The second and final part. This one is probably more straightforward than the last.

Curse of the Gaebolg

"Nova married and lived happily together with a knight who was friends with her elder brother. However her husband and King Dain got into an argument and fought eachother. Nova entered their battle to try and stop them fighting, but in the midst she killed her beloved husband with the Gaebolg. This event was just the beginning; Nova committed suicide and King Dain also died a mysterious death. Afterwards, various incidents occured in the Lenster royal family and it became known that the Gungnir and Gaebolg call out to one another and the Gaebolg was the lance that caused love and sorrow."


"Dain and Nova were two siblings within the 12 Crusaders, who wielded the Heaven Lance Gungnir and Earth Lance Gaebolg respectively. Their relationship was so good that people were envious and together they ruled the Thracian peninsula. Nova married a friend of her elder brother, Dain. The two lived happily together, until for some reason(?) her husband and Dain fought eachother. Nova intended to stop the two fighting, but she killed her beloved husband with the Gaebolg. Afterwards Nova committed suicide and Dain died a mysterious death. During Chapter 3, Ethlin was afraid to give Cuan the Gaebolg since she knew of the tragedy. Actually, the same misfortune befalls Areone and his foster sister, Altenna..."


To be honest, I'm not sure what the comment about Altenna and Areone is referring to. I'm assuming it's the stuff that happens in Chapter 9 or the Final Chapter.

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