“The Bern royal family is a pageant of power, love, and hate. Eliwood finds himself embroiled in their troubles. He has been sent to recover the Bern family treasure: the Fire Emblem. It has been stolen from the palace vault. Eliwood enters the royal palace seeking clues.”
—Opening Narration (Eliwood's Story)

“Hector and his allies defeat the Black Fang monster, Pascal. However, they learn nothing of the Fire Emblem's location. To escape from the Black Fang, they disguise themselves once more. At Eliwood's suggestion, they head for the royal palace of Bern.”
—Opening Narration (Hector's Story)

Unfulfilled Heart is Chapter 24E/26H in Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. The boss of this chapter is the dark magic-empowered Vaida, who is working for the Black Fang at this point in the game. Pent and Louise automatically join at the beginning of this chapter. Pent also gives Eliwood a Heaven Seal that can be used on either Hector or Lyn (Eliwood or Lyn in Hector's Story). You must survive for eleven turns.

Enemies Edit

Initial Enemy (Eliwood Mode) Edit

Total: 22

Reinforcements (Eliwood Mode)Edit

Total: 8

  • Turn 7, 8 (from northeast):
    • 4 Wyvern Rider, each one equipped with an Iron Lance

Initial Enemy (Hector Mode) Edit

Reinforcements (Hector Mode) Edit

  • Turn 2 (from left corners):
    • 4 Wyvern Rider
  • Turn 3 (from top corners):
    • 4 Wyvern Rider
  • Turn 4 & 5 (from right corners):
    • 4 Wyvern Rider
  • Turns 7 to 10 (from bottom corners):
    • 4 Wyvern Rider


* If the Mine glitch is executed, you can make Vaida trade her Spear with the Luna tome to make the Shaman drop the "Uber" Spear.




In Hector mode, Vaida and her cohort spawn close to the armory and vendor, making it impossible to reach the shops without aggroing her.

Trivia Edit

  • If you attack Vaida with Heath, a conversation about treachery ensues.
  • If you visit the only village in the map, Ursula, one of the Black Fang, will give you the hammerne staff.

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