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“In a rural Crimean town, a band of rebels sow the seeds of discontent. They are stopped by Brom and Nephenee, two former Crimean soldiers. However, more uprisings are sure to follow.
Brom and Nephenee decide to travel to Melior, the capital of Crimea, and inform Queen Elincia as to the gravity of the situation.”

—Opening Narration

Tides of Intrigue (陰謀渦巻くInbō uzumaku) is chapter two of Part 2 in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. Leanne and Nealuchi are available again this chapter. The base is available this chapter.

  • Main Unit: Lucia (Authority: **)
  • Map Affinity: Earth
  • This is a Fog of War map
  • initial number of enemies: 22 (16 on easy)
  • There are Watch Fires in this map, if you light them they will light a small area around themselves.



Enemy will receive Halberdier*1, Soldier*1 and Thunder Mage*1 at turn 6




Hidden TreasureEdit

  • Discipline (On the bottom right of this map there is an enemy bandit, there is a Discipline where he is standing.)

Bonus ExperienceEdit

  • Clear (Easy/normal: 2000exp) (Hard: 1000exp)
  • Clear in 7 turns (Easy/normal: 1000exp) (Hard: 500exp)

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