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    Nohr Adult Run

    October 10, 2017 by Brainwasher5


    My particular avatar has oni savage as a secondary and has married Anna. I just really want Anna to have Salvage Blow. As he has access to literally every Nohr class, his options are too flexible to come up with one definitive way forward. 


    Felicia favors magic (less from great magic growths and more because of her terrible strength), resistance, and luck. Her middling HP growth means that she's not a good tank. Overall, she's probably best used as a support unit.

    She can get Maid, Strategist, Hero, and Bow Knight. There's a good set of breaker skills here, though Tomebreaker's probably redundant due to her pretty good res. Strategist suits her well with Inspiration and Rally Resistance.

    Her friendship sets are Flora and Peri. …

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  • Brainwasher5

    You're playing Conquest, and you understand that the game has limited time to gain experience. You could either choose to use some characters and ditch the rest in the interests of keeping your team competitive and alive through the chapters...or you can grind out every last drop of exp this game has to offer. This guide shows how to do the latter: how to optimize experience grinding, the best maps to experience grind on, and the best way to make sure your team can handle whatever Conquest throws at you.

    For some this guide totally defeats the purpose of Nohr mode, which is supposed to be a game of limited resources and challenge. That's a legitimate viewpoint and I won't contest it; feel free to stop reading. This guide is meant for either…

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  • Brainwasher5

    I want to make three broad types of units: support, who aren't much good at dealing damage but provide rallies, healing, and other supportive skills; attackers, who deal high damage, and tanks, who have high defense. 

    1. Kana: Attacker. Father will be Izana (making him a good support unit). Shura passes down the outlaw class, which is meh, and marrying Gunter's just gross. Marrying one of the kids is gross for the reverse reason.

    From my avatar, my Kana will have access to the standard Nohr Noble stuff, as well as Samurai. This grants him Astra, Swordfaire (goes well with Nohr Noble), Life and Death, and Vantage.

    With Izana as a father, Kana's the only kid who can have access to the Onymoji and Great Master class, too.

    Married: ???

    Friend: Sieg…

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