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  • Black Dragon Laguz

    Well, for quite some time now, I have been playing the Ike Solo Challenge, after reading about it from this blog post. It has been quite difficult for me, probably because I'm used to having a large group back me up. I am currently at chapter 13. I am playing the game on Normal Mode. The earlier chapters started out easy, but got harder as I progressed. The steel lance is the most annoying weapon for Ike to be attacked by. Even with a hit of 50%, the enemy can still hit Ike real hard with them. Here are my current stats for Ike:

    Level 20

    HP: 40 (Originally 34, but I got an Seraph Robe to add cap it at 40)

    Str: 14 (usually, it's about 17 or 19 once I reach level 20, but Ike has been acting a bit more like a Pegasus Knight, only he's a guy and …

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  • Black Dragon Laguz

    The Videogame Wiki is in need of members. I'm currently helping them out, with Fire Emblem related articles. But, I'm having trouble making Fire Emblem articles, by myself. If you are interested in helping out, click here: [1]

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