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“Odin reunites with his daughter, Ophelia, while visiting a village that is well known for quality tomes. Enemies suddenly attack, planning to steal a rare tome.”
—Opening Narration

Ultimate Power (究極最強の魔書 Kyūkyoku Saikyō no Masho lit. The Ultimate, Strongest, Demon Book in the Japanese Version) is Paralogue 20 of Fire Emblem Fates.


The script for this chapter can be found here.


Enemy reinforcements spawn to the south after turn 1 (on lunatic; needs confirmation for lower difficulties) and north after turn 4 (Same). Bandits, one behind Senno and one with each batch of reinforcements, attempt to reach the houses; if they do, then the potential rewards are lost. Without interference, the top-right village will be raided at the end of turn 3. The enemy consists of Samurai that primarily promote to Masters of Arms and a couple Swordmasters, Diviners that promote to Onmyoji, Spear Fighters that promote to Spear Masters that become dangerous due to their Seal Defense ability on higher difficulties, Mechanists equipped with both Shuriken and Yumi (base class assumed to be Apothecary, but unknown), Fighters that promote to Berserkers, Ninja that promote to Master Ninja, Wyvern Riders that promote to Wyvern Lords (will never carry lances), and a lone Sniper on Lunatic (maybe also on lower difficulties). The villages are pillaged by Outlaws that promote to Adventurers; they have Pass to prevent building walls of units, but don't hit very hard and only have regular bows.

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