“Spirits of the earth, heed my call!”
—Incantation of Upheaval in Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

Upheaval (メガクェイク Megakweiku lit. Megaquake) is an enemy-exclusive ability that appears in Fire Emblem Gaiden. It is a very obscure attack and seems to either be a scripted event or a spell, though if it is the latter it does not appear in any unit's list of magic. It is used by Duma and Jamil. The spell itself damages all units on the map. It is very rarely used and it is possible for the player to complete the game without ever seeing it.

In the remake, Upheaval is properly defined as a personal skill of Jamil and Duma. Its activation is telegraphed by the user becoming shrouded by an ominous purple aura. The following turn, a violent tremor inflicts a random amount between 8 and 18 points of damage upon all player units.


Name Activation SP
Echoes Personal Skill iconUpheaval - -
HP Mt Crt Hit Rng Avo
-0 8-18 - - All -
Effects Deals damage to all enemy units.
Notes Exclusive to Duma and Jamil.