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    Here I will discuss different characters from TearRing Saga. Hope that this will help. Some names are taken from fan-translation patch (mostly because I lake them better than names here)

    Format is Name - Base Class -> Promoted Class - My Rating - Comments.

    Runan - Knight Lord -> Lord - 7/10 - Good character, with solid base stats, solid growths, some nice skills including Rising Dragon and Charisma, and exclusive access to Rapiers. Runan's main problems are A: Low movement, considering there are a lot of outdoor chapters on his route, and B: Lack of opportunities to train, thanks to aforementioned low movement. Still, Runan starts good and avoids pitfalls like Leif's below average stats or Roy running headfirst into a level cap 5-6 chapters …

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  • Kruggov

    FE1!Marth - Murdermachine. Once he got Mercuruis he became unstoppable (except by Camus, but he's a different scenario)

    Alm - Murdermachine, if a bit low movement-wise. Once Silk got Warp, there was always a plan B - throw Alm at it. THEN he got bows.

    Celica - OK, but not great. She was always glassy, but dealt insane damage. Leveling her to 20 in time for promotion was a pain...

    FE3B1!Marth - Meh. Loss of infinite rapiers definitely hit him. Then there were other chas who got better (Like Barst)

    FE3B2!Marth - Started strong, but eventually slowed down a bit. I get the feeling he will demolish final chapter, though.

    Sigurd - Never gained speed which bit him in the ass later on. Still hit like a ton of bricks and was tougher than Ardan so that w…

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