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“After escaping with his life from the collapsing Leonster Castle, Leif, together with his loyal knight Finn and his daughter Nanna, proceeded to defeat the Thracian forces and take control of Northern Thracia.
Shaking off pursuits from the eastern Grannvale Empire, Leif fled to various cities such as Alster and Tahra before finally arriving at Fiana, a small village on the eastern coast of Thracia.
Fiana was an independent village run by a swordswoman named Eyvel, and she led a band of fighters to protect the neighboring villages from bandit attacks. Eyvel gave Leif and his comrades a warm welcome, and Leif gradually grew up among other youths who resided in Fiana.
And now, in the Gran year 776...”

—Opening Narration

The Warrior of Fiana is Chapter 1 of Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. In this chapter, Leif and his allies have to regain control over the village of Fiana, which is occupied by the Thracian army.


Secret Book (Artwork)

The following part of this article contains strategy; therefore, it is subjective, and may not work for everyone.

With this being an early level, you are almost free to do anything you like to complete. Remember to have Orsin visit the House outside the village walls to get the Pugi. In the house nearest to the boss, Halvan can gain the Brave Axe. Try to defeat the boss with anyone except Eyvel or Dagdar. It may be easiest with them, but your other characters are in bigger need of Exp. Also you should capture as many enemies possible on this chapter and take their weapons as at this point they will be much needed. Remember to grab lots of Lances if you plan on using Finn and remember to take as many Vulneraries as possible as they fully restore HP. To defeat Weissman have Evyel defeat him with the Flame Sword from a distance or Dagdar as his Defense is too high for anyone to do real damage to him,it is best to have Dagdar to defeat and capture him to get his Long Sword.


-Vulnerary, Iron sword, Life Ring (from villages)

-Pugi (from village, with Orsin)

-Brave Axe (from village, with Halvan)

Enemy ReinforcementsEdit




Class: Sword Armor (level 5)

Weapons: Longsword

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