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Trainees are a class type exclusive to Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones that has 3 promotion stages, and, if both routes in game has been completed, the ability to class change into a Super Trainee. The classes start out fairly weak, but if you allow them to class change into first and second tier classes, they will prove quite useful.

The classes themselves are Ewan's Pupil class, Ross' Journeyman class, and Amelia's Recruit class. All together they can have fifty levels (If you choose not to promote them into a normal class, you will need a promotional item to promote them at Level 10+, Guiding Ring for Pupil, Hero's Crest for Journeyman, Knight's Crest for Recruit). They have low Con, meaning that they are slowed by heavier weapons.

There was also the 'Probation' class, which was a class that existed in early development of The Sacred Stones and was probably a Trainee type class.

Story-wise, the reason for these weaker classes are generally attributed to young age or inexperience. According to the Support conversations from The Sacred Stones Amelia, Ewan, and Ross are all the same age and are training to become a real Knight, Sage, and Warrior respectively.

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