Twelve Crusaders + Names garamond

The Twelve Crusaders (十二聖戦士, Jūni Seisenshi lit. Twelve Holy Warriors) are the twelve fighters that went through blood rites with the Dragon Tribe during the Miracle of Darna, and who fought and eventually overthrew the Loptyrian Empire during the Gran Calender Years 632-648, and their heroic actions have the future generations of the world their saved, said that they ascended to become gods themselves after their deaths.

Each of them has a weapon infused with the power of a certain member of the Dragon Tribe, and only the crusader who wielded their weapon and their descendants with major holy blood can wield them. Also, each Crusader has a holy blood line named after them (except Heim and Sety, whose holy blood lines are called Naga and Forseti respectively in Genealogy of the Holy War).

The Twelve Crusaders, their likely classes, their corresponding holy weapons, and the kingdom or house they founded are:

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