Before the BattleEdit

Opening Edit

Cutscene: "Two Swords" Edit

(Azura sings the first lines of Lost in Thoughts All Alone)

Azura: You are the ocean's gray waves, destined to seek ♪
Life beyond the shore, just out of reach. (She dives into the water.)
Yet the waters ever change, flowing like time ♪ The path is yours to climb.(She dives past all of the building and islands, and vanishes into a portal.)

(Scene change, in battlefield, where Xander leading Nohrian troops in battle) (Ryoma fights in battlefield, felling a soldier along the way with Raijinto, before jumping on even more soldiers' heads and cutting down several more in one swing)

Ryoma: Nohrian general! You face the high prince of Hoshido, Ryoma! I challenge you to single combat!
Xander: I will accept your challenge, "high prince". But I'm no general. I am crown prince Xander of Nohr!

(Xander charges to Ryoma, and Ryoma charges to Xander)

(Movie ends)



HinokaCome on, Avatar! We've got work to do.

(The Avatar gets hit by an Fighter, miss the counter. Then Hinoka guard the Avatar for Fighter's another attack)

Hinoka: Avatar, what's the matter with you? You seem distracted... If you're worried, don't be. All your siblings are here with you. The Nohrians don't stand a chance!

Selecting FighterEdit

Hinoka: Ready to attack?

End of Player Phase (1) Edit

EliseOh, no! The bridge collapsed! How can we help our brother/sister now?
CamillaNot to worry, Elise. This royal blood in our veins is still good for something!
LeoHave you spotted a Dragon Vein, Camilla?
Camilla: You know me too well, dear little brother!

(Camilla uses Dragon Vein to dry the river)

Elise: Yaaay, it worked! The river dried up!
Camilla: I would never let you down, darling. Now, everyone follow me.
Leo: Elise, you're not ready for the front lines. Stay back. Camilla, and I will take care of the Hoshidans.

(In the other side)

Hinoka: The Nohrian army used a Dragon Vein to dry up the river! But I thought only royals held that power...
TakumiYeah, which means there must be some real big shots over there. Suit me just fine. I've always wanted to use a Nohrian royal for target practice!
Hinoka: Stay focused, Avatar. The Nohrians brought their heavy hitters this time.

(Enemy reinforcement)

HansListen up, cannon fodder! We have a direct order from King Garon. He says kill 'em all!
Hinoka: Dammit, their reinforcements had arrived! I'll go scout out how many there are. Takumi, Sakura, Stay with Avatar!
Takumi: Understood.
SakuraY-yes. Good idea.

(Hinoka moves)

Takumi: Hang in there, Avatar. The Nohrian royals are not pushovers... We'll have to work together to beat them. As the eldest, I guess you're in charge. Tell me what to do and I'll do it.

(Takumi moves)

Sakura: Are you hurt, Avatar!? Here, let me heal your wounds!

(Sakura Heals the Avatar) (Ally reinforcement)

YukimuraComrades! Do not let them cross this line. We must defend Hoshido.

Beginning of Player Phase (2)Edit

(An enemy appears)

Sakura: Oh n-no! An enemy!
Takumi: It's an ambush! Sakura, stay back. You aren't equipped to fight.
Hinoka: Takumi! Avatar! I'm counting on you two. Work together to defeat that solider!

Selecting TakumiEdit

Takumi: Listen, here's how we're gonna do this! With my bow, I can shoot this one from here. I'll soften him up, and then you can jump in and finish him off. Got it?

Selecting LancerEdit

Sakura: Be careful, Avatar!

After BattleEdit

Hinoka: Avatar, Takumi, good work fighting off that ambush.
Sakura: You were amazing, Avatar.
Takumi: That went well. Probably because SOMEONE gave you good advice. ...And you're welcome, by the way.
Hinoka: No time to talk! Let's see how Ryoma's doing.


Ryoma versus XanderEdit

(First battle)

Ryoma: I demand to know why you Nohrian dogs are invading Hoshido! Was that cowardly attack on my people your doing as well, princeling?
Xander: ...I have nothing to say to you. Surrender now. If you die here.

Closing DialogueEdit

Hinoka: Ryoma, are you alright?
Ryoma: I'll be fine. I'm glad to see you're all safe. Enemy reinforcements are headed this way. I want you to get rid of them. Avatar, I'm counting on you to keep Hinoka and the others safe.
Xander: Avatar! Thank heavens we found you, and that you're alive and well. Quickly, come join us! Your family has come to take you home where you belong.
Ryoma: Quiet, Nohrian filth! Avatar is my brother/sister and a prince/ss of Hoshido!
Xander: On the contrary, Avatar is MY brother/sister and a prince/ss of Nohr!
Camilla: Avatar! I was so worried about you. Don't ever wonder away from me again!
Leo: I'm glad you're OK, Avatar. You must have the devil's own luck!
Elise: Yaaay! We got our brother/sister back!
Hinoka: Nohrian scum! First you kidnap him/her, now you lied to him/her?! Avatar is MY brother/sister, not yours!
Camilla: You are mistaken. Avatar is my sweet little brother/sister. You may not have him/her.
Ryoma: Don't be fool by their words. You belong with your true family in Hoshido!
Xander: We have loved you and raised you since you were a child. Come home, little prince/ss. We can live as a family once more!
Ryoma: Come home to Hoshido, Avatar!
Xander: No, Avatar! Nohr is your home!

(scene fades to white, as someone calls out–"Wake up!")

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