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    Okay I love the Trainnie classes in Fire Emblam awaking but I wanted one for Theif and I wanted to agust  the end results. I'm still not happy with Pupil or Scamp lines and I was hoping some body would lend some advice. Also GreatLords should ride  charouts. 

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    FEA marrige chart

    April 23, 2015 by Chaos Shepherd

    Fire Emblem Awakening great game I played and replayed again and again. And I think I finally figured out which parings leave me the happiest overhaul. Going in order except for female Robin.

    Chrom x Sumia okay it's the default however I don't really like Sumia lwith any of her other options except for maybe Robin.

    Male Robin and Tharja this woman should be scaring the carp out of me but she doesn't.

    Female Robin x Kellam. If I'm playing as a male avatar I refuse to marry the Knight off however I can't really be comfortable with really marrying anyone to female Robin so I give the underappreciated guy some love.

    Lisa and Henry I probably like these two together so much because I'm an insomniac and I like that Henry is helping her out.

    Sully and…

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