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  • I live in Guernsey
  • I was born on September 2
  • My occupation is Croissant-eating pundit
  • I am Female
  • Evacino

    Note: This post began as a reply to this topic on KhangND's Talk Page. But this post turned out so long I decided it would be better to post it as a blog.

    This message discusses two points. The first is a confirmation of the established rules regarding the artwork used in character infoboxes, and the second is on what I think should change. Due to the length of this post I can understand not wanting to read through the whole thing. The main point I want to talk about is the second one, so due due to the length I have separated each point with a header. To substitute as a TL;DR you can skip directly to the second header.

    Sorry for bringing this topic back up because it seems like it's been discussed at length already, but I just wanted to say…

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  • Evacino

    Just as the title says really. Is there a preference to whether JPEG or PNG versions or images are uploaded? I do get the basic differences between them - JPEGs have a more compact file size, have little degradation in the quality and are good with showing a large spectrum of colors, but suffer from having a lossy format (which means each time you open the image it compresses and you lose a small amount of information). PNGs are clear, have a generally larger file size and are good for storing intricate details on simple pieces, like for line drawings and text. It is also works in a lossless format. I've heard color is more limited on a PNG though, but I can never seem to notice much of a difference.

    I think PNG is more recommended for full…

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