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“No man can stop fate... Death will always have its due, but perhaps it will accept a few substitutions. Come, my dear Minerva. Join me on one final flight...”
Gerome to Cherche

Twin Wyverns (Sky Riding Wyverns in the Japanese version) is Paralogue 11 of Fire Emblem Awakening and Gerome's paralogue. Gerome must be spoken to by Chrom or Cherche to be recruited.


If the Villagers survive the fight, Chrom will be gifted with these items. 

Unlock and AccessEdit

This Paralogue is unlocked when Cherche achieves an S-support rank with another character and Chapter 13 has been completed. However, it cannot be accessed due to its location on the world map until the player completes Chapter 17, or Scion of Legend, Wings of Justice, and Ambivalence are unlocked.

If the above has not been achieved, after Chapter 14, only Owain's paralogue is needed to access this map.


Secret Book (Artwork) The following part of this article contains strategy; therefore, it is subjective, and may not work for everyone.

Gerome starts off next to your army so recruit him as soon as possible by talking to him with Cherche or Chrom. Once he's in the army, you can begin to complete the map.

Your main objective is to clear the map of all enemies but you also have a side extra objective if you wish to reap the benefits of this chapter. There are 5 NPC Villagers on the map, 2 by your starting point, 1 on the island in the west, and 2 on the island in the east. The eastern villagers are hard to get to without aerial units while the western one is easier to get to with the bridge in between the islands. For the best and easiest time to protect them, warp them to the central south island with a Rescue staff and have your units protect them by any means necessary. After your can determine it is okay to lessen your defenses, send out a small force, mostly aerial units, to start moving north to clear the rest of the enemies. Focus on taking out the aerial units while moving north to make it easier to stop any reinforcements by leaving only ground enemies to be killed. Once the map has been cleared of all enemies, your army will receive items depending on how many villagers are alive at the end of the chapter. If Gerome is recruited and is still alive at the end of the chapter, Gerome will unlock his C-Support with Cherche, his father, and Morgan if she is his sister.


Recruiting Gerome Edit

Gerome (With Cherche) Edit

  • Cherche: "Wait. You're not one of the villagers.
  • Gerome: "No. ...I am Gerome. A traveler."
  • Cherche: "And a fellow wyvern rider, I see. This is a piece of good news! We fight to keep these villagers alive. Will you aid us?"
  • Gerome: "Why? No man can stop fate."
  • Cherche: "These people will be killed by spears, traveller. Not fate."
  • Gerome: "Heh. Spoken like one who has yet to witness fate's implacable cruelty."
  • Cherche: "So you do nothing, then, save wandering the land in the fog of cowardice? And your wyvern? Has she seen enough? Does she also yearn to surrender?"
  • Gerome: "......You would know better than I.
  • Cherche: "What does that mean?"
  • Gerome: "Nothing. I'll fight if you wish it. Death will always have its due, but perhaps it will accept a few substitutions. Come, my dear Minerva. Join me on one final flight..."

Gerome (With Chrom) Edit

  • Chrom: "Are you with the villagers? Who are you?"
  • Gerome: "...I am Gerome. A traveler."
  • Chrom: "These people are in desperate straits. Will you help us?"
  • Gerome: "It is not for me to interfere in such matters. Death will always have its due."
  • Chrom: "You would leave innocents to die and lay the blame on fate?"
  • Gerome: "I've seen too much of fate's cruel work to doubt it."
  • Chrom: "So you would surrender rather than struggle against such cruelty... I cannot understand such thinking. A bleak past doesn't justify condemning the future to bleakness as well. Nonetheless, I cannot force your hand. Join us if you will."
  • Gerome: "What does he know of bleak futures? It is a fool who breaks himself against fate's tide. That said, I suppose I'm as big a fool as any... *sigh* Very well, then. Come, my dear Minerva. Join me on one final flight..."

End of Chapter Edit

Saved Most of the Villagers Edit

  • Villager: I owe you for this. We all do. Sorry for the trouble.
  • Chrom: You don't owe us anything.
  • Villager: It makes me happy to know there's still folk out there who'll fight for the common man.
  • Villager: ...Here. i want you to have this.
  • Chrom: You don't need to-
  • Villager: Take care, now. We'll pray for a safe journey for you and your troops.


  • At the start of turn 4, Morristan calls for more men to deal with "the people with some backs." 6 Wyvern Lords will appear from the forts on the map at the start of turn 5.

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