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Ties That Bind (A Fateful Decision in the Japanese version) is the Prologue of Fire Emblem Fates.


The script for this Chapter can be found here.

Overview Edit

On a raging battle ground, two opposing kingdoms meet. The crown prince of Hoshido, Ryoma, and the crown prince of Nohr, Xander, are locked in a heated battle to the death. To the east of their battle, a young noble, the Avatar, is helping the Hoshidan army fend off the Nohrian army. But perhaps there is more to this event as it seems, almost as if it is a foreshadowing of an event to come...


Secret Book (Artwork) The following part of this article contains strategy; therefore, it is subjective, and may not work for everyone.

This chapter serves as a means to introduce the player to the story of Fates and the mechanics of the Fire Emblem series. This map is straightforward and does not require the Avatar to move from their starting point. Simply attack the Fighter on the first turn to move the chapter forwards. On the second turn, you will gain control of Takumi, and a Nohrian Lancer will attempt to ambush you at the start of the turn. Have Takumi attack him first then finish him off with the Avatar to complete the chapter. If for some reason the Fighter is not defeated in two turns, the map completes regardless. It is generally best to defeat the enemy to gain the most experience and to attain a higher level for your Avatar to ease the difficulty of later maps.


  • Takumi in this chapter is the first character in Fire Emblem Fates to be excluded from the permadeath function of higher difficulties. If he is defeated, he will retreat instead.
  • Although the objective of the chapter is stated to be a rout, it will actually end automatically after Player Phase on Turn 2, regardless of whether you have defeated the lancer.
  • Many of the foes and allies on the lower part of the map are possible recruits in both routes.

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