Paralogue 1: Tragic StartEdit


  • Faceless: Grrahhh...
  • Old Woman: Run, Mozu! Please, dear! Run and don't look back!
  • Mozu: Mother, no! Take my hand! We'll run together!
  • Faceless: GRRAH... HRRGLL!
  • Old Woman: Aaarghhh!
  • Mozu: NO! MOTHER!

(scene transition)

  • Avatar: Did you hear that?! Those screams! Something terrible is happening!
  • Felicia/Jakob: We've got trouble, all right! This village is under attack by the Faceless. But this place has been ravaged. We're too late!
  • Avatar: No! There must be some survivors. With any luck, some people escaped, but if there's even one left here somewhere... Let's get searching everyone!

Battle BeginsEdit

  • Mozu: M-M-Mother... My village... They're all dead... I'm alone. Nowhere to go! And those monsters... They're coming back for me...

(when Avatar interacts with Mozu)

  • Avatar: Are you OK?
  • Mozu: Waugh! No! My mother... My friends...
  • Avatar: I'm here to help. Where are they?
  • Mozu: My mother wouldn't take my hand. She's... she's...
  • Avatar: I'm so sorry. But there's no time to grieve. Not now. Stay behind me. I'll keep you safe.
  • Mozu: No! I have to fight! For Mother! For all my friends! For everything those monsters took from me!

After Battle (Mozu recruited by Avatar or survives paralogue)Edit

  • Avatar: All right. We've finished off the last of the Faceless.
  • Mozu: ... Um, but what do I do? They took my Mother... My life.
  • Avatar: You must have some family near here. We'll be glad to take you there.
  • Mozu: There's no one. I couldn't even start over here by myself. All the homes, fields... It's all destroyed. But I wouldn't want to stay here even if it wasn't. Everyone I called family is dead. Every house... a grave.
  • Avatar: Listen, we'll take you in. We can't replace all those you've lost. But we'll take care of you.
  • Mozu: I can join your group?
  • Avatar: Yes, but only until we find you a safe place to call home. Our group... a family of sorts... is bound by a dangerous cause. We go from one battle to the next, ever in peril. That's no life for you.
  • Mozu: I'm not afraid. I can help. I might even save you or your friends. Let me join your cause, whatever it is. I'll keep your family safe.
  • Avatar: Yes, of course. I have to admit, you sound just like one of us already.
  • Mozu: I'll do my best. And I'll stay safe. After all, Mother's watching over me now.

After Battle: (Mozu is dead)Edit

  • Avatar: We killed all of the Faceless. But the whole village... And that girl...
  • Felicia/Jakob: We did our best, Avatar.
  • Avatar: I suppose you're right. At least we stopped those abominations. We need to leave. Bad as this is, there's only worse ahead of us.
  • Felicia/Jakob: I fear you're right.

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