, at the southern entry)

Cath: Whoo, they're at each other's throats now. 'Suppose I'll take what I can while I can.

(Cath enters the battlefield as an enemy unit)

(After conquering the throne)

(If Sue was recruited)

Roy: ... So you're the granddaughter of the leader of one of the clans in Sacae.

Sue: Grandpa is the strongest warrior in Sacae. People call him the 'Silver Wolf.'

Roy: The Silver Wolf... I have heard of him. But what are you doing in Lycia? Sacae is to the east.

Sue: Bern invaded Sacae, so we of the Kutolah tribe have decided to fight. So grandpa let the women and children escape to Lycia, but...

Roy: But?

Sue: There was a traitor. The Djute clan, who have turned to Bern's side, ambushed us.

Roy: .....

Sue: We were all separated. I found my way into these lands and I was rescued by Lord Orun. But his advisor, Wagner, assassinated Lord Orun and took over the castle.

Roy: And then you were captured...

Sue: Is your army fighting Bern?

Roy: Yes, Bern has invaded our lands as well.

Sue: Then let me go with you. Fighting Bern will let me rescue grandpa. I also want to avenge Lord Orun.

Roy: We're headed for Ostia. It's in the opposite direction as Sacae, so is this okay with you?

Sue: I don't mind. No matter where we are, neither our Mother the Earth or our Father the Sky will ever disappear.

(If Sue was not recruited, the text will skip to the following scene)

(Merlinus appears)

Merlinus: Master Roy! The spy I sent to Ostia has just returned, and he says that Ostia is in a state of chaos!

Roy: What!?

Merlinus: There's been a rebellion among those who want to surrrender to Bern.

Roy: Is Lilina safe?

Merlinus: The spy says that she has been taken as a hostage. Currently, the rebel group has taken over Castle Ostia and are fighting the soldiers who wish to retake the castle and Lady Lilina.

Roy: We must hurry to Ostia! Lilina, please be safe!


Roy and CathEdit

Roy: Hey! You're...

Cath: Oops...

Roy: Wait!

Cath: Hey, what do you think you're doing? Let go of my arm! Ow! That hurts!

Roy: Oh, I'm sorry! But... what are you doing here?

Cath: Well, um, you know, it's complicated. I have things to do, you see? Hahaha...

Roy: Things to do? Here? In a battlefield?

Cath: Dummy, it's because this is a battlefield... ... Whoops, better watch my tongue...

Roy: Do you have some motive that we're unaware of?

Cath: Ulp...

Roy: Wait, is that why you told us the escape route...?

Cath: Um, what? I have no idea what you're talking about!

Roy: Who are you...?

Cath: Now now, don't worry about such trivial things! Oh, I gotta go. Bye!

Roy: Hey, wait!

Roy and SueEdit

Sue: Who is it?

Roy: What? What's a girl doing here?

Sue: ? ... You aren't a person from the castle?

Roy: Who are you? Oh, my name is Roy.

Sue: I am Sue. Are you causing the noise outside?

Roy: Noise?

Sue: The noise of a battle.

Roy: Oh yes. We're fighting denizens of the castle. It's a long story...

Sue: I see. Then I am on your side.

Roy: ?

Sue: This castle's residents are my enemies as well.

Roy: What? What do you mean...

Sue: Please give me a bow. I will fight alongside you.

Against WagnerEdit

(Before battling him)

Wagner: Damn you, useless vassals! Well then, I have no choice. Witness my magic... And bow down before its power!

(After defeating him)

Wagner: No... My plan... was flawless...