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Tordo is one of the Twelve Crusaders. He possesses the title of Mage Knight, is the original wielder of the Mjölnir, and is the founder of the dukedom of Freege Castle.

Tordo's known blood descendants are: Reptor, Bloom, Tailto, Ethnia, Ishtar, Ishtore, Arthur, Teeny, Amid, Linda, Kempf, and the current vessel of Anguilla. While not a descendant, Reinhardt is noted to look similar to Tordo and is referred to as his second coming.


  • Like Neir, Tordo has no known major blood descendants at the end of the game. However, it is possible that Teeny and Arthur's descendants could eventually receive it.
  • Also, Tordo himself possessed silvery-white hair, which becomes a physical trademark among his descendants. Only Ethnia (brunette) and her kids Amid (green hair) and Linda (brunette too) lack it.


Tordo and his weapon are both references to Thor from Norse mythology.

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