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Update on 23/05/15

It has come to my attention that the pages that I have worked on are being arrowed and nitpicked, even for edits that do not involve the "purple prose" that many seem to have come to despise immensely. This, alongside the fact that the wiki is teeming with a whole host of other pages that require much more attention (I am specifically referring to the ones that are sprawling with a lack of standardisation, poor formatting and horrendous language usage), compels me to wonder if I am somehow offending anyone unwittingly. I do not dispute the fact that my writing style does come across as being verbose and excessive, but I cannot help but feel attacked each time the effort that I have expended is derisively dismissed in the form of people specifically finding bones to pick with my work. Look, I do not shirk from criticism; after all, one needs to recognise one's flaws if one ever hopes to improve. But to simply axe practically everything I do without specifying any feedback in my direction is not exactly very helpful.

Sigh. ----Engweimin User - Talk 07:21, May 23, 2015 (UTC)

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