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“Avatar receives a report that a nearby village is under attack by Faceless. The group rush to the village with hope that they will be able to save the victims.”
—Opening Narration

Tragic Start (悲劇にさす光明, Hope from Tragedy) is Paralogue 1 of Fire Emblem Fates.

Script Edit

The script for this chapter can be found here.


The player starts off in the eastern area while Mozu is in the forests in the bottom central area of the map. There are plenty of Faceless around the area, although the Faceless do not attempt to go for Mozu immediately. However, it is recommended to reach Mozu since there are a good amount of Faceless around her. Mozu's stats are rather poor and she will be unable to fend the Faceless for a prolonged time. Simply rout all the Faceless on the map to complete this paralogue.

If one intends to train Mozu as an Archer, this chapter is a great time to start. Have the Avatar carry both a Heart Seal and a Bronze-level bow or yumi, and trade them over to Mozu upon reaching her. The Faceless only have 1 range and have low speed/skill, and are easily lured over by a tanky unit and picked off by Mozu for ample experience.

The boss Faceless is unable to move, and once the other enemies are cleared it is safe to place ranged units on a diagonal tile, finishing the stage safely.

The strategy used can change drastically depending on the route chosen if doing this paralogue directly after Chapter 6. However, you will still have access to a Cavalier unit (Silas or Gunter), the Avatar's servant character (Felicia or Jakob) and Azura (she joins after Chapter 5 in Birthright and Revelation but doesn't rejoin until Chapter 8 in Conquest).

Birthright Edit

In Birthright, you'll have access to a wide variety of characters after Chapter 7 (besides those already mentioned), Kaze, Hana, Subaki, Sakura, Saizo, Orochi and Rinkah, all of which are useful for weakening the Faceless in order for Mozu to stand a chance and so that she can take some down herself. With the twin ninjas in tow, they can incapacitate the Faceless with their Shurikens for Mozu to finish off. Orochi and Rinkah can be used in this chapter to deal big damage to the enemy (due to Orochi's use of powerful magic and Rinkah's high strength). Subaki is really helpful for this map since he is a Pegasus Knight and can ignore the forests and rivers that cover the map and can reach Mozu quicker than other characters, so it is recommended that the Avatar pairs up with him and reaches Mozu quickly.

Conquest Edit

In Conquest, excluding the characters mentioned above, you'll only have three units: Elise and her retainers, Arthur and Effie. Despite the fact that they can hold their own, their high strength poses the problem of accidentally killing the Faceless before Mozu. It is recommended (although not needed) that you complete Chapter 8 so that Azura rejoins the party with Leo's retainers, Odin and Niles, so that they can help with filling the roles of Orochi and Saizo (although, Niles uses a Bow instead of Daggers but can still deal damage from afar). To reach Mozu as fast as possible, have the Avatar pair up with Silas to hasten the rescue.

Revelation Edit

In Revelation, the only units available are the ones mentioned two paragraphs up (i.e.: Felicia or Jakob, Gunter and Azura). Unless you want to challenge yourself against the Faceless 5-to-1, wait until the completion of either Chapter 8 or Chapter 9. If attempting this map before the previously mentioned chapters, it would be best to stack up on healing items whenever the need arises. At this point, Gunter, Jakob and the Avatar are the only good offensive characters at this point of the game with Felicia and Azura falling behind in this category. Exercise extreme caution so that no-one dies because of your lack of units in this challenge.

If you wait until Chapter 9, the strategy is pretty much the same as the Birthright strategy because of the units you gain by this point. The only differences is that your units will have reached a higher level than in Birthright by this stage, Gunter will replace Silas (due to the latter joining after Chapter 14 in Revelation), most of your weapons available will be of lower tier, your only ninja is Kaze and you'll have Hayato instead of Orochi as your first offensive magic unit. With these two in play Kaze can double enemies better than Saizo and Hayato can both double his foes and withstand physical attacks better than Orochi. One other thing to consider is that the weapons available won't be as good as what's available in Birthright.

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