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October 14, 2008
  • Aveyn Knight

    Note: This post contains spoilers

    Throughout the Tellius Series, a number of characters, both playable or not, have been revealed to be Branded, which means they possess Beorc and Laguz blood. Some fans like to speculate the specific type of Laguz blood that each Branded character possesses, just out of curiousity and for fun.

    Here are my thoughts on what type of Branded each character is, using the random notion that Branded characters who are more exposed in the storyline to a particular Laguz race, have that Laguz race's blood within them. This is sort of similar to judging the classs of the Eight Heroes of Elibe by the classes of the Gaiden chapter bosses in Fire Emblem: Fūin no Tsurugi.

    Anyway, I'm almost definitely not the only person wh…

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  • Aveyn Knight

    Things never seem to be over when you think they are...

    Unfortunately I couldn't find a second source that didn't give a dead link.

    The person who mentioned this was replying to somebody who was wondering why Nodion wasn't the ruler of Agustria - which I'm sure quite a few people have been wondering. Apparently they quoted the same book that contained the previous two pieces.

    "Hezul, the Black Knight, formed the Agusty royal family, but the holy markings (which only appear at a certain age and the exact age can vary wildly from person to person) appeared on the youngest daughter who was married off to the Nodion royal family. After that, the holy markings continue to appear within the Nodion royal family members and the Mistolteen was transfe…

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  • Aveyn Knight

    The second and final part. This one is probably more straightforward than the last.

    "Nova married and lived happily together with a knight who was friends with her elder brother. However her husband and King Dain got into an argument and fought eachother. Nova entered their battle to try and stop them fighting, but in the midst she killed her beloved husband with the Gaebolg. This event was just the beginning; Nova committed suicide and King Dain also died a mysterious death. Afterwards, various incidents occured in the Lenster royal family and it became known that the Gungnir and Gaebolg call out to one another and the Gaebolg was the lance that caused love and sorrow."


    "Dain and Nova were two siblings within the 12 Crusaders, who wiel…

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  • Aveyn Knight

    Intelligent Systems originally planned to do a second designer's notes page for FE4, but never did it in the end. The first page's contents were included in the Fire Emblem: Treasure book, while it's likely the second page's contents were included in a different book (which I've been hoping to get ahold of). The subjects listed for the other book include Akaneia and Judgral's relationship and the Curse of the Gaebolg (the latter of which I might cover later).

    According to this Japanese fansite:

    "The continent of Akaneia and the continent of Jugdral co-exist in the same world. However the difference in level of civilisation between the two is as different as heaven and earth. The Miracle of Darna of Judgral was the battle between the Divine Dragons…

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  • Aveyn Knight

    As expected, the Fire Emblem World website updated today. This time, they added Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 to the Sound Museum section.

    Of particular interest to me are a large version of Sara's artwork (only the top body though) and a previously unseen(?) TCG version of August's artwork.

    It seems the Sound Museum section has been completed, so I wonder what they'll update with next month? A FE1 section for the Sound Museum...?

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