!~Ike Solo Challenge~!

Yup, I'm back yet again, thanks to my awesome readers/commenters/peeps/uhhh... I really can't think of anything else awesome to call you, so let's just stick to thanks.

(Now with BOLD!)

Good morning starshine! The Earth says hello! This is my (I'm Kingboo300 in case you couldn't read.... Uhh, wait that doesn't work.... Oh! In case you're deaf. Yeah, that's it, we'll go with that. But worry not my deaf friends! My blog is perfectly dumbed down enough for you to handle. T, it's awesome.

Now, this is my record of my playthrough of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. The trick is, I can only use Ike, which as you can imagine, (unless you're one of those deaf people I mentioned) makes it very interesting. NOT nescessarily harder, (although it kinda does), but mostly just more entertaining to read about.


Kay, NOTE: These are not the commenting rules, I might do those eventually, but these are my rules for the specifics of the Ike Solo Challenge. Since you can't watch me play unfortunately, you'll just have to take my word about not breaking my own rules. So here we go.

  1. No characters apart from Ike may deal any damage.
  2. No using other characters as meat shields.
  3. I must always use the fewest number of units possible in any given level.
  4. Ike must get good "stat-ups".

Okay that last one is stupid but I REALLY need him to not suck!!-- That's all for now, once I get rolling I'll start listing the levels and my strategy on beating them.

Prologue: Mercenaries (Yes, I moved it, it was messing up my system.)

Ah, the first chapter. It's almost impossible to lose, don't you know. There's only one way, and it's to fight Boyd, and then Greil without using a vulnerary. Then you die, and Greil gives this really demeaning speech about Ike, and then the flaming GAME OVER screen pops up. It's really over-dramatic.

There aren't any changes between this and normal play, as you can only use Ike anyways. Just follow the instructions and you'll do fine.

Two nOtEs: I'm playing on Hard mode, yes, Hard mode. I heard from someone that playing the Ike solo challenge was actually easy, so I decided that for the best challenge, I would try it on hard mode. Also, I'm skipping all story cut-scenes and conversations in the game. I was planning on going through it fully again sometime, but when I do, I'll be using other characters and getting supports.

The levels:

Chapter 1: The Journey Begins (Or something-or-other as such)

Wow, I had to restart four, no five times for this chapter. According to my rules, none of my other units could deal damage in any way. So I had to hide them in the corner while Ike pwned all the baddies. But the problem was this: there was NO way I could get to the left-most village before it got destroyed without Ike getting super-ridiculously lucky. In fact, I had to funnel the enemies through a tunnel of my troops just to survive. But this isn't using them as meat shields, since they were never attacked. In any case, I whupped through the fighters and bandits and the occasional myrmidon. It's funny, the only way to win right now is to lure out a single enemy, finish him, retreat a bit, heal, rinse and repeat.

BiGo NoTo!: If you are trying to play an Ike solo challenge, whatever you do, do NOT watch the visiting tutorial if it asks. If you watch it, you will instantly melt into a pool of tapioca pudding!! That, or you might start out with only one iron sword versus five, which would be a huge problem, since you only get two-ish swords within the next few levels.

Chapter 2: Rescue (BTW, I have to use a bigger font for chapter names)

Ohhhhh.... I haaaaate this chapter............................................................................................................................................... Oh, I suppose I should probably be a little more specific. Okay, it's really hard with only Ike.


What?? You want MORE!?!? Greedy punks... Okay, there's a bloomin' horde a' fighters and pirates, the likes o' which you've seen a billion times. The problem is, Ike isn't good enough yet to slaughter them all without dying. This is a problem, because they seemed to gun for Ike early on in this chapter, and once the real threat passes, they decide Ike's too powerful, so they all gang up on Boyd/Oscar/Rhysifyou'redumbenoughtoexposehim.

Alright, there are two strategies here, kill all your teammates to make life easier, or try to keep them alive without having them attack. If you plan on attempting the former, this is a good chapter to start. Like I said, they'll start attacking other units, so just leave them lying around with no weapons and they'll eventually die. I'm personally trying to keep them alive, for no reason, just for fun, you know, the kind of fun that comes from not being dead. And such.

Otherwise, this chapter is similar to the previous ones, lure out Ike's foes one at a time, FINISH HIM!!!!!, and so on and so forth. The boss is really easy, if you just lure him to some grassy spot, he won't have a chance at even hitting you, and killing you? Not a chance. That's it, post again soon.

Chapter 3: Pirates Aground

Oh gosh, Ike solo challenge is getting kinda boooriiing.... All the enemies swarmed around Shinon (provoke) &r Gatrie. Since they can't attack, I had to go around, one by one, picking off the individual fighters and pirates. Unfortunately, Ike still can't own those dudes in one round, so each took two turns, with about 12 baddies, just the first section took about half-an-hour or so. Then the rest is easy peasy, just rush Ike up north, be careful, but don't worry too much. By this point, Ike should be able to take whatever these n00bs can dish out.

ElNote: Talk to Marcia to get her out of the way, unless you happen to be sucking, in which case you should leave her there for a while since all the enemies like to attack her.


And the boss? Ha! I checked, he actually has a lower hit than his lackies, he really shouldn't be hitting Ike, if he does, you are a veeeery unlucky deaf person.

These levels are boring me, I can't wait 'till I'm not forced to take all these next to useless units.

Chapter 4: Roadside Battle


Sorry, I just died a little bit. I was still trying to keep all my guys alive on this level, and then they chargeded. That was not fun, once again everyone swarmed Titania and Shinon, while Ike was forced to pick off the bad guys one by one.

Not really all that difficult, but veeerryy tedious.

Is there anything else to say? Just have Ike kick butushka. Next.

Chapter 5: Flight!

I am FINALLY back! I have been uber busy recently, but I found some time, so woo! I hope someone still reads this!

Also, this is where Ike's journey becomes interesting... And by interesting, I mean all of units died except for Titania, Gatrie, and Ike. And there was almost nothing I could do about it, I had to bring them all, and since there is no fighting allowed for them, the baddies swarmed, and got slaughtered.

Yeessss! Now Ike can go around destroying EVERYTHING!! With no annoyances from his teammates! Unfortunately, with fog of war on (hard mode only), there was no way I could've defeated the boss and grabbed his stat-up item. So I was forced to slug it out with obscene amounts of soldiers, and for the first time.... Cavaliers! Fun!

NoteeeeL: Ike became lv 20 sometime during this battle. Yeah, I know, scary. Chapter 5 and we already have a 20.

LeeeetoN: Ike. Is. Invincible. With a def of... What, 15? And str of 16 or 17. Not to mention speed in the 18s. Luck is doing excellent as well, and his hit points are doing surprisingly sweetish. Even resistance is good, mages are "Ting, NO DAMGAGE"ing offa him! Although, his skill is somewhat surprisingly low. Only 13, which is ooookay, but for Ike, he usually maxes this easily. Thank goodness for bonus xp and uppers (stat-up items).

Chapter 6: A Brief Diversion

Okay, so I don't suppose you remember me mentioning that Ike is level 20, do you? You do? Wow, no earless here.

I reminded you becaaauuse... NowIkehasnoreasontocontinuefightingeveryguyontheboardandshouldconsolidatehistimebytakingononlythenescessary dudes. Also, he should be running out of swords pretty soon.... Which is veeerry baadd.

So on this level I just snuck up to the guy on the left, took him out, and ploughed through as fast as possible. I got to the boss, but after I killed him, another guy took his place (this is an escape mission), killed him, another took his place. This went on until the only guys near Ike had ranged attacks, and they were stupid enough to block it anyway.

Here's a diagram:

Archer ------------ Archer

Ike ----------------

Mage Escape Javelin dude

Silly doofies.

Chapter 7: Shades of Twilight (Evil, that is)

YAAAAAY!!!! Titania is DEAD!! Finally! And, after transferring some swords to Ike, Mia died as well!! How fantastical.

Also, Gatrie tromped in on turn 5 or so, sat around and did nothing, and got killed by a mage. So, lots of death = yay!

Ike would REALLY like that treasure over there... I realized too late that this is the chapter where you're supposed to sacrifice the other members of your team, I could NOT get Ike over to the chest before the thief steals everything. I managed to kill the thief after the fact, but I got a barrier staff (useless) instead of the miracle scroll (priceless). I'm actually really bummed about missing that, I was seriously considering using it on Ike to give him a second chance if he gets really unlucky.

Unfortunately, some swords were still lost with the death of Titania and Mia. I'm kinda nervous that I'm gonna run out of sword uses, and then promptly start crying.... So yeah.

Comment you all soon! <== That was a lie, right there

Chapter 8: Despair and Hope

Okay, I gotta let you guys in on a tiny little secret... MtaRidley bet me that above ALL other chapters in this game, this is the one I wouldn't be able to beat. He now owes me five bucks.

Now I only have Ike! YESSS! This makes my life soooo much easier. Plus, now I get to use the BASE! w00t! It makes storing items a billion and eleventy-six times easier. I think I mentioned this, but Ike's now level 20, so I don't really have to fight anybody unless it's required by the mission goal. This is something that I realized with great effect about two turns into the madness and chaos that is Chapter eight. I just plunked Ike's flat butt on the defend space, and... Nothing. At all. I unequipped him of his sword, and just sat there.

Heh... Hehehhaahhaahaaaaaaa!!!! Oh, this level just cracks me up. I just sat there whilst the vile hordes of monotone warriors swarmed me. AND THEY DIDN'T TOUCH ME. I am FRSRS. Only one baddie hit Ike the whole chapter, right at the end, too. I think I killed about three guys before I realized the idiocy of doing anything. I was running low on swords, and I thought I was going to run out entirely, but thanks to my uber-cheap strategy, I got away scot-free!... You know, I feel bad for all the Scotts in the world as people generally think it's a good thing to be without them. Poor dudes.

So if you're playing through this level and somehow don't have Ike at level 20 yet, go ahead and kill as many baddies as possible, but I honestly cannot see how you could manage that.

That's all for now! Stay tuned, and hopefully I won't desert you for 2 months again this time!

Special: Ike-ish Info update

Ike's stats: HP: 32, Str: 16, Mag: 7, Skl: 13 (Blecchh), Sp: 19, Lck: 9, Def: 14, Res: 12 (Whaaat!)

His stats aren't amazing, but overall, they're pretty good, except his Skill! Which started so high, but once it hit thirteen, it just wouldn't go up! But I got EPIC Resistance! You wouldn't believe how many mages have "*ting* No damage!"ed Ike.

The ONLY skill I have right now is Counter... Whaaa... So that's what Ike is using.

I currently have a single forged sword, "DoucheSlayer". Hehe.... Plus my regal sword and a bunch of irons.

That's all folks! I'll post these updates when I deem it nescessary.

Chapter 9: Gallia

Wow, gotta say, this is the most challenging one I've come across yet! I had to try this level about 8 times, but then, most of those because I screwed up the first couple steps, and I actually managed to kill Ike....

The only way I was able to get to the houses before them getting destroyed by the stuuuupid pirates was to use Mist and Rolf as bait. (After taking their vulneraries, of course. XD) I just barely defeated the first pirate in time, and I get to the first house all proud and epic-feeling, and then I get a restore staff. Fuuuuuuudge. Oh well, I can resell it for about a thousand or two. But the top village! That's the one worth pillagin! A talisman! Yes! Almost as helpful as any of the other stat-boosters!

But I digress, it is helpful. Anywho, I need to address the issue of my partner characters. Lethe and Mordecai kinda killed about six or seven guys, and there really wasn't anything I could do about it. In my defense, I told the to AVOID enemy contact, but those idiotic baddies charged after them anyway. Mordecai got killed, but I let Lethe live so I could sell her BeorcGuard for 2000-ish. But then of course I get 20000 gold at the end of the chapter anyway. By the way, as soon as the game will let you forge Steel swords, DO SO. Level 19+ are almost impossible without them.

I had to kill almost everyone on this board. Plus, the boss was kinda tricky as well. But the real pains are the knights, I can't really kill them without a forged weapon or my regal blade, so I'm in a real pickle. I'm really hoping for a nice armorSlayer or somethin along those lines soon.

Thassal, get ready for a nightmare!

Chapter 10: Prison Break

First things first, Volke. According to my rules, you can hire him! Also according to my rules, you can't bring him in even if you do! So I declined his offer. BEWARE: You need all the door/chest keys you can get your hands on, so if you have any left, bring them.

So yeah, did you know you can play this level like a stealth mission? See, somehow on my first (and second) playthrough, I missed that little fact. See, the key is not being within range of any of the patrolling guards at the end of your turn. This is actually quite difficult, espescially if you want to recuse the prisoners. I, for some strange reason, didn't feel particularly urged to do so. Therefore, I played the stealth mode, bypassed all the guards, (and the chest on the right, (I didn't have a door key, and all it gives you is a lousy Statue Frag)), but I still killed the boss and his two archer guards.

I highly recommend at least attempting the stealth mode, first of all, you get a ton of BXP, which you can use to level up Ikie-poo quickly later on in the game. Second, you only have to fight three guards! Which greatly impoves Ike's efficiency.

I can't give you an exact walkthough of the guards movement patterns, but I can say that it's a lot easier only doing it with one guy.

Soon to come, Chapter 11! I've finally caught up to where I am in-game! w00t!

Chapter 11: Blood Runs Red

Oooh, creepy title... And it probably deserves it too, this was a tricksy level. I managed to get through it in my first real attempt, but to get the first part right I had to restart almost five times. (>)__(<)

In case you didn't know, there are three visitable houses in this chapter. They give you a killer lance, some staff, and most importantly, a DracoShield. Now, unless you have a wealth of meatshields (allies) or some secret weapon, the only one you can get to is... *Drumroooooll...* The DracoShield of course! That is very lucky for us, as the two extra defense is enormously helpful, and you should use it as fast as possible. Unless of course you somehow managed to get Ike's Def above 18... In which case you're a cheater. A deaf cheater. (Deaf is my go-to insult because it's not really offensive since you guys can't hear me anyway.)

Anyway, run through this chapter! If you don't, you will be annihilated you will not have a very good chance of survival. As the Black Knight decides to come chasing after in a few rounds. I say as long as you have defense in the 16-ish range, you should just ignore all the ranged attackers, including the boss. He could only do three damage to me, and I just didn't have the time to deal with him.

I'm very sad though..... Even with Ike's 14 Res, the mages are all doing one way too much damage. See ya!

Chapter 12: A Strange Land


I believe we all remember this as the annoyingly easy filler chapter with the horde of ravens. Am I right? In any case, this made it an incredibly easy level for Ike. He only took one or two damage from any of the normal crows, and the boss would've done six, but thanks to Jill's ever-so-helpful laguz-guard (assuming you didn't kill her last chapter), everyone on this level does half damage!

I recommend just plunking Ike in a spot where he can be attacked on at least three sides, and waiting. Let the evil ravens come to him. Also, once Jill comes over to help, let her talk to Ike, then take her laguz-guard, unequip her lance, and have her fly to the upper-left corner.

The obisidian birdies on this level have a plethora of helpful goodies they're just aching to hand over to you, so beat 'em into a pulp, and they'll hand over all their stuff! Here's a list of all the items I can remember:

  • Secret Book <=== YES! Yesyesyesyesyesyes!! I needed some more of these with only 13 Skill!
  • Secret Book <=== ......Truly, I am blessed.
  • Seraph Robe <== Do you get why Ike loves this level yet?
  • 'Nother Robe <== Beware: Ike's HP cannot go higher than 40 before his promo! I didn't know this (as I always get sucky HP growths with him...) and I accidentally used it when he had 39 HP, and I forced myself to restart the level.
  • COIN! <=== Guess what?? These are useless unless you plan to transfer this data to Radiant dawn.
  • coin... <=== Yep, another useless coin.
  • Laguz Stone <=== You guessed it, useless, but it's worth 2000-ish gold, so nab it anyway.
  • Red Gem <=== Worth lotso cash. Sell this.

Ehhh, that should be it, good luck!

Chapter 13: A Guiding Wind

Whaaaaa!! This level sucks eggs. Without an accomplice, there's no way Ike can get to the Occult scroll, the energy drop, or even the speed wing before the shtuuupit ravens steal 'em. I mean, I don't really care about the speedwing, but an energy drop would be invaluable right now. I tried various strategies, including killing all the enemies around Ike and then dashing, but that didn't work because it took too long, and then the other static units started charging too. Bah.

Strategy two involved plunking Ike on the Defend space after recruiting Astrid and then having her nab some treasure. But I only managed to talk to her once without losing the mission, and then I quickly noticed that her survivability is akin to that of a gnat. Sooo...

STRAGETY NUMBER THREE!! *Sigh* Have Ike sit on the defend space and unequip his weapons so he doesn't waste cash. Bah humbug.

Roll the next post, Steven!

Chapter 14: Training

YESSSS.... I win. I had to try it a few times, but this level is totally do-able. You really want to hit the top two houses, as they hold a secret book, (as if you didn't have enough of these), and a vantage scroll. You want this, you don't get nearly enough skills when playing an Ike solo challenge, and this is one of the best ones he can get, period. Just follow the following extremely detailed, painstakingly specific, and highly luck oriented instructions EXACTLY and you should be able to get there JUST in time.

Bull-rush 'em.

Yep, ignore the bottom house as it only contains a spirit dust. (I know how badly you want to pwn with a sonic sword, but trust me, it's not worth it.) And charge. I would equip at least a forged iron sword until you get both treasures, as you may not otherwise be able to take down all the n00b5 in one go. After that, just run over to the boss, but be WARNED: The boss has a killer axe that has the possibility to OHKO Ike if he has anything but high HP.

I would keep the Laguz-guard equipped from here on out, as it'll help against those darned feral creatures. Laguz are some of the only baddies capable of harming Ike at full power with Ragnell equipped. But unless you're planning to totally abuse Bonus Experience, you might want to use the Knight band later to up your chances of getting the essentials. That's it though, good luck, and happy hunting! BTW, this secret book raises my Skl to 19. Boooooyah.

A last query for you, should I plow through the Laguz and try to get all the bonus experience from not killing them, or should I go around and try to find the treasure? Vote now!

Chapter 15: The Feral Frontier

Hey, finally back at it! And I'm itching for a good fight! (In game)

Yeah, well, I didn't get it. This is a really easy level. And there are two distinct ways of going about it.

  1. Charge straight for the boss and KO him before you accidentally kill any of the other Laguz for epic-style bonus experience. Unfortunately, this means you get no treasure, no vague Katti, and practically nil normal experience, but if you still need normal experience at this point, you're doomed.
  2. Take out everything on the board and go around collecting all the items.

I took the second approach, as I already have 2240 BEXP, which is not quite enough to completely finish off Ike, but still fairly adaquate. Make sure you have Jill's laguz guard equipped the entire time, it cuts all damage taken from da' beasties in half.

There is a plethora of items on this chapter, so I think I'll list them for referance.

  • one space right of the bottom-left hand corner* You'll retrieve a Guard scroll. Not mondo helpful, as the two skills I recommend are Vantage and Resolve, or Aether, if you don't mind taking a chance.
  • another one space right of the left side, about in the middle vertically* !DING! You find the best weapon attainable in-game thus far! The Silver Blade... ~~ooooKingboo3000 A massive 17 Mt makes this worth saving for the dread "Day Breaks" chapter.
  • There's a coin near where you start, I didn't bother with it as it's only use is getting you one dollar. (Unless you're planning to transfer over this data to Radiant Dawn, which you should NOT do.)
  • Above and slightly to the right of the arched ruins near the top* GET THIS ITEM. They give Ike two extra movement, look like boots and definitely smell like boots, guess what? They're Boots.
  • There's a physic staff that I missed around the middle. Not really very valuable. But you could sell it if you're low on cash.
  • Ditto with the Statue Frag in the lower right corner, not helpful at all, but fairly priced fo' sho'.
  • Nab the White gem for some serious cash. It's in one of the two spaces on the very right-hand side, and two or three from the top.
  • Last, but certainly not least.... The Vague Katti. And now, a whole 39 seconds after you read about the Silver Blade, it has been replaced with this epic sword. Very high Mt. (I remember exactly), high accuracy, but most important, it has the crit of a killer weapon. An all-n-all amazing sword. Unfortunately, Ike can't use it until he promotes and gets his S rank in swordsmanship.

Here's a link to a handy-dandy map for locating all the items:

I also highly recommend bringing your Laguz Slayer along. It's not really nescessary, but it could be helpful for getting out of tricky situations, and the boss (Muarim) is rather tricksy without it.

Gaaah! I almost forgot! My good friend MtaRidley was over and I forced him to play this level for me. Don't worry, he followed all the rules, and did a great job... Possibly better than my run.... Demo anyway, thank you Mta, and a joyous Fire Emblem filled day to you all!

Chapter 16: The Atonement

Still not hard enough.... Ghaa... Hah, hooo... Hack. *Dying for a challenge*

With Ike, you can just plow through this chapter, plus, there are only two tempting treasures on the whole board. The only thing you need to worry about is the blasted thief. On turn 5 (8 for normal or easier), a thief will appear on the left end of the board. He will then proceed to steal ALL the treasure in the top left room (don't worry, a Full Guard is no help, and the Killer Lance is unusable). He will also try to nab any treasure left in the middle room. Make absolutely sure you pilfer the treasure in the bottom left chest of the middle treasure room. It contains yet another coveted DracoShield. Of similar helpfulness, the leftmost chest in the upper-right room contains an Ashera Icon. Plus, the Halberdier in that room carries a Chest Key 2/2, which is very helpful if you're fresh out.

A good strategy here is to rush to the middle room, taking out mages along the way if it's convient, and lie in wait for the thief. If you KO him, you'll get a Full Guard, which you can sell for another 4000 G. Then, start hacking away at the troops on the right/middle side until you can nab the Ashera Icon. Then make sure you're fully healed, and smash through the meager guard at the top o' the screen. Watch out, the boss has a spear. Just, don't stand two spaces away. Please.

Ike's Fashion Corner! Ehh... Yeah, so here goes:

With the new bonuses, Ike's stats are as followed. HP: 49 <== One away from max!

Str: 16 <== Just a bit too low for my tastes.

Mag: 8 <== Meh, but who needs it? My last Ike had 16 Mag by the end.

Skl: 19 <== Epic, but only thanks to numerous Secret books.

Spd: 19 <== 19/20 naturally, nuff said.

Lck: 11 <== Not good enough, it's only that high thanks to two Ashera Icons

Def: 18 <== Mwahahahahaaaa.

Res: 12 <== Wholly acceptable. Not high enough for '*Ting* "No Damage"'s, but he won't get destroyed by mages.

Level 20, occasionally using a laguz-guard, and weilding primarily iron swords. But also freely using Steels when needed. I will only use forged weapons when I absolutely must for either survival, or to get some schaweet item.

And I still have a Seraph robe lying in wait for my class up, so I'm really hoping to max out his HP.

Plus, I don't have enough BEXP, and I've almost used up my regal blade. Yaaaay! I do have one Arms scroll left though. And I am currently using the tried and true -Vantage++Guard- skill combo. But I'm hoping to switch to the -Vantage++Resolve- combo to take down the Black Knight.

I just realized! That last section had nothing to do with fashion at all! Thank God. Erm, I mean... Too bad, I guess I forgot. You'll just have to cross your fingers for next time.

Guess what? It's time the Dreaded DB! Also known as:

Chapter 17: Day Breaks Stg 1

This is the time when normal people would stick their foot in their giant mout for complaining about not having enough challenge in past levels. But, as I'm sure you've all figured out by now, I am by no means 'normal'. But I will say this:

Thank the lemons. A REAL CHALLENGE THIS IS!

Okay though, the first stage isn't that crazy, just a bunch of overly powerful guys you have to mow down. No real strategy here except hide in a bush and let your crazy countering buddy slaughter everything. With the occasional use of a vulnerary. I also highly recommend bringing an antitoxin. (Did he just say antitoxin?!? That worthless piece of junk that no one except the die-hard non-cleric users make use of??) Yes, that one. There are a veritable plethora of venin edges, bows, and axes, and while these weapons have a great chance of *Ting*ing, their poison will eventually inflict more damage than most enemies on this level.

Take a smidge of care with the boss, as he has a Killer Lance, AKA, Ike's arch nemesis. Also, be sparing with your vulneraries and weapons, you'll have to make these last for three more chapters. Good luck.

Chapter 17: Day Breaks Stg 2

This stage, at any other point in the game, would be a piece of cake. Just have Ike dash straight to the finish, exchanging self-preservation and safety for a quick, efficient win. But when coupled with the fact the you don't get to deliver any items to Ike...... It could be tricky. It's still by far the easiest of the Day Breaks stages, but it could get annoying.

This is also the stage where I started to 'cheat'. I brought in Jill for the sole purpose of giving Ike some items, and then flying off to an isolated spot in the forest. I ended up not really having any opportunity to transfer the goods, so she did absolutely nothing. Sorry for this, but I don't think it's possible to get through the entiriety of Day Breaks without getting some fresh weapons and vulneraries.

Chapter 17: Day Breaks Stg 3

Okay, this is where Day Breaks gets really interesting. Ike now has to carry Leanne for the remainder of the last two sections, and this severely reduces his speed and accuracy (by half, to be exact). And this mission (which is a survival: 10, if you're wondering) would be nigh-impossible without my discovery of this great little hidey-hole in the middle of the top edge of the board. Once I noticed it, I basically just plunked Ike there and de-equipped him of all weapons so he wouldn't waste any uses. And I sat there, and sat there, and sat there some more.

I got pretty lucky, I didn't even need to use a single vulnerary. I had a Myrmidon in front who couldn't touch me, (he hit, but no damage), two archers that attacked with similar results, and a wind mage that did 2 dmg a round. Ike ultimately took the most damage from the toxins of the venin bow one of the archers were using. Here's a diagram, hope it works this time:







Axe dude

Wind Mage

‘Nother Mage

I highly recommend doing this (or something similar) on any Ike solo challenge you attempt.

And I'd like to close in saying that I've tried the last one a couple times, but it is BY FAR the most difficult. Hope to post soon, cause that'll mean I beat it. w00ts and rum, see you all another tum. *Ouch, that joke physically hurt.*

Chapter 17: Day Breaks Stg 4


Wipes tear from eye* Oooohh... Hah, I in no way apologize for that demented laughter. It was completely warranted. I half despise, half love this chapter. It's the first real challenge I've had since very near the beginning. I had to give it four or five real tries, meaning 30+ minutes of fail. In addition, I had to restart the first bit about 15 times to just get the basic strategy ironed out. And when I finally got a lull in combat, I only had 3/39 HP left, and two uses of a vulnerary. I was doooooomed. But I loaded up a Pure Water and charged into the fray, hoping that somehow Ike would be able to smash all the way through to the giant Gasbag, also known as Duke Tanas.

And that, is when I broke out in a crazed laugh, because that is exactly when the Hawks burst onto the scene. I had completely forgotten about them, but it was a stroke of sheer, blind luck that they did. I was not doing well enough to win, but those Tibarn PWNS! He didn't take a hit the entire chapter, and Ulki survived well enough, but Janaff managed to kill himself, which I assume means I won't get him. Booooo-hooooo.

So here's the strategy that finally won it:

Bring in a human (no laguz, they might deal damage) carrying a forged steel weapon (preferably with higher than average HIT), a normal steel sword, a pure water, and enough vulneraries to fill Ike back up to max capacity. Have Ike wait around by the reinforcement point until he gets his items, then push through over to the hidey hole on the right side of the board. Alternatively, you could also run towards the bush down south, but it's harder to get to, and more foes can hit you.

Then, ehh, I dunno..... Survive? Equip your best weapon and try to live through it. You have to take out the evil General and Javelin-wielding Paladin as fast as possible though, they (espescially the mounted one) will annihilate Ike's HP. If you have any elixers left, this is the time to bring them out. I didn't, don't, and won't, so I couldn't. Does that make any sense? After that, I do not recommend playing Ike's solo challenge on Hard unless you're a seasoned veteran in the fire-emblem realm. And not to toot my own horn, but uh, a-toots mah-gloots. (I honestly have no idea what that means.) Seriously though, I was super-ultra lucky, it is hhhhhhaaaaaarrrddd.... So have fun BDL!

Well, that's about it for that, now for the fun stuff... (Devious)_(Devious)

Ike's Super Awesome Upgrade Depot

Or ISAUD, for short.

Sooo.... I decided to have some fuuuun.... And I leveled up Ike up to level 12 using only Bonus Exp. Hehehehhh...... Ike got some pretty good growths... Too many dot-dot-dots.....

I think it would be easiest just to show you his stats after the fact, so here we go again:

HP: 60 <=== Muhhahahahahaaa.

Str: 26 <=== Bwaha.

Mag: I don't remember, wah. Let's go with 12 <=== Not really helpful, but still, 12 is 12.

Skl: 27 <=== If you're counting, that's his third maxed stat.

Spd: 29 <=== Maxed oooouuuuuutttt.... Nuff said.

Lck: 13-ish <=== Ehhh... Wish it was better, but it's still better than I usually get with Ike.

Def: 25 <=== Yeah, life ain't fair.

Res: 18 <=== Shouldn't be possible, I know.

You add all that to 9 movement, a excellent skill-pool, and Ragnell (which I don't actually have yet), this guy will be unstoppable. And remember, he has 8 levels left to boost up his Lck and Res.

By the way, I used my Arms Scroll on Ike (who else?) to get him up to an A rank. I assume he'll be S rank within a couple missions.

That's all for now, stay tuned for more idiocy.

Chapter 18: Crimea Marches!

Okay, yes, MtaRidley, (because I know you'd point this out anyways), there is no exclamation point. But it just makes the whole chapter name flooooww... You know what I mean?.... Nooo...? Not surprising, I'm not sure I do.

I have one word for this chapter. Bwaahaha. It was stupidly, moronically, idiotically pitifully easy. And if you read the ISAUD section, you should be able to surmise why. I decided to look through the enemies' stat pages, (as I often do) and with a precious few exceptions, all of the noobses' attack are below my defense... Hehehaaaa. Even the normally irksome mages were *ting*-ing off of him. I believe I took a total of 11 damage for the entire stage. Sigghh... These are the times that try mens' souls. The little red souls of the Daein army, that is.

That's abooouuu-wait! I just renenenemmnrrbererd, the chests in this level are USELESS. So unless you have a spare 20 or so chest keys, ignore them. Two staves and a wrath scroll, to be precise on the contents. Okay, fine, the wrath scroll isn't useless, but it's not the best choice for Ike since you won't be getting crits on the final-ish bosses anyways. And unless you find a way to use the Vague Katti throughout the rest of the playthrough, you won't have a powerful enough killer-type weapon to justify the added critical hit bonus Wrath provides.

One last thing, the ravens are NOOBS! And I reeeeaally enjoying destroying them. That and I got 2 more levels with Luck being the only stat increase for both. But I can live with that, as the only other useful one is Res at this point. I had about 95 exp at the end of the match, so I was able to use the last scraps of my BEXP to get one more level with both Luck and Resistance. Which brings it up to 19! Whaaaaat! Does anyone know what his Resistance max is, by any chance? (And Yes, I ended this segment with a question. ......waaaaiiit....)

Chapter 19: Entrusted

I'm back once again to write, complain, and rant about Ike's hard mode solo challenge. And guess what? This level was even easier than the last one! Strategy? Run, run, runrunrunrunrun and run some more! Just equip an iron sword and make mucho speedo (not the swimsuit company, you weidos) for the boss. You really don't want to stop for any reason, and my Ike's NINE makes this even easier. Just because I love that number so much, I'm going to say it in as many languages as I know how: Nine, 9(Decimal), 1001(Binary), 9(Hexidecimal), Kyuu(Japanese), Nueve(Spanish)... Yeaaaaup. That's it. NIiiiiineeee........

Oh yes, just avoid Naesala. Even with Ike, my Ike, my practically perfect Ike, I would have to be extremely cautios in taking him down. Almost all his stats are better than mine, and I could only beat him using one of my forged steel swords. Just, don't try it.

One more thing, I leveled up mid-battle and managed to nab Magic, Luck, and Resistance. See? I'm just lucky like that. So unless you has lotso super luck like I apparently do, DON'T FIGHT NAESALA.

Soyup, that's it. See you guys later.

Chapter 20: Defending Talrega

Wooooot!!! I hate this level. I never minded it too much before, but the hordes of Wyvern Knights makes this extremely painful. Especially since you can't kill them with an iron sword (which I still use because they're cheap, have a ton of uses, and can still kill most enemies in one combat turn), and a bunch of them have javelins, which makes them major pests without Ragnell. (Which, unless you happen to hack PoR, is kind of impossible)

At first I went for the scroll in the topmost housing structure. And then I got completely surrounded by Kraken-feed, had to hack my way out, and end up failing the mission.

ELNOTE: Specifically, I killed Shiharam with my very last use of the Silver Blade I was packin', not realizing that other wyvern knights could just fly into the ARRIVE space...... *aarrrrhhgg!! Stupid, stupid, STUPID!!*

I did much better on my second try, not only did I replace the Silver Blade with something less powerful (but with *!*MORE USES*!*), I also forgot about the stupid "Smite" skill. Yeah, I was gonna sell it fo' some good cash, but get this... I happens to have 140,000 gold. Yeeeeaaahh.... So that wasn't reaaaally totally necessary.... Lastly, I managed to clear out most of the *ugh...* Wyvern Knights *blech* around the boss, so they weren't able to get past Ike and occupy the ARRIVE space. For those of you who have followed since my HHM playthrough, this has got me reminiscing about our fun times with the Dreaded Pegasus Knights from the unnamed-place.

Quick Ike-info update:

I recently earned some BEXP, so I took the opportunity to use the glitch, and... Guess what? Ike's Resistance cap is 22. I'll bet you'll never figure out how I know.

ArcNote: His Luck is finally presentable. It's 21, in laymen's terms. YAYAYAYAYAAHEEYY!!! This was realllllly Iking me. (Get it? Iking?.... Yeah, I know....) *~*

Notes NOTE:

Yeah, if you hadn't noticed, I've been using various types of NOTES over my past 2 1/2 blogs. They've been more or less random weirdness mixed in with Fire Emblem references. Sooooo.... I've decided to define them here so that they are more organized, clear, and actually mean something. So here:

(Capitalized) *NOTE* --- A note about the current topic, something I probably should've just included in the main paragragh but decided to make special NOTE of.

(italics) *ELNOTE* --- A note specifically oriented towards strategy tips.

(Underlined) *ArcNote* --- Something that you should read if you're interesting any of the items recently mentioned. Alternatively, I may use this to give info on the location of items in the current chapter.

(Italics + Underlined) *ArcNotel* --- A tip about an item that affects your strategy. e.g. a good sword to use, as opposed to a good sword to go nab.

(Link to the enemy's page) *FoNote* --- A note concerning a particularly tough enemy, often bosses.

(Bold) *UberNote* --- Something of EXTREME importance. I will use this in conjunction with other Notes, such as an UberArcNote. Or an UberELNote.


(Italics) *JokeNote* --- Knock knock! Who's there? I eat mop. Ieatmopwho?


I'm not sure if that was enough.... HA! Shoulda put a JokeNote here. Or not. That probably wasn't funny. Nope, not even a little bitty bit. Nope.

That's all for now! Stay tuned for more updates!

NOTE: Comments motivate me. So seriously, if you want more blog, TELL ME.

NOTE: Also, from now on, everyone has to write // at the beginning of every line, or put /* at the beginning, and */ at the end.

P.S. That last NOTE was actually a JokeNote in disguise. Sneaky punk, isn't he? But if you're into programming, please feel free. AND THAT'S REALLY IT. GOODBYE. (You know, for now and stuff) *~*

Chapter 21: Without a King

Again, a surprisingly tough and annoying chapter. Still, it only took one try. (It wasn't THAT hard)

ELNOTE: 'The idea here is to just march through, avoiding as many of the baddies as possible. I skipped the mini-boss even. <?>Why bother</?> Recruit Tauroneo if you feel like it. I did, as he can give Ike a nice Silver Blade.

Oh, and you shou-

ArcNote: What the heck!!?? The notes are auto-correcting me!! It's like watching Terminator from the first-person..... eep. Anyway, make sure sure to bring some strong weapons here, preferably forged Steel stuff, as that has pretty good durability, and still packs a mighty punch.

The swords are for the boss mostly. Most of the guys on this board are absolute jokeNotes. 90% of them can't even damage Ike, and the 1 out of 10 that could can't ever seem to hit him. Even the Generals go down in one round with a forged Steel. The boss, on the other hand....

FoNote: This chick is bad news. I mean, not really for you, but for an average or even exceptional Joe, she could be trouble. She also happens to be a Red Dragon Laguz..... Yeah. But that's not what makes her annoying. Even fully powered Ike takes at least two turns to take her down, and she has two auto-healing skills, plus she'll use an elixer whenever she reaches low-ish health. Precision tactics are required to take her down. (Or you could be stupid like me and just make her use all of her Elixer uses. heh)

Oh, and don't forget to grab...

UberArcNotel: The Brave Sword is in the left chest, in the bottom-most middle room. This sword is epic, and you'll want it in endgame along with Ragnell and the Vague Katti. But don't bother with ANY of the other stuff, it's all worthless to you at this point.

I think that about covers everything. Post a comment below telling me whether you prefer my usual random ramblings, or this more-organized-random-rambling. Thanks for reading, and see you on the web.

Chapter 22: Solo

Ha, haheheheehahahoorf. This is impossible. I'm serious here, it's completely impossible to get through this level without killing any of the priests/bishops. Unless of course, you use your brain, plan ahead, and brind your sonic sword that you've saved for the whole game just to perfectly execute this level. None of which I did. Soo, I actually ended up killing both the main Bishop dude, *name, escaping.... MIND!!* and a random priestly character.

ArcNotel: I suppose this deserves special notice then... Bring a sonic sword. Yes, I already said it, and I'm too lazy to go back and change it now to better reflect the current state of blogginess. So you're stuck with it now. Muhaha.avoiding

ElNote: As for Strategy, uhhh..... Hmm, well, I'd just dash down the center corridor. Slaying Sparing all the poor delicious innocent curates. (Woo! Obscure Fire Emblem class reference FTW!) Make good use of shove if you feel like sparing the priestly ones. But the only reward is BEXP, and the Ashera staff if you manage to save ALL of them. (Which I usually do, just not in Ike's solo challenge.)

FoNote: The boss was easy slice-of-cake-sauce peasy. Sure, he had a killer axe, but with only 23 Hit, and equivalent Crit, he wasn't much threat. Espescially when his Critical hit would deal less than half of Ike's total HP.

ArcNote: Well, there IS a Spirit dust..... But unless you plan on spamming the Rune Sword to death....

JokeNote: Didn't think I'd ever use this, didga? Well I showed you! So there, eat them beans! Hahaheheheeh, yeah.

Ayup, that's all for now, next TIME! The dreaded dread bridge of dreadful dread! It'll be... Well, DREADFUL.

Chapter 23: The Great Bridge of Fuuuuuudge

Yo. I was taking a break from everything for awhile, so sorry for abondoning you guys. Anyway, this level sucks sunflower seeds. Pits GALORE! So if you just so happen to enjoy randomly falling into dank holes that end your turn and cast sleep on your face until the end of your turn, you're in for a treat.

And as for the title, that's what you'll be throwing out every time you fall into a death pit. Trust me. Anyway, it's rather boring other than that, though.

ElNote: Just plough through, try to avoid obvious spots for traps. In other words, go the long way around. But I'm not nice enough to tell you where are the pits are, because if I had to suffer through it, so should you.

FoNote: ...........Pfffft.

Aaaand, that's it! What, rip off you say? Well, it's a horrible, nasty, gip-noofin', tal-pootin' level of chunky milk. Better? No? Well, go eat a banana or something.

Oh, and don't worry, I don't count the 5 NPC's are cheating, there's no way to avoid them butting in, even if you could manage to zip over to Petrine before they arrived, they barely do anything anyway. So no worries. At all, seriously, don't worry about it. NO WORRYING HERE AT ALL. NOT ONE BIT. Aaaand, boop.

Chapter 24: Battle Reunion... Of Doom

Hmm? What in the world am I hinting at with that bad attempt at dramatic flair? Oh nothing, really. Aaaanyway, this level's pretty straightforward. Ike has to 'Arrive' at the castle by turn 15, a feat that should be child's play to you (or me, and anybody really) at this point. I got there by turn 7 or so. I did visit the upper-right house, and netted a nice-DAnG iT! Arrghgh!!!!! I'm supposed to put that in a, uhhh... ArcNote?? Or are those just stupid?... Who knows, really?................ You.

ArcNote: Heh, right. So the upper-right house has a savior scroll... Yes. Useless. Pointless. But also worth 4000 gold. Which is also useless by the way. (Unless you seriously have no money)

ArcNote: Oh, more? Fine, there's another scroll in the bottom left corner too. I didn't get it, and I don't know for sure what it was, but I know it wasn't the resolve scroll (the only one I want at this point). I personally think the Vantage + Resolve combo is the best for beating the Black Knight. Although I can see using the Vantage + Guard combo simply because it's helpful for EVERYTHING else. Unfortunately, guard rarely activates when you need it to, so a more reliable one is generally preferable. Another good possibility, in fact, quite possibly the best combo for beating the Black Knight is the the Resolve + *insert name of skill that makes lethal blows deal half damage here*. Or you could always go with the old standby of Aether + *insert previous insert here*. Wow, this is a REALLY long ArcNote. And it's not even remotely about the item at hand either. Ugh, I'm pathetic.

ElNote: Erm, yeah, just rush it. There's really no reason to hang behind, in fact, if you do, the two NPC's that automatically come onto the board will undoubtably be killed. I rushed through it so fast that the baddies barely got two swings at them before I completed the victory condition. BTDubs, make sure to de-equip them, of everything. We wouldn't want them cheating on us, now would we?

Two more things:

Ichi (it's japanese, look it up, or just use common sense): You can forge Silver swords at the smithy now. Very helpful, but you'll be getting Ragnell in a few levels anyway, so forge a crazy powerful sword, give it a rockin' name, (Like Ragnarok or Gradius), and start swingin' with it, because it won't be helpful in a couple chapters. Also, this is a good time to start using your Vague Katti if you haven't already. It's a sweet blade, but keep at least one weapon with a decent crit rate for the Endgame, you'll thank yourself later.

Ni: The Black Knight shows up turn 6 or so. Ignore him, you STILL can't scratch the guy. Rrrrg. Don't worry though, you'll get your chance in one, two, maybe three chapters.

And that's it. Wow, real straightforward, huh? Until next time!

Chapter 25: Strange Lands

Men dokusei.... What a bother. This is another Rout mission, which are by far the most painful. After you run up the mountain, getting hit by miscellaneous boulders and ballistae, you have to go around and systematically slaughter the insolont, eh I mean annoying ranged attackers. You'll get a couple of items along the way, but nothing helpful, so I'd recommend just selling it all.

Watch out for the rolling boulders, they deal 10 damage each, regardless of your defense. This dealt quite a lick to me. Also, beware of the boss...

FoNote: GROMELL. This guys could pose a threat to Ike. I mean, my resistance is high enough that his attacks only dealt 4 damage. But usually, he'll take more damage, and since he attacks at range, and since he moves, (unlike Petrine) he's actually a threat.

Also, for fun. I recommend to run up the left side, then push down all the boulders, there's really no advantage to this, as the extra ten damage doesn't really help. At all. But it's good for the soul, or... Maybe my funny bone. Ah, same difference. Anyway though, really fun. It helps you get through this long and painful stage.

Nothing else. That's it. No more. All done. I mean it. We're done he-

Chapter 26: Cash Clash!


Chapter 27: Moment of- What?? More than one word? Fine, whatever. Have it your way.

Yeah, so as the one-word summary already stated, this level is horribly, awfully, disgustingly tasteless.... Erm, I mean difficult. I apparently cannot just recue Elincia as I'd originally hoped. (I dunno, Ike can't carry a whole pegasus or whatever.) And wow, this chapter name parody sounds a lot like a gameshow. So I tried just taking out everybody, espescially the bowmen, but that ended up with Ike running out of weapons and Elincia dying after a ridiculously long chase scene. That was not fun after an hour or so of watching Ike destroy minions of Daein. He got trapped by the hordes of enemies on the field, and could not get through to Betram (the boss) before his weapons ran out of juice.

Attempt number three (counting the fail I talked about in the comments): I let Ike kill a few Warriors, but then de-equipped him and led the rest of them (along with a battalion of Paladins, Generals, Laguz, and Swordmasters) around the battlefield until nearly every unit was following me, leaving only a single Dragon Master (or whatever they're called in this game) to pursue Elincia (wasn't scratched, BTW). I eventually got Ike over to Bertram, equipped the Vague Katti, switched the animations on, and reveled in Ike's awesome crit. Next turn seize.

ArcNotel: Use the Vague Katti along with any other forged silvers you have, leave at least a killing edge or something for endgame, and try not to use up much of the brave sword either.

FoNote: Bertram, is a douche. He has ranged weapons that leech your life (magically, so watch out if you have low Res), and Ike can't 2KO him, so he'll use his elixir(3/3) well. Not even the brave sword can, eh, 4KO him, so you'll have to rely on the Vague Katti, or just drain him of all his Elixirs, but I much prefer the former with Elincia running for her life on the other side of the board. Now, if you're smart enough to dump a bunch of swords on Elincia, you could feasably defeat all enemies on the board, but that never occured to me until just now. Enjoy.

ElNote: My advice on this level? Don't even try it. But if you're crazy (ABOUT FIRE EMBLEM!!! WOOO!!!!) like me, follow my tips above, trust me, it's not easy.

Hey, did you know you can insert your signature at the end of these too? I didn't.

Kingboo3000, the DarkMatter Alchemist 19:59, August 8, 2011 (UTC)

Chapter 27: Moment of Fa-... *Aggghh, must.... Resist.... Fart joke... Egh.*

HoooEE. This level suuuuuuuuuuuuucks. With an uncapitalized "u", you know, because the word doesn't even start wi-, yeah you know. Anyway, so not fun. This is the level in which you fight the Black Knight (from here on to be known as BK... Pffff, Burger King) and he's a giant douche. Seriously, Ike at maxed stats takes 19 damage from every hit, and 34 damage with a Luna. Ike on the other hand, can only deal 9. Now, before you lose hope (remembering that this is hard mode), Aether allows you to heal yourself and cut the BK's Def in half. Effectively SoLuna. A couple of these will take out the Black Knight, now bear in mind, the BK regenerates 6 HP every turn, so you'll only be doing a net 3 damage without Aether. You need Aether. Oh yeah, and Mist also shows up, along with 2 Halberdiers and Bishop (enemies, well, not Mist, but the others are). The bishop will heal the BK, so you need to take him out. Take him out with Mist if you can, and then use her to continually heal Ik- What? Oh yeah.... She's dead. In this playthrough, that is. That seriously tanks. Well then, RUN!!! I'm not joking, I couldn't even attempt to beat the BK on Hard without Mist. I do not like this, espescially because if you die in the BK fight, you have to go back to the main level (which I'll get to in a minute), and since I had a hard time in that level, like, REALLY not fun, I didn't want to try it again, so I just ran away. I'll beat him in my next playthrough, but for now, nuuupe. Trust me, 9 Damage a hit does not a BK killer make.

Okay, Main level, here we go.

I had to try this level about four times. Yuck. The first time I was playing with MtaRidley and we beat the main level, but then stupidly died on the boss fight. The 2nd and 3rd times I just experimented with possible routes, and eventually, the 4th time's the charm.

ElNote: Ehh, strategy... Hm.... Don't use Elincia. Done and done.

ArcNote: GET THE RESOLVE SCROLL. I mean, if you're using Aether, it's not really nescessary. But with any other skill combo, USE IT. It multiplies Ike's Strength, Skill, and Speed by 1.5 when his HP is less than halfway gone. This, combined with Vantage (my choice), or Wrath is instant death for all your Daein buddies.

FoNote: Hafedd... He's a little annoying, but his brave lance will only deal about 32 damage total, assuming you beat him in two combat rounds.

So yeah, you may or may not know this, but I brought Elincia into this level just to get Ike+Elincia's A support, she didn't DO anything, but I REALLY wanted that support. Anyway, that was horrible. Don't do it. Ever. She is really hard to keep alive. I fed her some BEXP, and she was pretty good at dodging, but you had to keep her largely out of harm's way.

Once I got to the BK fight, I engaged him once, just for kicks, and he got a Luna on me, so bye-bye! I ran the next turn. Have fun with this level! I SURE DIDn't!!!

Kingboo3000, the DarkMatter Alchemist 12:18, August 12, 2011 (UTC)

Chapter 28: The Twisted Tower

Whoa, I can align text to the right side! Psychedelic!

Soooo...... This level is really easy. I equipped Ike with the Laguz-Guard and Ragnell, and just ran through the level. Really nothing to it when playing Ike solo. Only dragons and Tigers could even scratch Ike, and then the tigers only dealt 1 damage, and the dragons 8. They finally managed to get me down to less than half HP, and that's when the real (wow, I seem to like bolding the word "real") fun began. I was 2KO-ing Dragons, and OHKO-ing pretty much everything else on the board thanks to Resolve's 1.5x damage boost. And hey, the extra speed let me double the ultra fast swordmasters, and I appreciated the sizable Crit bonus from the Skill.

ArcNotel: Uhh, use Ragnell. I mean, why not? It has the stats of a maxed-out silver sword, it has 2 range, unlimited uses, 2 range, and did I mention? IT HAS 2 RANGE. Other than that, maybe take a rune sword, just for fun, anything is next to useless. Oh, and also, Ragnell has.... a +5 Defense bonus. Ha, you thought I was gonna say something about the range, heh, I am super sneaky.

The boss uses ranged magic, so if you're weak to that kind of thing, I don't know, use a pure water or something. He's really not very scary, I OHKO-ed him easily (with Resolve).

Aaand, that's it! Sorry, but this level is short, easy, and kinda boring. So that's all you get for today, I'll finish this up soon.

Kingboo3000, the DarkMatter Alchemist 02:39, August 13, 2011 (UTC)

Chapter 29-ish: Endgame

Sooo...... I beat it. YAY. Weeeaahhhah. Booyah. I had to copy the save file and give Ike Aether. It worked like a charm, I beat Ashnard in the first try. lsdfjakl;jd;l;sdkfj;alskdjahklfgo;ui...... Uhhh, sorry about that, I'm really trying to hold in my exc-WHAAAAAAAHHOOOOOO!!!!!!...........Ehem, ahscuse me. So, let me start over.

I wiped the floor with the normal baddies, the only guys the put up any threat were the Dragons and Bryce. Bryce occasionally cancels Ike, and the dragons take a long time to beat without resolve or aether activating. Luckily, they often do. This happens on both different skillsets. I'll now outline both other attempts:

  1. On my Resolve+Vantage file, I creamed all the n00bs on the board as I said above. I waltzed up to Ashnard's throne, thinking to scramble up the wall, only to have the mad king swoop in and attack me directly. Grrr, jerk. Anyway, so it was going pretty well until I beat him. And if that sounds weird, good for you, you're not crazy. Unfortunately, he's reborn, and comes back more powerful, with an extra 20 HP, +5 Attack, and some extra Skill. This makes it almost impossible for Ike to dodge, even with resolve. So here's what happened: I was at exactly 29 HP, resolve activated!! And he hit anyway.... Guess what? He deals 31 damage. So, no matter what, I can't activate resolve and be safe. GAAH. So I tried it a couple of times, and failed every time. Sooo, I tried something else....
  2. Attempt #2! I copied the save file and gave Ike Aether. I gave him a bunch of elixers and prepared for a long and nerve-racking fight. And that's exactly what I got. After clearing the board (which took longer without resolve, in fact, Ashnard actually got impatient and rushed down to attack me without me even being in range), I hid in a bush and waited. This worked rather well-ish, but really didn't make much difference. It went rather well, I mean, my first hit was an Aether. But after that.... Things kinda went downhill. I didn't get another Aether until I was down to my last use of Elixer. But then, I did get an Aether, so, you know, that was good. He was down to 19 HP, I hit him once for 9, he regenerated 8, attacked me.... Oh wait, I forgot to explain, I figured out that if I didn't miss, I could kill him! YES. But then I got an Aether, which was an appropriate ending to an extremely entertaining playthrough.

HAHA!! They said it was impossible! They said it couldn't be done! Actually, no one said that, in fact, they were rather encouraging. But where's the fun in that?? They said I'd never make i-

Anyway guys, that was my fabulous speech, the one I took a whole 21 1/2 seconds writing. You're welcome. Thanks, and I'll starting another blog sometime soon, pretty much as soon as I figure out what I'm doing. Or a vlog, if, you know, I actually get the technology for that. Sooo.... Tell me what you want, and there's a good chance that if it's Fire Emblem related, I'll do it.

Kingboo3000, the DarkMatter Alchemist 23:46, August 14, 2011 (UTC)

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