Note: This post contains spoilers

Throughout the Tellius Series, a number of characters, both playable or not, have been revealed to be Branded, which means they possess Beorc and Laguz blood. Some fans like to speculate the specific type of Laguz blood that each Branded character possesses, just out of curiousity and for fun.

Here are my thoughts on what type of Branded each character is, using the random notion that Branded characters who are more exposed in the storyline to a particular Laguz race, have that Laguz race's blood within them. This is sort of similar to judging the classs of the Eight Heroes of Elibe by the classes of the Gaiden chapter bosses in Fire Emblem: Fūin no Tsurugi.

Anyway, I'm almost definitely not the only person who thought of this pattern. There are a few Japanese fans who also made the same connection and I seem to recall some English fans doing so as well. I'm just posting this here because I'm bored and figured some interested people might find it.

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