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    I’m going to look at axe-users in general because in some games there is only one pirate or no pirate. Due to the multiple classes I will specify which classes the characters are, excluding mounted axe users.

    By the way, this is my 250th edit! Yay!

    • Class: Axe Knight
    • High Points: Only unit in first gen. that can use axes, THAT BOSS Elite SKILL AND HERO AXE.
    • Low Points: Skill, Speed, unable to pass weapons down to children.
    • Summary: This guy is awesome. He is able to get the Brave Axe in Chapter 1 which makes him absolutely incredible, and his high defense growth will make him an excellent wall.

    Seeing as how he is the only axe-user, he is the best and worst.

    • Class: Axe Fighter
    • High Points: High starting Speed, and Defense; Skill, Defense.
    • Low Points…

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    The Best of Soldiers

    September 24, 2012 by Fargo294

    Hey look! A class that only holds a tiny amount of members! Let's review them now!

    • Class: Soldier
    • High Points: Skill, Speed.
    • Summary: On my first playthrough of this game I sorta wanted to use her, but I never did. Her stats are pretty balanced though her physical attributes and HP are pretty low. To back up the low attributes, you should support her with either Brom(extra defense) or Calill (extra evasion).

    • Class: Halberdier.
    • High points: All of the growths that Nephenee lacks in.
    • Summary: As I said above, Devdan excels in every stat Nephenee lacks in. He’s pre-promoted so he may not have as much time to develop as Nephenee does, but they can both be useful, in fact he could probably be better or be similar.

    Best: I actually cannot say which one…

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    The Best of Myrmidons

    September 16, 2012 by Fargo294

    Welp, after weeks of hard work and procrastination, I'M DONE!

    • Class: Sword Fighter
    • High Points: Shooting Star ability, Awareness ability.
    • Low Points: HP, Skill, Defense.
    • Summary: She's the first available myrmidon(or sword fighter), and her Iron Blade allows her to deal some good damage; including her Shooting Star ability she has incredible damage dealing potential, AND later getting the Brave Sword, you'll be hard pressed to ignore her even though her growths are inferior to Holyn's. Speaking of whom...

    • Class: Sword Fighter
    • High Points: Moonlight Sword ability, HP, Skill, Defense.
    • Low Points: Difficult to obtain.
    • Summary: His Moonlight Sword ability negates enemy defense, which is useful with his Steel Blade so he can deal a lot of damage. His s…

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    Hey, remember when I said that I'd try to nail down the best and worst Fire Emblem characters? Me too, but I'm taking forever to do it. Why? Because I'm stuffing myself with a bunch of other projects: some parody series, reviewing a crappy anime, playing an english rom of Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu, and watching people scream at things for other peoples' enjoyment. I am REALLY close with the myrmidon's best and worst of, in fact I'll probably get it done tonight. I pray that I'll manage to have some followers for this little series of blogs. so if your the 1% who is reading this now, expect it to come in an hour or never or so.

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    Wolf and Sedgar are the best characters in the series. Why? Obviously because of their massively broken stat growths. However due to them being pre-promoted they might not be able to max out their stats, though they still will make great units. Wolf is more strength oriented with 100% str growth, meaning that he will always get a str boost. Now class changing him to a Warrior or Berserker would be a good idea, because he would always get +2 HP and have a 20% chance of getting +2 str. Sedgar, however is more defense orientated with 80% def growth and a high skill as well. Class changing him to a General is recommended by me because his defense will always increase if you do. These guys can make valuable assets, but may be outshone by other …

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