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First SeenFire Emblem: Awakening
Promotes FromThief
Promotes ToN/A
Usable Weapon TypesSword, Staff
Class SkillsLucky Seven, Acrobat

The Trickster is a class introduced in Fire Emblem: Awakening. Tricksters are glamorous and elusive phantom thieves, capable of using staves as well as swords. It is one possible promotion for the Thief class.


Tricksters are similar to Thieves in that their strong point is high Skill. Now that they wield staves, they gain higher Magic and Resistance growths but are slightly weaker and slower than before. Tricksters are still able to dodge and crit well, but are not suited for heavy offense like Assassins. However, they are by no means a bad class, but are more adept at supporting their comrades through their staves, or by being decoys. The two skills Tricksters can learn are Lucky Seven and Acrobat. Lucky Seven boosts the user's Hit Rate and Avoid by 20 until the seventh turn on the map. Bolstering the Tricksters' accuracy and speed, this skill allows them to avoid enemy lynchings long enough for backup to arrive, making it a cool ability to have. The time limit is really a non-issue, because the overwhelming majority of Awakening chapters are typically cleared in six turns or less. Acrobat allows the user to cross any terrain they can without any movement penalties. This skill is again amazing to have (especially on mounted units) because it allows Tricksters to traverse sand like Mage units, and to retreat into forests like flying ones.  Acrobat makes sure that, in conjuction with Movement +1 and possibly Pass from Assassins, Tricksters are never too far away from battered units to heal them in order to keep fighting. A great skill to consider passing down, and part of what makes Tricksters extremely useful to have.

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