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The Two PathsFE5 Chap15
GameFire Emblem: Thracia 776
ObjectiveChoose Path
Units Allowed12
Units GainedRalf (Talk to Leif)

“Respecting the promise made between Areone and Linoan, the Liberation Army retreated from Tahra. As for their next destination, the army's opinions split. The Fiana Freeblades and the Magi Squad wanted to free Manster first, while the nobles from Leonster and Tahra sought to liberate Leonster. In the end, both sides agreed that heading for Leonster first would be more efficient. However, Leif was to be faced with another decision here...”
—Opening Narration

The Two Paths is Chapter 15 of Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. To complete the chapter, escape through the right or left arrows (or visit the Church) with Leif.


  • Killer Lance - Left house in the cluster of houses
  • Skill Ring - Middle house in the cluster of houses
  • Armorslayer - Right hosue in the cluster of houses
  • Ulir Scroll - Village to the far left, near the escape arrow
  • Restore Staff - After you have visited the church with Leif


In stark contrast to previous chapters, this chapter is not hard if one brings several flying units to drop your units over the mountain.

Ralf and Amalda will appear as NPCs to fight the bandits. You can recruit Ralf by speaking to him with Leif, but Amalda is unfortunately not recruitable at this point.

It is highly recommended to bring Mareeta to this chapter; she can participate in an event which grants her an extremely powerful ability.

Have the fliers, Karin, Dean and Eda pick up Leif, Mareeta and any other units and drop them over the mountains. You should try to go left and visit the village next to the left arrow, this will net you an Ulir Scroll. You have to be quick, though, otherwise it will be destroyed.

Ralf and Amalda should take care of the bandits, have your fliers deposit units near the town and fly downwards to visit the villages. You should be able to hold off the Brigands with Ralf and Amalda. Again, talk to Ralf with Leif to recruit him.

Ralf is an prepromoted Hero, his stats are average at best and he is not terribly useful overall.

After a certain amount of turns, Amalda will attempt to leave the map. Push forward and defeat the boss and all the other Brigands.

On Turn 11, a unit named Shanam will appear from the forts. He will attempt to quickly escape, but you can speak to him with Mareeta to have her learn Meteor Sword, which is five consecutive hits upon activation. This can prove to be difficult to do, so try to surround the forts so that you can get Mareeta to speak to Shanam.

Once that is done, have Leif make his way to the Church and enter it.

You now have a choice of two routes, the A route, (also known as the Solar Route) and the B Route (also known as the Lunar Route). The A Route is notably more difficult of the two, but the characters that can potentially be recruited are much better, so it is more rewarding. The B route potential recruits are not as powerful, but the route itself is slightly easier.

Note that the A Route is the first option when you are talking to the Priest, the B route is the second option.

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Open Fire or Freedom
The Two Paths Next chapter:
Norden Line or The Dark Forest

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