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Tirnanog (ティルナノグ, Tirunanogu; Tirnanogue in fan translations) is a location in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. An small town in located northern Isaach, it appeared in Chapter 6 where Seliph and the other children were raised after the Battle of Belhalla. It is also the starting location for Generation 2 where Danann, who was tasked with ruling Isaach, sends his troops to kill Seliph and stamp out the growing resistance to the Grannvale Empire.

The name is based on Tír na nÓg, the mystical place of Irish mythology where people never grow old. An ironic name considering it is the place where many of the second generation of heroes grow up.


When Shouzou Kaga, the creator of the Fire Emblem series, decided to leave Intelligent Systems to found his own studio, he decided to name it "Tirnanog". The studio would go on to produce the TearRing Saga games.

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