The diversity of classes in Fire Emblem is one of my favorite features in the series. The knights are one of those classes that you shouldn't go a playthrough without; their being able to take hits and give them too, probably makes them my favorite class. However there have been some lackluster knights througout the series, and if any of you who are reading this have played Radiant Dawn, then you know who I may be talking about. That's right Meg, however that's not who I'll be picking on today. No, I'll be talking about a different game, Shadow Dragon to be specific.

The knights in that game aren't the best, but there are a few who do manage to make good defenders. Dolph is the knight with the highest defense growth, and Roger the one with the highest strength growth. The other two, Draug, Macellan aren't as good. Draug is supposed to have good skill and speed for a knight (40% each), though it's held back by low HP, and strength. Macellan has higher strength than his bro, Dolph, and a higher speed than Roger, though Roger beats him in luck by a mile and his HP is better, so Macellan is a bad choice. Draug is acceptable but Roger and Dolph can take a few more hits. Note that Darros can become a knight with 60% defense growth, however with 0% speed growth.

However, in Shin Monsho no Nazo, they all got a great a great boost. Though Dolph and Macellan are pre-promoted, like most of the pre-promotes in this game, they have incredible growths and have great potential. Even My Unit can make a stellar knight if the right choices are made in the beginning.

Stepping away from Marth and friends, let's take a look at Roy's story. The knights in this game are similar to the ones in Shadow Dragon in that they have low defense growths. Bors, specifically is my least favorite. Now he's supposed to have a higher Def growth than his little sister, Wendy, but Bors by the time he leveled up to 7, his Def still didn't change. Barth, however, is, in my opinion, the saving grace for knights in the game. With growths like 100% HP, 60% Str, and 40% Def(the highest) how can you not like him? His resistance doesn't go up, but that's excusable. Back to Bors, he doesn't look intimidating at all with that grin to match that big chin. Every other knight is intimidating by their appearance (excluding Meg).

Now if you want to hear my opinion on Meg, there's another blog page by someone else that pretty much explains my feelings. And that's about it; tune in next time to hear what I have to say!

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