Zofia's Call ("To Zofia!" in the Japanese version) is Act 1 of Fire Emblem Gaiden and its remake, Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. The act's overall goal is to reach Zofia Castle while fighting against brigands and the Zofian army, and also joining the Deliverance, a resistance group opposing the tyrannical rule of Desaix. The player must also do battle with Terrors, undead monsters first encountered inside the Deliverance Hideout that will be frequent opponents for the duration of the game.

The act begins at Ram Village and ends at Zofia Castle. Other locations of note include the Thieves' Shrine, the Southern Outpost, and the Deliverance Hideout.


  • Alm - Automatically from the Start
  • Lukas - Talk at Ram Village (required)
  • Gray - Talk at Ram Village (required)
  • Tobin - Talk at Ram Village (required in Echoes)
  • Kliff - Talk at Ram Village
  • Faye - (Echoes only) Talk at Ram Village
  • Silque - Rescue her from the Thieves' Shrine
  • Clair - Rescue her from the Southern Outpost (required in Echoes)
  • Clive - Talk at the Deliverance Hideout (only if Clair is rescued in Gaiden, required in Echoes)
  • Forsyth - Talk at the Deliverance Hideout (only if Clair is rescued in Gaiden)
  • Python - Talk at the Deliverance Hideout after recruiting Clive

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