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“Nohr now controls the Hoshidan capital, but the real battle is just beginning. The children of Nohr stand together to face a treacherous enemy.”
—Opening narration

Treason (悪逆 lit. Treachery in the Japanese version) is Chapter 26 of Fire Emblem Fates in the Conquest Version.


The script for this chapter can be found here.


Secret Book (Artwork) The following part of this article contains strategy; therefore, it is subjective, and may not work for everyone.

This map is essentially a large circle, segmented into four primary "rooms", with Iago located at the center. He carries Enfeeble, Silence and Freeze staves. His Staff Savant skill will boost their range to 10 and provide unlimited charges. On Lunatic mode, a Hexing Rod is added into his collection of staves. Iago will use his staffs in the order of how they are arranged, and will never use them twice in a row. All of the Maids will also have Staff Savant on Lunatic, so caution should be advised.

Your units start off at the top of the map, while the area to seize is occupied by Iago in the middle of the room. There are several doors blocking the way to him, and they can be be opened with Locktouch or broken through attacks. The doors have 50 hitpoints.

The first room entered will contain Heroes. On Normal mode, they are not much of a threat. However, on Hard, a Maid will be present with Freeze and Enfeeble. On Hard Mode, the Heros will get a random skill on them. On Lunatic Mode, the first four Heros will have Counter; the first two have Strong Riposte, while the back two will have Quick Draw instead. The next two Heros will have Swordfaire and Lucky Seven, and the final two will have Aegis and Darting Blow. This Maid's staves will also get replaced with a Hexing Rod.

Then, you can decide between going left or right. The left side contains multiple Faceless and several Stoneborn, while the right side has Sorcerers and Maids. On higher difficulties, the left side is considerably dangerous, due to the massive amount of damage chipping skills the monsters possess, in addition to the fact that your units will be pelted by Stoneborn rocks. The right side does not see much of an increase, apart from the Sorcerers gaining various magical skills on them.

When you clear your room of choice, you will be left with the room you did not clear, the bottom room and Iago. On Lunatic Mode, Hans is extremely dangerous, since he has very high attack and comes with Certain Blow, Armored Blow, Death Blow, Counter and Countermagic. It is best to exploit his low resistance with an Entrap stave, as it will always hit him. Kill him off before opening the doors on to the bottom room.

As soon as you break down the bottom room, get your door opener/breaker out of the area, since it will be within range of a Maid with Freeze. All of the enemies in the bottom room will charge towards you, so funnel them into the narrow hallway, reducing their overall offense. On Hard and Lunatic, all of the Generals will carry Beast Killers and Berserkers will carry Hammers, so be wary of bringing units susceptible to their weapons. The fact that all of the Generals have Wary Fighter can make it considerably hard to kill them easily. Make sure you highlight the two Generals flanking Hans, since they will be carrying Countermagic and can result in killing one of your magic units if they attack them.

Once they are cleared, open the door leading to Iago. Iago will be using Excalibur (which deals bonus damage against flyers), so attack him with a magically resistant ground unit instead. Once you defeat him, remember to loot all the chests if possible before seizing the stairway.


Dropped ItemsEdit

Chest ItemsEdit

Enemy ReinforcementsEdit

  • If the Sorcerers in the eastern room become aggressive, two Sorcerers will appear from the staircases above them on Hard Mode. On Lunatic, three Sorcerers and a Maid will appear instead.
    • The next turn after that, a Sorcerer and Maid will appear from the staircase just west of the large group.
  • If the Faceless/Stoneborn in the western room become aggressive, two Faceless will appear from the staircases above them on Hard Mode. On Lunatic, three Faceless and a Stoneborn appear instead for 3 turns; 2 from the staircases above the group, and one from the staircases east of them.
  • When Hans or the two Generals surrounding him turn aggressive, two Generals and Berserkers will appear from the southern staircases.

Captureable EnemiesEdit

Note: This applies to Lunatic Mode.

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