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  • Kingboo3000

    Shadow Dragon Chess

    August 19, 2011 by Kingboo3000

    Hello and welcome all to another fire emblem playthrough! The idea for this particular challenge was inspired by our very own MtaRidly! Thank you muchly, excellent idea. *What? Oh, you want to know the idea. Ah, kay* This is basically Fire Emblem, but you move and attack with units only in ways defined by chess. In the next section, I will detail the rules of class movement/attacking, as soon as I understand them all. (As I said, the idea was Mta's, so I have to clear the rules with him. Update with the rules soon! And have a great night/morning/afternoon/dayish thing. Oh yeah, and FF (Faithful Follower) will be playing through it at the same-ish time, which should make it doubly interesting. We'll get two perspectives, which may make it e…

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  • Kingboo3000

    Fire Emblem RPG

    February 28, 2011 by Kingboo3000

    Sorry for shouting, but I wanted to make sure that my announcement was read first.

    Okay, this blog was originally an accident, but now I'm going to use it as a place where I can talk about my latest project: a tabletop Fire Emblem Role Playing Game!! It's tentatively titled "Fire Emblem: Origins Reborn".

    • It uses 0 tier through 3rd tier classes. (Had to make some up)
    • At almost every class change, you can choose between one or more classes. (Sacred Stones style)
    • You can play as any race you like; excluding the Lions, Black Dragons, and Manaketes for now; and play ANY class with that race. So finally you can have a Cat Myrmidon! Or a Red Dragon Beserker!! I've also added in Branded as playable races.
    • The attributes are all there, (except Con, oh h…

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  • Kingboo3000

    Ike Solo Challenge

    October 22, 2010 by Kingboo3000


    Yup, I'm back yet again, thanks to my awesome readers/commenters/peeps/uhhh... I really can't think of anything else awesome to call you, so let's just stick to thanks.

    (Now with BOLD!)

    Good morning starshine! The Earth says hello! This is my (I'm Kingboo300 in case you couldn't read.... Uhh, wait that doesn't work.... Oh! In case you're deaf. Yeah, that's it, we'll go with that. But worry not my deaf friends! My blog is perfectly dumbed down enough for you to handle. T, it's awesome.

    Now, this is my record of my playthrough of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. The trick is, I can only use Ike, which as you can imagine, (unless you're one of those deaf people I mentioned) makes it very interesting. NOT nescessarily harder, (although it kinda do…

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  • Kingboo3000

    Hector's Hard Mode Pt 2

    September 29, 2010 by Kingboo3000

    (Now with bold and italic script. Wooo!)

    I was playing through Hector's Hard Mode, wanted to vent about it, wrote one entry, got stuck, started over, pretended to do it for the 'fans', and gained

    a following, am I missing anything? Oh yeah, I have uber-powerful units, (thanks to RNG-hacking and arena abuse), I'm not using Nino for some reason, and I'm on Chapter 31: Sands of Time, but have only so far written up to Night of Farewells.... I'll post The Beserker sometime today. Maybe.

    And that's what's what. If you're a new-comer, first of all, WELCOME!!!!! Second of all, you have to post at least three times in the comments before I consider you a groupi- I mean, uhhh, a fan. Yeah, let's go with that.

    A quick shout-out to all my favorite reader…

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  • Kingboo3000

    May 24-ish, 2010

    I am almost finished with Hector's Hard Mode, and I need to vent about it.

    This is without a doubt, THE hardest Fire Emblem mode ever... (in America)

    Every single level has almost twice as many enemies as the normal modes, and all items are 10 times harder to get, mostly because the thieves are diabolical.

    I created this blog mostly to record what major changes I run into.

    So, without further ado...

    Chapter 23x, the second of the three "Secret" chapters.

    This used to be one of the EASIEST levels in the entire game, there were a bunch of Bishops, Druids, and Sages locked in individual rooms, and all you had to do was go around picking

    them off. NOW, all the doors open on the fith turn, and you get annihilated. This is an excellent …

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