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The Wellspring of Truth
GameFire Emblem: Awakening
ObjectiveRout the enemy
Units AllowedChrom +14
Units GainedAversa (End of chapter, if she (NPC version) survived this chapter)
BossAversa clone

“It is said that one who visits the wellspring will witness the truth of himself. While pursuing Aversa, Chrom and his allies arrive at legendary Wellspring of Truth, where they must face the most challenging enemies of all...”
—Opening Narration

The Wellspring of Truth (The Fountain of Truth in the Japanese version) is Paralogue 22 of Fire Emblem: Awakening. This Paralogue is only available via SpotPass.

Paralogue InformationEdit

This map has a total of 16 enemies comprised of 15 Mirages and an Aversa clone. The 15 Mirages will take on the appearance of the 15 units you bring onto the map and will copy your unit's current class, stats, weapon levels, and skills when the map is started. They will not copy your weapons and they will use Silver weapons, the B-Tier tomes, Spears, Tomahawks, Longbows, Physic, and Recover instead. If less than 15 units are brought onto the map, the Mirages will loop through the characters picked and make two versions of those characters to fill the remaining Mirages. Aversa will join Chrom's army if she survives the chapter.


This map is potentially one of the hardest SpotPass maps because you will be facing off against your own units and on lower difficulties, this can prove to be a much harder map than even the Endgame map if your army's stats are all capped. This also makes keeping Aversa alive even more challenging since she has moderately decent stats, but none are capped. However, all is not lost. There are two advantages you still have over the Mirage army.

1. You can still use the Pair Up function and Dual System and the Mirage army will not. This can be lifesaving with Dual Guards and Dual Strikes.
2. The Mirage army only copies the stats of your army at the BEGINNING of the map. Any stat, skill, or class change during the map by your units will NOT be copied over.
3. You can make use of the Rescue item to forcibly teleport Aversa back to your main army if she begins to get too close to the other army, especially if she is not sufficiently strong enough to fight the Mirage copies of your units on even ground.

For the challenge, you can rely on the Dual System and with careful strategy, you can take down the enemy army with some effort, though you will need to protect Aversa as much as possible if your units' stats are capped.

One possible way to handle this army is to have all of your units that you plan on bringing into the battle at level 10 or more in a first tier class. When you finally start the map, you can immediately Promote them using a Master Seal which will give you a huge advantage over the Mirage army due to the stats gained via the promotion.

Another way to approach the battle is to select one of your strongest units with very high stats (or two, and pair one with the other) and to fill the rest of your ranks with units that are lower in level, class, and/or stats that your powerful unit (or pair of units) can safely deal with. Potential reasons for choosing this strategy in lieu of the aforementioned one are as follows:

1. You do not want to reclass many of your units to first tier classes to Promote them again specifically for this battle.
2. You cannot afford to use many Master Seals, for monetary reasons or otherwise.
3. You find that the stats gained or lost due to the Class Change is insufficient or detrimental.

Common candidates for less powerful units are as follows:

1. Units added during the story that you did not or have not leveled yet.
2. Avatars of people that you have met that are not very high in level.
3. Children that you have unlocked in the Paralogue missions.
4. Low level units that you can recruit from completing the Xenologue (DLC) battles.
5. Units from past games featured as part of the Bonus Teams in the Wireless option.
6. Do not forget, The Avatar Logbook can be used if you need to recruit units that you have already had the potential to recruit, but did not actually recruit as part of your fighting force.

In most cases, it is best to adjust your skills before entering, as most skills before that gave you an advantage will become troublesome like most Weapon Breaker skills and some attacking skills. Nevertheless this battle will need to be approached carefully whichever strategy you pick.

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