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The Trickster is a class introduced in Fire Emblem: Awakening. Tricksters are glamorous and elusive phantom thieves, capable of using staves as well as swords. It is one possible promotion for the Thief class.

Tricksters are known as Adventurers in Fire Emblem: Fates and are a Nohrian class. Like their unpromoted counterpart, the Outlaw, they use Bows rather than Swords in addition to their Staves. In addition, the Acrobat ability is replaced with Pass.


In Awakening, Tricksters are similar to Thieves in that their strong point is high Skill. Now that they wield staves, they gain higher Magic and Resistance growths but are slightly weaker and slower than before. Tricksters are still able to dodge and crit well, but are not suited for heavy offense like Assassins. However, they are by no means a bad class, but are more adept at supporting their comrades through their staves, or by being decoys. The two skills Tricksters can learn are Lucky Seven and Acrobat.

Lucky Seven adds 20+ to Avoid and Accuracy for seven turns, after which the effect will be disabled for the duration of the battle. It allows Tricksters to avoid attacks even further with their superior Speed stat, making the enemy have very low hit rates. The duration of the effect is often ignored as most chapters at the time will only take up to six turns at most. Acrobat allows Tricksters to move through passable terrain without any restriction to movement, which allows them to retreat into mountains or forests while giving them a safe distance from the enemy, and when combined with Movement +1 and Pass, allows Tricksters to escape their assailants much easier.

In Fates, Adventurers should avoid direct combat due to bow users being unable to fight up close, unless they are using a bow that can attack an adjacent target. They can also use staffs, so they can be used as secondary healers if the player's primary healers are busy healing others.

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