May 24-ish, 2010


I am almost finished with Hector's Hard Mode, and I need to vent about it.

This is without a doubt, THE hardest Fire Emblem mode ever... (in America)

Every single level has almost twice as many enemies as the normal modes, and all items are 10 times harder to get, mostly because the thieves are diabolical.

I created this blog mostly to record what major changes I run into.

So, without further ado...

Chapter 23x, the second of the three "Secret" chapters.

This used to be one of the EASIEST levels in the entire game, there were a bunch of Bishops, Druids, and Sages locked in individual rooms, and all you had to do was go around picking

them off. NOW, all the doors open on the fith turn, and you get annihilated. This is an excellent chapter to use the mine glitch, (if you're into that kind of thing... Which I am).

And, if anyone actually cares, I'll post again once I beat the next level. Or at least when I get destroyed endlessly by the insanity of HHM, (Hector's Hard Mode).


June 1, 2010


Ok, big update, I started over. And I'd like to say I did it for the fans, so that they'd get info and tips on all the amazing levels of this game. But I can't, because that would be lying. In truth, I got stuck, so I started over.


So, a quick note before I begin. I am playing through this game in the hopes of actually beating it, not to be perfect, or unlock all the Kishuna chapters, but just to beat it. Also, I have no ethics about over-leveling in this case, so I am not only abusing arenas, I am also RNG-hacking my characters to make them as amazing as possible.

Also, I played through Lyn's story, and used Lord Lungren to level up Sain to level 20. Then I used the knight crest that Wallace usually uses up to class up Sain into a Paladin. I highly recommend doing this if you plan on playing through Hector's hard mode, it makes the game MUCH easier, and if you don't use the knight crest before chapter 10, it goes bye-bye.


Now on to HHM!!

Chapter Eleven: Another Journey

This board is very similar to the normal version, except of course more (and harder) baddies. You SHOULD have leveled Matthew up to at least level 7 by this time, which really helps with the archers. Also, try to use the hand axe as much as possible, Wolf Beil is one-of-a-kind, and VERY useful, so try not to use it too much. Make sure to steal all the enemies vulnereries, as you don't get many.


Chapter Twelve: Uuhhhh...... I don't remember

Hard. Annoyingly hard. This level shouldn't be hard, but it is. Lots of goons, and the pegasus knights they added make this level three times as difficult, as they have high, terrain-ignoring movement. Make sure to visit the village. Also, start leveling up Eliwood and Rebecca, as they should be regulars in your army.

Before I go on, I would like to highly recommend RNG-hacking your units. This can make fast Oswins for goodness sake. If you don't know how to do this, look it up, I'm not going to explain it here, WAY too complicated, but totally worth it.


Chapter Thirteen: In Search of Truth

This level is relatively easy, and apart from the ever-annoying pegasus knights, not much has changed. Two notes: if you like using the mine glitch (which I do) make SURE to get to the village before the bandit destroys it. Also, recruit Guy with Matthew, he is also an excellent unit. By the way, any red units you recruit will have an extra 1-3 bonus to all of their stats, because all bad guys in Hector's Hard Mode get this bonus, and recruitable characters get it too. But only if they're actually red. Visit the upper village to get a torch and a side quest.


Chapter 13x: The Peddler Merlinus

Again, easy level. Only difference here is more bad guys. Just rescue merlinus and run like Rajaion (look it up) is chasing you. But you HAVE to visit the village, 5000 gold man!!! It's worth it. By a lot.


Chapter 14: False Friends

Another easier level, well, only if you use Marcus. If you plan to use Priscilla, you're going to have to use him to protect the southern village until Erk gets down there. There are a few significant changes to the hard mode. First of all, returning are the infamous pegasus knights, except this time, they're charging Merlinus head on. In addition, lots of baddies equals lots of mayhem, best to send Oswin into the fray and let him weaken them so that other (weaker) characters can pick them off.


Chapter 15: Talons Alight

This is the hardest chapter in the first ten chapters of HHM, you have to defend against a horde of thugs while grabbing two chests and going out of your way to beat the boss. The boss is holding a Dracoshield, so you really want to beat him, but he won't attack unless you go into his range.

Not many BIG changes in Hard mode, but there are a lot more baddies, which requires you to split up your already small group. Overall, just focus on not dying and getting the dracoshield, the chests aren't that important.


June 2, 2010


Chapter 16: Noble Lady of Caelin

Differences: As usual, more baddies, harder baddies, and the addition of pegasus knights.

Difficulty: Easy (if you got Kent or Sain to a Paladin) / Medium-easyish if not

Tips: Get florina to the village on the left by turn two, then whup up da noobs. Fashizzle.


Ok ok, I know I don't have many (read 'any') readers, but for anyone who happens to read this page for any reason, please vote on whether you like my usual haphazard (and surprisingly entertaing) jibber-jabber, OR the condensed to-the-point entry Ala' Chapter 16. PLEASE VOTE OR COMMENT.


Chapter 17: Whereabouts Unknown

Ok, in case you were wondering, I have NO idea what the heck the title hints at, that we don't know where Lord Hausen is? Is that all?? Seriously??? Whatever.

This level can be very annoying, there are LOTS more archers, but no pegasus knights :(, but then again, I wouldn't bring 'em out either, WAY too many archers and nomads. Okay, now that that's out of the way, make sure to recruit Raven with Priscilla, he. Kicks. Butushka.

Lots of good treasure too, Hero crest, Knight crest, silver sword, and unlock staff. But if you want to get the silver sword before the thief snags it, you're going to have to haul butushka.

Man, I love that word, butushka butushka butushka butushka butushka butushka butushka butushka butushka butushka butushka butushka butushka butushka butushka!!!

Sorry about that. Also, make sure to save at least 1 soldier so that you can get to the ever useful side-quest.


Chapter 17x: The Port of Badon

This is a fun level, you get to watch as (without RNG hacking) Raven will level up over and over, getting 3-5 stat-ups every time. He rocks. There aren't many substantial changes in hard mode, but Damian and his goons charge you immedietely instead of waiting 'till you get into range. So, my (fool-proof) strategy is to run up through the topof the board, ( just like it suggests), and make your stand against a veritable horde of pirates and of course Damian. Also, you shouldn't neglect the arena, while I will be using the one in level 21 for most of my arena abuse, this one still offers a great oportunity to level up Raven, Priscilla, Canas, and any other noobs you've neglected. BTW, I like to lure out the super-hard guys in the middle of the board from the left side to get some free XP.


June 7th, 2010


Ok, just so you all know, I have seriously lacking editing skills, this is the second time I've had to retype an entire entry becuase wiki's confuse me.

Here we go again.

I apologize for not posting sooner, I am stucking trying to use the arena in the Port of Badon (with no success), it's really Erking me. Get it?? Erk, as in, Erk and Serra? No? Bah humbug. I also lent out my copy of Rekka no Ken to a friend, so it could be awhile before I'm posting away again. And now I have forgotton what else I wrote in this entry...... Shoot.

Okay then, that's all, I think... But could anybody please explain to me how to post an image? The help menu didn't "help" at all.


August 18th, 2010


Heya! I'm finally back, with my copy of Rekka no Ken, AKA the Blazing Sword, or just Fire Emblem. I haven't actually played any new levels yet, but I just wanted to let all my dear fans know that I'm not dead. I should be posting again within a coupla days, if not later today when I bored.

Also, I've been playing Radiant Dawn, and I must say, even on my first playthrough, (on normal) it's still a pretty hard game. I can't wait to test my skills on Hard mode, but I'm disapointed that maniac mode wasn't released to america, because I would love to compare HHM and RDMM.

I'll be back...

Sorry, couldn't help it. "'_'"


August 19th, 2010


Okay, I (to no-one's great surprise) ended up playing Rekka no Ken for hours upon end yesterday, so much in fact, that I didn't have time to post on here! I know, you're in pain, but some sub-par blogging will surely do the trick!


First of all, I beat the chapter 17x: the Port of Badon, in one try, no deaths, and I even used the arena to some extent. So huzzah! And hooray! And... Moving on.


Chapter 18: Pirate Ship

Haarrrraumph. Haaah, I hate this level. If you have properly leveled units, it's a breeze, I beat it in one try, but it involves tons of minute positioning and immense forethought. Tricky, veeery tricky.

Here's my theory, there were no pegasus knights for the last two chapters right? So, they all got together, and decided to all charge our friendly-neighborhood heroes. I developed this theory on account of the fact that there are 20+ pegasus knights on this level. Very annoying when plenty of other dudes are charging you and you only get to fight on this little ship. But the pegasus knights are pretty much the only difference.

Again, Sain/Kent will be amazing on this board, if you classed him up, make 'im charge onto the left boat (with a javelin) once the initial onslaught subsides. Block the right boat with Oswin, (you SHOULD be using him) and take out the swarming pegasi with Hector, Rebecca and anyone else you decided to bring. I highly recommend taking Priscilla on this level, she's already the better of the two healers, and her increased movement will be a life-saver.

Tips: Steal the Elysian whip from the pegasus knight on the far left, even if you're not using a pegasus knight or a wyvern rider, you can still sell it for big cash. Also, the boss is holding a guiding ring, steal that too, but don't bother killing the boss unless you have a really strong unit with great luck. I'm serious about the luck too, bossy has a chance of getting a crit, and killing him will end the battle anyway, losing you valuable exp. Although you might want to consider killing him as a last resort if you can't save one of your units.


Chapter 19: The Dread Isle

This level is pretty easy actually. Just plod down through hordes of cavaliers and nomads, slowly making your way to one the hardest (relative to your level) bosses in the game. Not too bad. Seriously though, watch out for the returning pegasus knights from hedge. And put Guy, Raven, or Lyn in the top left corner to deal with the pirates that would otherwise slay merlinus. If you take the upper route as well, make sure to take Florina or Fiora, who you get in this chapter, because a flying unit will be very helpful, but watch out for nomads.

So, differances include, LOTS more pegasus knights (yes, they actually had some in normal), more baddies, harder baddies, and a thief who will drop a torch staff (the only torch staff in the game) who will get away by turn 5 or 6. I always miss the thief because I don't want to waste all my exp on Sain so he can power through da n00bs, so I just let him go this time, it's not that amazing of a staff anyway, but if you can get it, great! Go for it. By the way, BRING MATTHEW!!! With a torch!!! Because it's Really, reeeeaally foggy. And I despise fooog....

If you want all the Kishuna chapters (on HHM, are you kidding me?) or if you just want some more experience points for your lower leveled uints, you have to beat the level within 15 turns. Which will bring you tooo....


Chapter 19x: Prisoner of Magic

This level is truely easy. Just use a flyer, or a cavalier to intercept the bandit before he gets to the temple, whichle give you a talisman, always helpful. Don't take any magic units unless you REALLY need to lever him/her up. I would still take a healer though, I always take a healer.

Few differences, more knights, Pegasi, and mage reinforcements, nothing too dramatic. Send Eliwood, guy, or Lyn into the mountains to deal with the Pegasi, and your Pegasus knight and someone with a javelin or a hand-axe by merlinus if you care about him. As mages will swarm him later on. You really should steal the bosses silver card as well.

Tips: Just keep moving left, taking out all baddies. RNG-hack the boss to get lots of great level-ups if you're into that since he can't attack... But make sure to kill him before turn 12 (11?) to ensure that Kishuna stays.

Kishuna... If you trained Nils up to level 7 in the prologue, and you manage to defeat Kishuna in one turn here, you get to go to.... Chapter 19x part 2! Also known as 19xx. It's the only gaiden chapter within a gaiden chapter in the whole series. To beat him in one turn, first pick off all his guards. Then, position all your strongest units around him, and ATTACK!!! Yeah, that's pretty much it. Use RNG-hacking to ensure hits if you have no moral qualms with that. Also, if you got the transfer data from the Mario-Kart Double Dash bonus disc, and now have the wind sword, make good use of it. You can still use it within Kishuna's blackout zone, and it deals magic damage! With Kishuna's ironically low resistance, it makes the fight a 'breeze'. Pun intended.


Chapter 19xx: A Glimpse in/of/something.... Past

Blag. This is amoung my LEAST favorite chapters. It shouldn't be that hard, but it is, it always is, and undoubtably always will be. The hardness includes, but is not limited to:

Fog of War

Archers/Snipers covering the only way to beat the thieves to the chests on the right side

A stupid stupid stupid stupid sputid stupid sitpud stupid stupid troubadour that always hits with her sleep staff (not really, but 4/5 ain't bad) with a 33-ish hit!!!!!!!!

And those stupid wyvern riders that always kill Lyn because I always forget about them until they kill her at least once.

Make sure to bring Rebecca, or Wil, if you're brave enough to use him on account of all the ballistae.


And now, for all my adoring fans, a list of my characters that I am currently using to give you an idea of which ones are any good. (This is for first time HHM players only, the rest of you should know better. :P)


Hector ---- Yes, I know you have to use him, but that's not a bad thing! He's one of the most kick-butt characters in the entierity of Fire Emblem.

Eliwood -- Some of you may be going, why are you using him? He's a sniviling weakling! Well, he's not, he's actually an incredibly well balanced unit. IF you don't get RNG-screwed.

Guy -------- Seemed like an obvious pick for me, I always use him, and he gets hard mode bonuses, AND you can train him in Lyn's prologue.

Florina ---- Same basic deal, 'cept she's technically the worst of the Pegasus knights, but you can train her early (BIG plus!) and with RNG-hacking, she can turn out amazing.

Sain ------ The ultimate dilemna, Sain, Kent, or Lowen? Well, you can't train Lowen in the prologue, so he's out. And then it's really just personal preferance, I usually use Kent, so this time I went with Sain, and so far he's been rockin awesome! Plus, his supports are... Interesting.

Serra ------ Yes, we all know Serra sucks, and we all know we use her anyway because she's so dang hilarious, plus with RNG-hacking, she's not bad.

Priscilla --- Two healers??? Yes, two healers, it helps, a LOT. But if you don't like using one of them, just swap them out for Lucius or Canas.

Lucius ----- Heh, I like my magic users... But she (I mean he!) has great magic, speed and resistance. Just watch out, his defense can be literally non-existant.

Matthew -- He's a thief, he steals stuff (which is essential in HHM), AND you can level him in the prologue. The better of the two thieves fo' sho'.

Rebecca - What can I say? She's one of best (if not the best) acher in the Fire Emblem Saga. RNG-hacking doesn't hurt either. ;)

Raven ----- Ahhh Raven. He pwns. End of story. You WILL use him.

And last but not least...

Lyndis ----- She's a fuddle. You have to use her in the prologue, and in key battles, so it makes sense to level her up, plus she's usually a very helpful unit. You should be wary of strength issues... But RNG-hacking will fix everything!!

- Ehhh, I took out Lucius because I forgot to level him up, and I needed more character slots. Espescially for Rath.

Rath ------- He's definately not the best unit, or even the best archer, but he can use swords upon promotion. Another bad thing, when you get him back, he will be pitifully under-leveled. But if you abuse Lord Lundgren with him, you can get him up to a very helpful level. Also, RNG-hacking makes him unbelievably powerful. He's well balanced, but that means he won't be really great unless you get lucky or you use the Random Number Generator.

I'd also like to point out that Dart and Erk are excellent characters, but not only was I out of room in my squad, it would take too long to level them up.


August 21st 2010

Chapter 20: The Dread Isle

Okay, this is a pretty reasonable level once you get to know it's nuances. My strategy is always to charge up the left path, through the fighters, and block off the thieves' escape route, allowing you to take your time STEALING THE MEMBER CARD from one of the thieves, recruiting Legault with Hector to get all his stolen loot, or use him if you prefer, and start preparing for the swarms of baddies.

Pegasus knight reinforcements will swarm from the bottom, so if you want Merlinus to survive the chapter, leave an axe-user or two by him to protect him. Also, many knight and mage reinforcements will come out of the upper-left hand corner, soooooo.... Kill them. As soon as they come out for greatest effect. After you've killed everything 'cept the boss, run around collecting the treasure chests and visiting the secret shops. If you don't know where those are, go look it up, I don't have the time to explain it to you. But you will want to pick up at least one physic staff and as many Killer weapons as you can carry as they are light-weight, high-damage, and have a huge critical bonus. Not many differances in this level, just more baddies in general and lots more reinforcements.

I also leveled up Rebecca, Oswin, and a few others by boss-abusing Lord Darin like I did Lord Lundgren. I also classed up Rebecca, Oswin, and Priscilla, classing up Oswin is a great idea here if you're willing to put the time and effort into it, then he can use axes against all those pesky wyvern riders in the next chapter.


Chapter 21: A New Beginning (Check needed)

This level's difficulty is completely based off your level. Having a promoted Oswin, Rebecca, and/or Raven will help you immensely. Also make good use of Hector if you haven't gotten him to level 20 yet. Dart will be great in this level as well if you happen to be using him.

Make sure to hit all the villages, and quick-like! Those bandit dastards will trash them by turn five-ish, maybe sooner. Steal the Hero crest from the boss, but ONLY once you're done with EVERYTHING else in the level, including the arena.

Speaking of arenas, use this one, a lot. You can use nini's grace to up your allies defense, have them do battle in the arena, then rescue them. Next turn, drop said unit, use ninian's dance ability to let them use the arena, then rescue him/her again. Rinse and repeat for cheap leveling :).

LOTS more wyvern riders and knights account for all differances between normal and hard this time 'round.


On a side note, we now have 4 whole readers!!!! Whooo!!!!!! If there are more people reading this, you could comment so I get motivated to do more. That would be good, right?


Quick update, today I learned that Florina is not very good in the arena, as she died. So I had to start the whole level over, which is bad when you already used the arena a bunch and had gotten lots of great levels. Poop.


Okay, I stayed up way too late last night playing fire emblem, and I think I technically beat New Resolve yesterday, so I'm posting it in yesterday's section. By the way, try to start promoting as many units as you can in this level, you're going to need it, I promoted both Raven and Florina.


August 22nd 2010

Chapter 22: Kinship's Bond

Ahh, this is another of those level's that could be very hard or very easy depending on which units you're using and what level they're at.

I was using Florina, Lyn & Eliwood (both compulsory in this Ch.), Raven, Sain, Rebecca, Hector, Matthew, Serra and Priscilla All at levels 1-4 promoted. Try to get to the treasure chests before the thief does, because there's a whopping 10,000 gold, but if it's too difficult and/or you have tons of gold from arena abuse, don't worry about it too much. Send a few units to the left, including Matthew. Throw 2-4 units straight down to take care of the knight/mage/monk swarm, a FalcoKnight with a little backup would do very well. And send three to five of your most powerful units to the right to take out the boss, but be forewarned! Once the boss dies, the level is OVER, so wait until one of the last turns for max exp gains.

Kay, as stated above, some genius decided that to make this level harder, they would take out a coupla archers, (so that they don't use the ballistae) and add in a knight/mage/monk swarm. If you can take them, the lack of archers makes this level almost easier than the normal version, but the extra wyvern riders and bonus to all baddies stats make it on par or harder.


Chapter 23: Living Legend

Yaaaay! Another fog of war map for Hector!!1!!1! Wait, that's baaaad... Anyhoo, like all levels in HHM, this level is tricky. The key is rescuing Pent with your Falcoknight, and then surrounding an enemy archer with four of your units, leaving you free to go kill everything and collect all the treasure. And once you're done exterminating and treasure hunting, use Ninian over and over again until she reaches 20th level, and if you still haven't gotten about 7 levels of experience yet, let the enemy archer attack one of your units that can't retaliate, and then heal him/her every turn for more exp.

All this exp talk translates to this, if you get 700 or more battle exp during the course of this chapter, you get to go to chapter 23x, a Kishuna chapter, so if you're going for those, or want an obscenely difficult challenge, or you need to level up some units using RNG-hacking and are willing to use the mine glitch. Enough about that though, on the differances side, more mages, and lots more wyvern knights reinforcements.

Make sure to have your thief poke around the bones to nab all the secret treasure in this level. In addition, if you're using Dart, (or if you're not using him and just want to sell a promotion item for some cash) send your thief to the bottom-right corner, and then move 2 spaces to the left, you should find the ocean seal, Dart's promotion item, which is only obtained on this level and in a secret shop near the end of the game.



Oooookay! I've had one and a half requests for a description of how to RNG-hack characters, and I'm up for the challenge.

The first concept you must understand is the concept of RNG. Which is short for Random Number Generator. At the beginning of every level, right after you save from the last level, the game creates an unending string of numbers, and no matter what you do, the same numbers will always be used. These numbers are used for everything, from combat, to leveling up to how your little movement arrow decides to turn.

Now, in combat, two numbers are averaged and then compared to your "hit" statistic, if it's lower, it hits, higher, it misses. If the attack hits, an extra (singular) number is used in a similar way to check if you landed a critical hit. Now, when you level up, the game uses up seven random numbers, one for each of your stats. And if the number rolled is lower than that character's individual growth in that attribute, it goes up by one. Otherwise, it stays the same. Some small notes:

In addition to any combat they execute on their turn, the start of your enemies' turn uses up one number to dooo.... Something... I'm really not sure, just keep it in mind.

If you (or your foe) misses an attack, they do NOT use another number for their critical, which can seriously screw you up.

Now, this is the important part. GBA Fire Emblem games save after you use most random numbers, which is a pain in the batooshka. To circumvent this problem, you have to use the movement cursor! You know when you take a unit with 5 move and move the arrow around in a circle and it has to remake the line because you can't move that far? Well, since there's two possible ways the arrow could get to that space, (try it a couple times) the developer's got lazy and decided to use a random number to determine which way it went. And the helpful part is this, depending on which direction the arrow is facing at the end, you can tell if the number used for it is either above or below 50 (49 technically). How do you know the differance, you ask? Well, if the arrow is horizontal, the number is low, if it's vertical, it's high. I'm going to attempt a ASCII image here...

The numbers represent the order in which your cursor moves, and the dashes indicate empty spaces.

Step 1

2 3 4

1 0 5

- - -

*Then you move the cursor one space down*

Step 2 (If it's a high number (bad))

- - -

- 0 1

- - 2

Step 2 (If it's a low number (good))

- - -

- 0 -

- 1 2

You get it? Say your fighter has a 63 hit, and you NEED to make sure you hit on the next attack. Start moving the cursor around like I showed you, and record whether it's a High or a Low number each time. (This is easiest by scrawling an H or L in a long string) Do this until you get at least two Low numbers in a row, (this shouldn't take long) then reset the game. Now this is where the importance of recording those numbers comes in. Use up all the number that you don't want (the ones that lead up to the ones you want) until the next two numbers are both low (which will guarantee a hit because the average of two numbers below 50 must be below 50, same with high numbers, and when you combine a high and a low, it will be 25-75.

So say you got a string of numbers that looked like this: HHLHLL Ah! Two low's at the end! So now reset your game, and use the cursor trick to use up HHLH, so that the next two numbers are both low, which allows your fighter to pwn da noobs with ease.

Now, you might be thinking, how often am I going to have to ensure hits like that? Well, not a whole lot, although it's VERY helpful for slaying Kishuna in chapter 19x. RNG-Hacking's main use and purpose is to make your character's have LUDICROUS power and verstility. Heck, you could have an Oswin who can double Myrmidon's for gosh sakes.

To accomplish this, you must get your unit in question to very high exp, say, 82. You plan on having him run over and kill that bandit. Okay, first of all, the best way to RNG-hack your stats is to be able to kill the enemy unit in one hit, which simplifies the counter attacks and such. So first weaken him with your archer or another unit that WON'T kill him. Then used the cursor trick until you get a string of seven Lows in a row, reset and redo up to point right before the seven Lows, and when you take down the baddie, all or most of your attributes should go up. Doing this consistantly can make a decent unit good, a good unit great, or a great unit fudgin' invincible.

Two notes, you do NOT have to get all seven in a row, just enough (and not nescessarily in a row) to increase whatever stats you personally think are important. Usually I go for five or more in each level, but beware, the order they appear in on their stats page IS the same order that the random numbers are used in, except for defense and resistance, I believe their positions are swapped. *Needs confirmation*

Second, Arena's make RNG-hacking next to impossble, so don't try to mix them, which usually means: RNG-hack on your weaker characters, or units that have had REALLY bad luck in some stat, and use arenas fo your units who are pretty much gauranteed to turn out well, *coughraven, oswin, whichever cavalier you're using, and guy to a lesser extentcough*

Lastly, RNG-hacking works wonders when abusing a boss, because you have total control, and they can get lots of experience.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments.


Chapter 23x: Genesis

This is the second of three Kishuna chapters, which reveail plot twists and changes Nergal's death quote. Just for future referance, the Kishuna chapters are (in hector's route) 19xx, 23x, and 30x (need confirmation on that last one). I would usually suggest doing them, but if you're playing HHM for the first time, do NOT attempt this chapter, it's one of the hardest in the game. If not the hardest.

Kayo, I technically already reviewed this one, right at the top, it was the last one I did before starting over. Now, this level used to be easy, super easy even, you just went around bashing down walls and opening doors until you got to Kishuna, and then he'd leave, easy. Now on turn five, Kishuna leaves, and all the doors open and the breakable walls auto-break. Usually resulting in a huge swarm of evil baddies. The chests are definately worth nabbing as well. BTW, this is your last chance to level up your lords before four fanged offense, (you want high level lords in that chapter).

Strategy tips....... Don't die? Seriously though, bring all your strong magic users, units with high resistance for one reason or another, and Matthew. Also bring any pure waters you own, this is the time to use them, ditto with the barrier staves. If you trained both Serra and Priscilla, send one with each group, and your flying unit on the right side (if you have one, Paladins will do in a pinch). Power through the middle baddies with the right-hand group. Advancing towards that dead end with the chest with your left-hand group. Take out as many guys as you can without retaliation, meaning while they're in the red zone, using a long-bow (very helpful) or maybe even high crit rates. Just try to survive, but if you can't do it, use the mine glitch, it will assure you victory in this level, plus you can't back out of side quests, so make sure to have one, just in case.


August 23rd, 2010

Chapter 24(b): Four Fanged Offense

Okay, a largish note, there are two possible maps for this level, one where you fight Lloyd, and one where you fight Linus. They both have an arena, and a the same secret shop, but you can steal a red gem in Lloyd's map, or you can get an extra Orion's bolt on Linus's map. I personally prefer Linus's map, just because I despise fog of war, and Lloyd's map has it. (And Linus's doesn't) plus this time around I needed another Orion's bolt.

To go to Lloyd's chapter, make sure your Lords have a total combined level of 50 or LESS. It's the exact opposite for Linus's, (lords_level=>50 == Linus).

It's another easy level if you've either arena abused or RNG-hacked (or both, as in my case). Just send a squad consisting of a t least one axe user, one sword user, an archer/nomad (or two) and a healer to the right, plus Dart to recruit Geitz (who also gets the hard mode bonuses, so if you need another units, he'll do the trick). That may sound like a lot of units for the smaller side, but MANY units (mostly wyvern riders, who seem to have replaced those dastardly pegasus knights) will swarm that section, and you want that earth seal don't you?

Once you've cleared all the baddies, take your silver card and do some serious shopping, this is one of the (if not the only) places where you can buy 'reaver' weapons. Plus, you should stock up for the next chapter, which has LOTS of bad guys. Also make sure to visit the secret shop on that island, (if you haven't guessed yet, it's the one with the trees on it).

Lastly, make very good use of the arena on this chapter, it's the last helpful arena in the game. You probably have promoted all your units by now, but any stragglers should take this opportunity to get going! My healers are both lvl 9 promoted, and the rest of my (non-lords) reange from 4 to 8. Yeah, I use healers a LOT. I did have to promote Guy and Rath though, Guy because I've been saving him for the arena, and Rath because I just got him a couple chapters ago. By the way, Guy and Rath are my back-up units, they're not quite as good as most of the rest, but they'll keep up just fine. *coughespesciallyguycough*


August 24th, 2010

Chapter 25: Crazed Beast

This level is puzzle to me, I beat Hector's normal mode before this, but I don't remember this chapter at all. Anyway, it's fairly easy if you used the arena on the last chapter at all. Just send a couple of sword-users south, axe/Lance users north, and your Pegasi (if any) east to take out the monks. (make sure to give her a jevelin). Alternatively, you could just recruit Farina in this chapter with Hecotr and send her east as she already has enough resistance to take no damage from any of the monks, and this is the best chapter to level her up quickly, (if you want to use her, I'd give her the Afa's drops, as Nino is almost impossible to use in HHM). But beware, it costs 20,000 gold to recruit her, it's worth it, but if your groups already full or you somehow don't have a butt-load of cash, she is optional. (I'm not using her)

There are two differances from normal mode, LOTS of reinforcements, and guess who's back! It's the pegasi that we all know and love! Finally taking their job back from those pesky wyvern riders.


Chapter 26: Unfulfilled Heart

Yay! Time to kill Vaida! Sorry, but I DESPISE Vaida, she's so dang ugly, and her stats are weakweakweakweakweak. And she's ugly, did I mention that? If you wanna use the mine glitch you can obtain Vaida's spear too! Why would you want that, you ask? Espescially after it's touched Vaida warty mitts. Well, it's not called the uber spear for nothing... It gives all of your stats HUGE boosts, plus, it's a ranged weapon. But it only has 15 uses, so Hammerne away! Also it's amazing for the link arena if you're obsessed with that or something.

Here's how to obtain it, lure one of the bandits out, and then use the stupid AI to make him move to any predictable spot on the second turn, (remember to put the mine down first :P) Then (once the glitch is in play) move Vaida left and trade her spear to another Wyvern rider, then rinse and repeat until you can trade it to the shaman on the left, which will make the spear a droppable item!

Also, you get your first Heaven seal on this level, so you should give it to whichever lord is at level 20 (except for Hector, his promotion is storyline-based), or if they're both at level 20, you should probably give it to Lyn, unless you went crazy with the RNG-hacking on Eliwood, and he's actually better. (As I did) You can also use the mine glitch to make all the foes drop their weapons, shich makes this chapter super easy.

Make sure to hit the armory on the right side!! It has all the Killer weapons! I think I bought 20-ish Killing edges......


August 25/26 2010

Chapter 27: Pale flower of Darkness (Jerme's map)

There are two possible maps for this chapter, Jerme's map and Kenneth's map. You go to Kenneth's map by having your total level of magic users higher than your total level of your physical units. I only have two magic users in this playthrough, so I headed to Jerme's map.

This map has more wyvern riders than on normal mode, and I believe it also has more cavalier/Paladin reinforcements. Just run around killing everything. This is an easy level, honestly, I beat it easily in one try. But if you want Karel (as opposed to Harken) you have to open a lot doors by turn 8 or 12 or something like that. I didn't care, as I'm not using either, so I got Harken, who carries a brave sword, Karel has a Wo Dao, which is better, but it takes too much effort to recruit him for something like that.


Bad news, (that's assuming you actually like this blog), I will not be able to post for a week, because my copy of Rekka no Ken is currently unavailable, so I may just get lazy, or I might start a new blog until I finish this one.

Which brings up an interesting point, this blog can't go on forever, so does anyone have any requests as to what my next blog should involve?

I'm willing to play hard modes, special challenges (such as the Ike solo challenge), and such on any of the games released in America, plus Fuuin no Tsurugi. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.


September 12th 2010

Chapter 28: Battle before dawn

Huzzah! I'm finally posting again! It'll be slower going, but I'll try to post every other day or so.

Okay, this level totally psyched me out. COMPLETELY. You guys (Mamkute) were 100% correct. This level has changed SO much from the normal mode equivalent that I almost lot Matthew, Guy, Oswin (shocking), and even Hector. First of all, Maxime the ever-annoying Paladin, decided that he would hang out in the little alcove on the left, when he charged out, he left my already-partially wounded Guy with a whopping 1 HP. I Seriously lucked out on that one. Then I had Oswin mop him up, but his painfully low skill (15) makes his job VERY difficult. While Uber Priscilla (Mag, Skl, and Spd maxed with Luck and possibly Res well on their way) rushed southward and sompletely annihilated 60% of all units on this level.

More changes! Jaffar's AI now thinks he should rund to the right and protect the prince, an excellent idea, actually, plus it makes talking to him with the recruitable Nino MUCH easier. And Zephiel doesn't die. Which is always a + in my book. Ursula starts in the bottom-right corner, and will likely stay there unless one of your units gets too close. She is DanGerous with a capitol G. Only go after her if you have uber units like moi. I sent Raven and Florina down there and she OHKO'd Ursula with a Killer lance. Also, Ursula had a bolting equipped, so her speed was penalized severely. After she went down, the level was merely a mopping-up of the reinforcements that stormed in, only to be promptly slaughtered. Mostly by Eliwood's hand. Who is really fun to use :P.

If you want to play the next side-quest, recruit Nino with Hector, and then talk to Jaffar with Nino, he won't join your team, but by the time you talk to him, most of the opposition should have be decimated.

NOTE: Nino is EPIC. Good starting stats (for her level), + amazing growths, + Afa's drops == EPIC-NESS. But I'm not using her because I already have too many units, and she takes a lot of effort to level up, but if you do, she IS worth it.

Side-NOTE: Jaffar is by far the best assassin (IMO), I realize that you CAN make Matthew and LEgault better, but that would involve much luckiness or much hackiness, and Jaffar starts one point away from capping his strength.

Quasi-Side-NOTE: Aaaaaaand, your first promotional thief item comes at the same time as you get Jaffar. So plllbbbthh.


August 15th, 2010

Chapter 28x: Night of Farewells

This is the first chapter I've had to restart on for quite a while now. And not because one of my units died, I missed an item, yup, I killed the bishop with the angelic robe that you have to steal. So I restarted. Because Hector could seriously use some more HP since he doesn't promote for another chapter or so, and his HP wasn't very high anyways.

But once I got that part down, it was a relative breeze, I whupped through a ton of foes like butter, with the only tricksy part being the ever-annoying sleep staff-user. Also, your Second non-main-character lord promotes before this level starts! YATA! So now Lyn finally gets to be awesomer-looking and use bows! I got her up to level 5-ish in this one level, and I highly recommend doing the same in any HHM (or otherwise) playthrough.

Differances! Ehhhh... Uhhh, I uhhhh... Ummm, ohhhhh yeah! Okay, the board layout is completely differant, the path has been rearanged past the point of good sense. But I muddled through it, Also, guess who's baaaack?? That's right, the Infamous pegasus knights, and now with the promoted Falco-Knights as well!! Just leave Raven, or any other good axe-user you gots, by the beginning and he should be able to take out all da baddies. Have your flyer, with the newly-acquired Delphi Shield from the last chapter, take out the achers/Snipers on the adjoining isle, and then have her/him fly around picking off some noobs. Try to hot-foot it to the chest though, a thief will steal the contents by turn 18 (I think) but the top chests should always be safe. Watch out for Sonia's Bolting tome, I have lost many an excellent unit by leaving them exposed to her evil-ness. (In past runs) BTW, a note on killing Sonia, she CAN be silenced, and it makes her REALLY easy to kill, but you have to have HUGE magic to even have chance, and then you'd HAVE to RNG-hack it to be sure, or just try for luckiness. And she drops the Fell Contract, a very rare promotional item for Thieves ONLY.

Wow, did anyone else notice that these entries are getting longer every time? It's sorta weird, as I actually have less and less free time as these go on... I am I messed-up person.

That's all for now, but I'm almost halfway through the next level, so it should be forth-coming soon.


August 17th 2010

Chapter 29: Cog of Destiny

Okay, so I want to to get the boring stuff outta the way first here, so the differances include: Uhh, every single unit is different actually. Almost every single unit on the map is now a magic user of some sort. LOTS of Valkyrie and shaman/Druids. This is another one of those levels where you MUST play defensively, or you will be put to sleep, beserked, or silenced. Speaking of sleeping, I sent Florina out to the village onj the left to nab the warp staff (an essential item necessary to get the last secret shop), and when I got it, I accidentally sent her javelin back to Merlinus. Then of course, she was promptly put to sleep, and a veritable horde of shamans and Druids swarmed her 'till she couldn't escape even when she finally woke up. And right when she was about to lose her last bits of HP, I had a super righteous thought... Use a rescue staff! I've never used before, EVER!! So this was a revelution (I can't seem to spell that word) to me. I had to take it from Merlinus, but it was SO worth it. It saved Florina's butt and let me finish the chapter. I now fully advocate the use of rescue stves whenver you're in a tough spot.

What else? I got Lyn up to level 10,and she's already a bad-****. (Translation: **** = tush). Eliwood still rockes, but she's kinda sorta already mostly better than him. I still half-hate Oswin, because of his pathetic this skill this playthrough. And Raven/Rebecca are completely undefeatable. (Plus my magic users are way over-leveled).

Not much to say on this one, but note you get the iron rune, and that this is another great board for barrier staves/pure waters. I recommend at least two, if not three units who can use staves, and all of them equipped with a restore staff.

Lloyd is a push-over, just whack him with a falco-knight equipped with a javelin and you're good. Or just about any other unit for that matter.

Ehhh, that's about it. The next one might take awhile, but it's not really that hard of a chapter, so I should have the next post up by Sunday.

This is Kingboo3000 signing off for Let's play Hector's Hard Mode! Goodbye and thanks for reading!

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