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The Hezul Lineage

Unfortunately I couldn't find a second source that didn't give a dead link.

The person who mentioned this was replying to somebody who was wondering why Nodion wasn't the ruler of Agustria - which I'm sure quite a few people have been wondering. Apparently they quoted the same book that contained the previous two pieces.

"Hezul, the Black Knight, formed the Agusty royal family, but the holy markings (which only appear at a certain age and the exact age can vary wildly from person to person) appeared on the youngest daughter who was married off to the Nodion royal family. After that, the holy markings continue to appear within the Nodion royal family members and the Mistolteen was transferred to the Nodion royal family on the condition that they swear an oath of loyalty to the Agusty royal family. The direct descendants of Hezul are those of the Agusty royal family (eg. Shagaal)."

(Source, see post 48397)

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