Hey look! A class that only holds a tiny amount of members! Let's review them now!

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance


  • Class: Soldier
  • High Points: Skill, Speed.
  • Summary: On my first playthrough of this game I sorta wanted to use her, but I never did. Her stats are pretty balanced though her physical attributes and HP are pretty low. To back up the low attributes, you should support her with either Brom(extra defense) or Calill (extra evasion).


  • Class: Halberdier.
  • High points: All of the growths that Nephenee lacks in.
  • Summary: As I said above, Devdan excels in every stat Nephenee lacks in. He’s pre-promoted so he may not have as much time to develop as Nephenee does, but they can both be useful, in fact he could probably be better or be similar.

Best: I actually cannot say which one is better, like I said they’re pretty similar. Nephenee will always be weaker in strength and defense, while Devdan will always be stronger in that same aspect.

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn


  • Class: Soldier.
  • High Points: Strength, Skill, Defense.
  • Summary: His high points aren’t just high points, they are STELLAR. Those growths are incredibly high, being in the 70’s. He can take quite a few hits, unlike SOME OTHER PERSON THAT WE KNOW. WINK. WINK. However, his defense is offset by his low HP, a Seraph robe can make up for that.


  • Class: Halberdier.
  • High Points: Speed, Resistance.
  • Summary: I’m starting to see a pattern here. That being women have high resistance. Anyways, Nephenee starts with a Steel Greatlance, which is terrible for her because her starting strength is pretty low(being 15 and the Weight being 18) and the low hit rate is pretty bad too(that being 70). This greatly hinders her in the chapter she arrives in, because she and Brom are the only useful fighters. She’s not very good in my opinion; her incredibly low HP growth just turns me away, because even though she has high speed it’s not very often that she’ll dodge.


  • Class: Halberdier.
  • High Points: HP, Magic, Luck.
  • Summary: He comes in with better weapons than Nephenee, but he also comes in at 8 levels higher and only slightly higher stats. He’s never going to excel in any of his stats than HP or Luck. His magic growth is at 20% but that’s slightly higher than the other’s magic, and the Reaper Cards don’t deal too much damage either way.

Best: Aran, as I said before is STELLAR. It’s too bad you don’t get to use him all that much, that’s one of the problems I have with Radiant Dawn.

Worst: Danved. As far as I know, he and Devdan ARE totally different people, because their usefulness levels are completely different.

Welp, how about we finish of the weapon triangle with the axe-users next?

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