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“The group passes through Fort Dragonfall, liberating Azura, who had been taken prisoner there. Meanwhile, the Hoshidan army remains hot on their trail.”
—Opening Narration

Unhappy Reunion (望まぬ再開 Nozomanu saikai, lit Unwanted Reunion) is Chapter 10 of Fire Emblem Fates in the Conquest Version.

Strategy Edit

Secret Book (Artwork) The following part of this article contains strategy; therefore, it is subjective, and may not work for everyone.

In this chapter, the objective is to defend the green area to the north from Takumi and his army for 11 turns. If one single hostile breaches through into the green area, you will automatically lose the level. At the start of the chapter, you should immediately visit all the houses to grab the rewards before the sheer amount of enemies prevents you from reaching them.

At first, the player will be placed in a relatively well defended location, as there are three ballistas on the map which can help weaken up clumped groups of enemies, and the sea provides a natural moat against ground units. However, the player should be aware that there is no wall in the eastern side and the wall west of the western ballista and below the middle ballista have been neglected, and thus destroyable.

As the turns pass, more and more Hoshidan units will continually arrive, and Takumi will eventually use the Dragon Vein, removing your moat and allowing for more troops to overwhelm you. You can prevent him from doing this by reaching him quickly, however, your attackers will need to be strong as he can do relatively high damage. On all modes, he comes with Point Blank, allowing him to retaliate at 1-2 range unless you have spy weaponry (which you will most likely not have, and even if you did, would be unable to use it). On Hard and Lunatic Modes, he will have Quick Draw to increase his damage whenever he starts an attack and Wary Fighter which prevents him or his attacker(s) from doubling.

It is important to note that enemies will usually refrain from attacking your units if they cannot deal any damage onto them, unless they can safely attack with a thrown weapon. Try to have a unit with relatively high defence but enough for the enemy to hit them so that they can get experience, as you will have to attack them first if your units' defenses are too high.

On Lunatic Mode, be wary of any Oni Savage reinforcements, as some of them will come with Lunge and move units out of the way for their fellow soldiers to breach the line. Note that they will only breach the line if they do not perform any other action; this means if a hostile moves on a green tile but attacks one of your units nearby, you will not lose the level. You should take them out quickly before the next enemy phase starts, though.

On Normal, Hinata and Oboro only move if a unit enters their attacking range. On Hard and Lunatic however, they start closing in the late stages of the level.

Script Edit

The transcript for this chapter can be found here.


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Dropped ItemsEdit

Enemy ReinforcementsEdit

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