As we all know, Awakening amps up the skill feature from past games but with much more freedom. Since Reclassing is important in this game there are limitless potential for skill building and true character individuality between games.

I compiled all classes and their strengths and weaknesses as well as their respective skills and their strenghts and weaknesses compared to other classes of the same type (mainly with promotion). I only do classes that you can play as so no Revenants or Soldiers.

The skills are written in mind for just that class alone except in the case of Mastery Skills. Afterwards you can read my 10 highly recommended skills and their usefullness with other classes.

All Clases and Skills (By Class)

1. Main Character Classes

Lord-There are only two of these and you get one right off of the bat, Chrom. As one of the most pivotal classes in the game, Lords are decent in nearly every stat but Magic, which is fine since they only wield Swords. High strength, Skill, and Speed puts them at the front of the army.

  • Dual Strike+-This boosts the activation rate of Dual Strike by 10%. A small difference and not entirely bad, but not very useful. Great in the beginning when your stats and Support levels are low, but it makes a small difference in the long run. Plus it's limited by Lords so only 2 characters will get it.
  • Charm-Hit and Avoid is boosted by 5 to all units in a 3 tile radius around the unit. Again, great in the beginning, but not too much in the long run. 

Great Lord-A Lord that has unlocked all potential. Slightly better growths before but with much better stat caps. Now with lances to add some weapon variation.

  • Aether-Arguably one of the best Mastery Skills, Aether strikes with two hits, the first being Sol the second being Luna. It gives you a chance to heal before finishing the enemy off. The only downside (which isn't really one) is that only Lords and daughters of Lords can use this skill. Still, a great skill for it's exclusiveness.
  • Rightful King-+10% to skill activation rates its a large difference for skills such as Lethality, Great Shield, and Aether. A must have for all Lords and sons of Lords.

Tactician-As the Avatar, you will start off in this class. Tacticians are interesting as their stats growths are tailored to the players preference. Either way this class loves to use Swords or Tomes, making them a Jack of All Trades for offense.

  • Veteran-Increases Exp gains when user is in a Pair Up by x1.5. It only affects Exp gain so it's great for quicker level ups. However since it's only for level up and not skill growth its rather one sided. Still a great experience builder and best left out once all skills and stats are to the player's tastes and is especially useful for you on harder difficulties where EXP gained is much less.
  • Solidarity-Critical and Critical avoid +10 to adjacent allied units. A good skill to use with "Rally" related play styles. This is a pure support skill and is once again useful in the beginning but in the later game, when most players play by dividing forces rather than clustering them, it's rather useless as it does not affect a Pair Up unit.

Grandmaster-The Jack of All Trades upgrades to a much more powerful unit with higher stat caps and two rather interesting skills.

  • Ignis-When attacking with a sword, this skill takes half of the user's magic stat and adds it to the strength stat. When attacking with a tome, it works the other way. Grandmasters can trully utilize this skill to the maximum due to their balanced stat. A unit with 50 Strength and 40 Magic atacking with a sword would attack with 70 strength when this skill activates. 
  • Rally Spectrum-Raises All Stats by 4 to units in a 3 tile radius of the units. It is the best "Rally" skill in the game, since this one boosts every stat rather than just 1. For "Rally" style users, this is your skill to abuse. Plus this can stack on other "Rally" skills so the potential increases.

2. Knight Classes

Base Classes

Cavalier-Cavaliers can move over a terrain rather well (except for sand). They are well balanced unit in all stats but magic, but they only use swords and lances anyways. However due to their average stats, they do not shine well amongst other classes, but still, they are capable fighters against all enemies. Cavaliers promote to Paladins or Great Knights

  • Discipline-Boosts weapon experience growths by two. A great trainning skill to ensure that you'll be able to use higher ranked weapons. But again it's only weapon trainning so no practical battle usage and once all weapons have maxed rank, it becomes useless.
  • Outdoor Fighter-Boosts Hit and Avoid by 10 when battling on an outdoor map. A very selective skill since it's affected by map location. Not suitible for indoor battles and ultimately becomes a useless skill there. It is not a terrible skill but due to its location conditions, it's not a great skill. Use for boosts in outdoor maps.

Knight-One look at these units and you know that they are sluggish units. The bulky armor certainly gives off a defensive unit, and you are right. High defenses and HP growths are Knight's strong points. They can take a hit and then dish it back with a modest strength stat. However they lack in the resistance department so it's best to tred with caution around mages. They make great shields for Mages and Clerics though from bladed weapon enemies. Knights can promote to Generals or Great Knights

  • Defense +2-Any boost to stats in the beginning is a great addition. After all it can add 20% of a unit's current stats. However in later levels, 2 additional stats is not a large difference. Initially good, but a lost slot for better skills later.
  • Indoor Fighter-Same as Outdoor Fighter but now affects the unit while on an indoor map. Same pros and cons as Outdoor battles. Good initially, poor later.

Paladin-Paladin's continue the Cavaliers tradition of balanced stats. They gain more resistance allowing then to deal with Mages much easily. However they lack a bit of Strength and Defense in comparison to Great Knights. However if you wish to stay balanced with a Cavalier, this is your unit.

  • Defender-Adds +1 to all stats during a Pair Up. +1 to all stats is a great addition for support during Pair Ups. However it only applies to Pair Up situations and not adjacent Dual System battling. It has its merrits for initial uses, but not so much in the later and post game.
  • Aegis-Halves damage from Bows, Magic, and Dragonstones. One of two Shield skills and this one deals with indirect and elemental weapons. Perfectly complementing Paladin's natural high resistance and average defenses. A great skill for defensive units or for tanking hits for offensive units with a relatively good activation rate.

General-Capitalizing on the Knight's already great defense, now Generals gain a bit more Resistance, fortifing thier place as defensive and retaliative units. Obviously compared to Great Knights, they lack movement and speed. If you want a stalwart unit rather than a mobile unit, Generals is best.

  • Rally Defense-Boost all allied units in a 3 tile radius around the user defenses by 4. For a Rally style play, this skill is good to help units that need the additional defense. But you'll have to sacrifice a turn to possibly attack to use it, so be careful.
  • Pavise-Halves damage from Swords, Lances, Axes, and Beaststones. The other Shield skill, this one deals with direct physical damage, which riduculously boosts the Generals already high defense. Capitalize this one on other classes as well.

Great Knight-They have much better strength and defenses than Paladins, meaning they are moving tanks. However they slightly lack the resistance, speed, and skill of Paladins. They are much more mobile and faster than Generals but they suffer from the Cavaliers low movement on sand and have less resistance than a General. If you want the best of both worlds, Great Knights is a great class.

  • Luna-Attacks the enemy while ignoring half of their Defense or Resistance stat depending on the attack type. As a Mastery Skill this one can be used to its maximum potential on any class since the halved defending stat is dependant on the weapon that you attack with. Unlike Sol, this one emphasizes damage output making it a purely offensive Mastery Skill. 
  • Dual Guard+-Boosts the chance of Dual Guarding by 10%. Dual Guarding is a very useful phenomenon since it will negate all damage and increasing its chances are also useful. If you really want that additional percentage, go ahead, but not totally nesseccary once support levels are high.

3. Swordsmen Classes

Base Classes

Myrmidon-Myrmidons are speed and skill demons. With relatively good strength they double attack often and can pull criticals often. They can dodge with ease, however if they are hit, they will suffer with their poor resistance and defenses. But don't let this get to you, they most likely kill others rather than be killed. Myrmidons promotes to Swordmaster or Assassin.

  • Avoid +10-Adds 10 to attack avoid. A mildly useful skill to help you dodge hits. If you really need the extra dodge skills, take this.
  • Vantage-When HP is under half, the unit can attack first when the enemy attacks it. This is a desperate preservation skill for your units and is a great skill for characters like Mages or other units that can attack in multiple ranges. It's also great for units with high attack and poor defenses. This skill compounds nicely with skills such as Miracle, Late Initiative, Vengeance, and Wrath.

Thief-Like myrmidons, Thieves are speed and skill demons, criticaling and dodging as well. They can steal and pick locks making keys an unnessessary items and making a thief a good utility charater. They are, however, a little lacking in strength and HP compared to Myrmidons. However what they lack in strength and HP they make up with their utility skills. But their defensive capabilities are the same as Myrmidons. But to keep it simple, Thieves make great alternate Myrmidon and are great for picking doors and chests. Thieves promote to Tricksters or Assassin.

  • Locktouch-Opens doors and chests without needing a key. This is a utility skill perfect for maps with doors and treasure chests. It's good to have on standby and use whenever needed. Make sure at least one of your units has this skill. But a word of advice, this skill is useless after Chapter 21 unless there are a few Paralogues remaining or DLC is installed.
  • Movement +1-Gives the unit 1 additional tile to move to. To extend range and get to places quicker such as treasure chests, it's a mildly useful skill to close in gaps.

Swordmaster-A Myrmidon who has refined their skill with a blade. They remain relavitvely the same as their previous form but are a little more resistant to magic. Compared to Assassins, they are a bit slower, but retain the same stats as they do in other areas. If you want a swordsman that can deal with magical hits better, Swordmaster is for you.

  • Astra-Deals 5 consecutive hits to the opponent at half damage. Potentially deals 2.5 damage of base damage. It's useful against enemies who have moderate dodge rates to ensure they get hit. It also only takes up 1 durability when activated. Also should they are able to critical with each strike, they can do a grand total of 7.5 damage. A great attack skill for any class.
  • Swordfaire-Increases Strength by 5 when using a sword (+5 to magic if using a magic sword). Unlike most other stat boosting skills, this one can work to whatever the user is using rather than fixed on 1 single stat. And 5 is potentially a 10% stat increase. Works similarly for other weapon expert skills.

Trickster-A thief who decided to pick up a stave. They gain a higher magic stat and resistance in trade for strength and speed growths. This makes them much more mobile healers but can still deal decent criticals and dodging in battle. However this drop in strength removes their place as main attacking, leaving them to be more suited for support. If you prefer a much faster healer that is a better dodger than a War Monk/Cleric, this class is for you. 

  • Lucky Seven-Accuracy and Avoid is boosted by 20 until the 7th turn of a map. This is a tricky skill since the skill is only useful for 7 turns. It's rather a mixed skill since it's rather quick usage, but the boost ammount compensates for that. It is great for maps that should end quickly, ie, most skirmishes. Use this one to your own preference.
  • Acrobat-Allows the unit to traverse any travellable terrain with no movement penalties. This is an extremely useful skill especially for mounted units. It allows you to go through forests, sand, and mountains without losing potential movement.

Assassin-Silent killers of the world. They enjoy a strength and skill boost from their old ways of thievery or just a skill boost from a Myrmidon and Swordmasters. Swordsmaster resists magic better but higher skill means more dodging and criticals for Assassins. Tricksters retain a thief's support roles while Asassins make them better for the front lines. Take your last breath, because an Assassin is a deadly force.

  • Lethality-Instantly kills the enemy. Doesn't take much to explain this. No matter how strong the enemy is, it will be instantly downed when this activates, though Miracle and Dual Guards are the only two ways to survive the hit. Downside is that it has the lowest activation rates of all Mastery Skills. Considering the effect, it makes sense though. Enemies will not have this skill (aside from SpotPass and StreetPass teams) so worry not, this is your attack skill to abuse assuming it activates.
  • Pass- User can pass through tiles occupied by enemy units. This skill is useful for enemy wall swarming allowing you to slip through their units and attack from behind, opening the walls to attack. It can also help you escape from enemy units surrounding them from all sides. Archer and other Bow wielding units love this skill to slip out of enemy gang ups and is great for them to have in case of emergencies.

4. Fighter Classes

Base Classes

Barbarian-Plebian men who enjoy slaughtering and pillaging all in their path. High strength and speed means that almost no one gets away from these units alive. However their defense and resistance is low meaning they can't take the heat themselves, especially from Mages who can safely attack from a distance unless the Barbarian has a Hand Axe. Barbarians promotes to Berserkers or Warriors

  • Despoil-Obtain a Bullion (small) when the user defeats an enemy. The percentage is base on the luck of the user. A perfect way to mill gold when you're short on funds.
  • Gamble-Lose 5 of your Hit Rate for 10 added to your Critical Rate. The trade off is small since a boosted critical chance, especially by 10, is a big difference. A skill to consider passing down to female children.

Fighter -Rough and tough men who dish out the pain through their axes. Like barbarians they enjoy high attack. They have slightly better skill but have slightly worse speed. They can take defensive hits better than Barbarians but are still prey to Mages. Fighters promotes to Warriors or Heroes 

  • Max HP +5-Max HP is boosted by 5. Another useful stat booster since a character can potentially have a max of 85 health with this item due to Health's fixed cap and as is known by Fire Emblem, your health counts.
  • Zeal-Critical is boosted by 5. Self explanitory. It will ensure that you'll aways have at least a 5 for critical so it is moderately useful.

Mercenary-Paid swordsmen who wield large swords and are relatively well rounded. Merenaries have higher HP, Skill, and Defense compared to Myrmidons but are slightly slower. This means however that they are slightly more durable to hits but can critical just as well as Myrmidons. Mercenaries promote to Heroes or Bow Knights

  • Armsthrift-Small chance for an attack to not reduce weapon durability. When your weapon has a certain ammount of uses, every hit counts. With this skill, a weapon can last much, much longer. It is simply one of the most useful skills in the game, especially for a pre-promoted skill. More on this one bellow.
  • Patience-Hit and Avoid boosted by 10 during enemy's turn. This skill relies on the enemy attacking the unit. It's a little less reliable than Early Initiative since the hit and avoid gains are less, but nice for units that are tanks like Generals and units that have Vantage to sneak in critical attacks and death blows on enemy turns.

Archer-Units built to attack from the distance with Bows to rain arrows on their enemies. Archers have the highest skill growths of all non-promoted units meaning it's easier for them to land critical hits. They are limited, however, to indirect attacks and should not be left out alone due to their low defenses. Archers promotes to Snipers or Bow Knights

  • Skill +2-Adds 2 to skill. Small difference in the long run but useful in the beginning. Good to help Archers land critical hits.
  • Prescience-Hit and Avoid +15 during user's turn. It has a higher stat boost to Late Initiative, but it does not have any skill to help compound this like Late Initiative has. However 15 is a big difference for hit and avoid, so it's a skill to use temporarily.

Berserker-Capitalizing on their barbaric way, Berserkers remain the same as they were Barbarian. Compared to Warriors, Berserkers are much faster and have much more health. But due to their low defenses, they are glass cannons. If you want a fast, direct, and purely offensive unit, Berserkers will raze the maps down to the grounds.

  • Wrath-Critical +20 when under half HP. Here is another skill that boosts critical but this time when the user is under half HP. It's yet another useful skill to compound with Miracle, Vantage, and Vengeance to sneak in fatal blows.
  • Axefaire- Strength +5 when the user is equipped with an axe (+5 to magic when wielding a magic axe). Like Swordfaire, this is a good skill to boost damage to whatever attacking stat is used for the axe wielder.

Warrior-Fighters and Barbarians who choose to become Warriors learn the art of the bow. Fighters will generally not gain any improvments in their stat growths, solely thriving off of their newly aquired weapon. Barbarians switch to honing their skills rather than their luck and lose some HP growth in exchange for defense, not to mention learning the Bow as well. Warrior/Berserker stat difference is the same as Fighter/Barbarian. If you want a more skilled unit and utilize a bow with an axe, The warrior is the better option.

  • Rally Strength-Boosts strength by 4 to all allies in a 3 tile radius when it is activated. For a Rally play style, this is useful for a very physical offensive army, but the user must sacrifice their turn to do so.
  • Counter-Returns damage back to an adjacent enemy when attacked. This works well with Miracle since a weak unit with this and miracle sends all damage it would have received back to his/her attacker without the Miracle adjustment. If not it's a potential lifesaver to score in some additional damage before finishing them off. However once units begin to take less and less damage, it merely becomes a damage shaver, so it'll lose effectiveness in the long run unless on higher difficulties. Also this is an annoying skill to give your units for StreetPass teams.

Hero-Mercenaries and Fighters who have endured countless battles can attain the tittle of Hero. Much like Fighter to Warrior, Mercenary to Hero gain no new stat growth rates but gain the ability to wield axes. Fighter originating Heroes will lose a bit of strength but will gain a bit more speed and skill on top of now being able to wield a Sword. A well balanced unit is the way of the Hero, should you choose this class.

  • Sol-The unit attacks the enemy then heals themselves by the same ammount. This is a much more defensive approach to Mastery Skills since this focuses on preserving the unit rather than quickly defeating the enemy. Can also be a life saver for critically wounded units.
  • Axebreaker-Hit and Avoid +50 when enemy is equipped with an axe. This skill trully makes the unit an axe killer by ensuring that they will hit the axe wielding opponent while dodging them at all costs. It can also aid Lance users in particular to avoid axe hits.

Bow Knight-Archers and Mercenaries mounted on horses to fight through the might of bows and swords. Archers will enjoy a boost in HP, strength, and speed and the new ability to use swords but will lose a bit of skill and defense. Mercenaries only gain HP and also the ability to use Bows. Much like cavalier-related units, they enjoy a wider movement range except sandy areas. Mobility and strength is the path of the Bow Knight

  • Rally Skill-Adds 4 to all allies skill in a 3 tile radius around the user once activated. This Rally essentially increases Critical hits and skill activations and is good for those seeking quick ends for opponents in Rally styled play, though it runs into the usual problem of, questionable boost.
  • Bowbreaker-Adds 50 to hit and avoid when enemy is equipped with a bow. While this is like the other Breaker skills, this skill is particulalry useful for flying units since it'll help them dodge bow strikes and eventually take them down.

Sniper-Archers whose sharp-shooting with a bow has reach its pinnacle. Snipers gain defense over their previous form. Snipers do not gain any new weapons so they remain a distance fighter. Though they lack the HP and speed growths of Bow Knights they have more skill and defense. Not to mention they don't have the pesky sand restrictions. If you're comfortable with leaving your Archer as a indirect attacker and critical sharpshooter, you won't miss your mark with a Sniper.

  • Accuracy +20-Adds 20 to accuracy. In other words the hit and evade difference is added with 20 to produce more accurate hits. Suitible for units who have low hit rates. 
  • Bowfaire-Plus 5 strength when unit is using a bow. Unlike other Weaponfaire skills this one only deals with physical since there are no Magic Bows. Still like the others, 5 strength is a big difference espescially in the main game.

5. Aerial Units

Base Classes

Pegasus Knight-Lance-wielding women who fly on the backs of majestic winged horses, the graceful Pegasus Knight. They are  fast, skilled, and certainly mobile, allowing them to fly across any terrain without penalty. They lack a bit of strength and are defensively weak. They do have modestly good resistance for a non-magic unit making them excellent mage killers. However due to their status as a winged unit, they are vulnerable to bows and wind magic. It's best to keep them as far away from these units as possible. Pegasus Knights promotes to Dark Fliers or Falcon Knights

  • Speed +2-Adds 2 to the user's speed stat. While useful in the main game to ensure two attacks per battle, it becomes a rather small difference later.
  • Refresh-Recover 20% HP at the start of the player's turn if no units are within a 3 tiles. If you play an isolated game where you send out units to attack afar from each other, this is a good skill to heal allies who are too far away from clerics. However, if possible, it's better to give them Renewal or Lifetaker for better guaranteed regenerative effects.

Wyvern Rider-Up in arms on the backs of Dragons, these ax fighters dish out the pain. Like Pegasus Knights, Wyvern Riders can fly across all terrains without penalty. They possess the highest attack growths out of all base classes and are much more defensive than Pegasus Knights. In exchange for their much more powerful mounts, they are much slower than other mounted units and a bit less skilled. Like Pegasus Knights they are weak to bows and wind magic. Wyvern Riders promote to Wyvern Lords or Griffon Rider

  • Strength +2-Adds 2 to the user's strength stat. It does help the user deal more damage during the main game, it barely affects the unit later.
  • Tantivy-Adds 10 to user's Hit and Avoid when there is no allied units within a 3 tile radius around the user.  This one is good for those who play the isolated offensive gameplay, though you can usually find better skills to use instead. 

Falcon Knight-Pegasus Knights who learn the art of healing. They gain only a few growths in Magic to suit their new ability to wield staves and can move much more freely over terrains than Tricksters (without Acrobatics), War Monks/Clerics, and Valkyries but at the cost of their flying weaknesses. They still retain their offensive preference of using the lance and higher attack than magic so if you want a physical attacking pegasus rider, go with the Falcon Knight

  • Rally Speed-Adds 4 to speed to all allies within a 3 tile radius around the user when activated. For Rally players, this skill can boost double attacks.
  • Lancefaire-Adds 5 strength when equipped with a Lance (+5 to Magic when using a magic lance.) Good for additional damage for the stat you use to attack.

Dark Flier-Pegasus Knights who fly casting spells from the sky. Dark Fliers become more magical based units boosting their magic stat growths at the cost of lower strength, speed, and skill growths. They are much more mobile than other magical units but are still susceptible to their flying weakensses. They can still wield lances but they are more suited to be mage styled units, so if you wish to have aerialy casted spells, Dark Fliers are your girls.

  • Rally Movement-Adds 1 to movement to allied units within a 3 tile square when used. It is an interesting skill for Rally style players because the affected allies has to use the effect during the user's turn instead of letting it carry into the enemy's phase (where a movement boost would be useless.)
  • Galeforce-If the user defeats an enemy character, they may perform another turn of movement and attack. Arguably one of the most useful skills in the game, this skill allows you to clear out up to two characters per turn with a single unit. It also works when the unit is in a Pair Up. If any females can get it, make sure they pass it down to their sons.

Wyvern Lord-Knights who have mastered the art of dragon riding combat. These promoted dragon warriors gain the ability to use lances at the cost of losing no stat growth differences. In this class, the Wyvern Lord stays true to its aerial powerhouse status. If you want power over skill and speed, then stick to the Wyvern Lord.

  • Quick Burn-The unit starts off the map with plus 15 to their Hit and Avoid and loses 1 hit and avoid for 15 turns until they return to normal. This skill allows units to be driving forces for a good 8 turns, unassisted by other skills. It can compound with other skills dealing with Hit and Avoid.
  • Swordbreaker-Hit and Avoid increases by 50 when the enemy is equipped with a sword. A good skill to help deal with sword units, especially Myrmidon and Thief who can dodge and avoid relatively easily. Also good for Manaketes to learn to deal with Wyrmslayers.

Griffon Rider-Knights who ride on the backs of the mythical Griffons. Losing their original mounts in exchange for these legendary bird hybrids they lose a bit of strength and defense but in exchange gain speed and skill. However they gain no new weapons in this class. If you prefer higher skill and speed over brute force, take to the skies as a Griffon Rider.

  • Carrier-2 additional movement when in a pair up. It helps to move units farther out to attack enemies or flee when critically injured.
  • Lancebreaker-Hit and Avoid increases by 50 when the enemy is equipped with a Lance. A good skill to help deal with lance units, especially Beast Killer users.

6. Magic Classes

Base Classes

Mage-The most basic of all magical units. Skilled with the three basic anima magic, they can fight from any range. They gain decent speed and skill and are modestly restistant to magic themselves. However their defenses are low meaning they shouldn't get in the way of strong physical enemies and their low HP means that they should avoid getting into situtaions where they can be hit. Still as the most basic, they are the most useful magic class for first tier. Promotes to Sage or Dark Knight

  • Magic +2-Adds 2 to magic stat. While this will boost magic quite a bit in the start of the game, once stat maxing starts, this will lose it's purpose and will barely affect the stat. Still it's useful for the short run for much of the first half of the game or when the unit's skill bank is barren.
  • Concentration-Adds 10 to critical rate when there are no units within a 3 tile radius around the unit. This will help units when in a solitary gameplay since 10 is a large boost to Critical rates.

Dark Mage-Knowledgeable in the ways of dark magic, these mages will put a curse on you! They are slightly weaker magic, speed, skill wise compared to Mages but they are much more defensive able to take physical damage much better with good defense stats and better HP. Despite this they are still better put as back up attackers or chip damagers. Dark mages have a lot of potential but only you can determine how trully sinister these mages can become. Promotes to Sorcerer or Dark Knight

  • Hex-Drops enemy avoid by 15 when they are adjacent to the unit. This can help Dark Mages and other units with poor skill ratings land some hits and kill units. Most cases, direct units will activate this skill on your units. Keep in this mind though, it requires them to be in direct fire to activate and Mages are better suited to attack from a distance.
  • Anathema-Drops enemy Avoid and Critical avoid by 10 to all enemies in a 3 tile radius around the unit. A much better version of Hex, this one allows a Dark Mage to exploit their range advantages.

Cleric/Priest-Under divine guidance, Clerics and Priests heal all allies through the power of staves. These holy figures are the fragilest units in the games with low health and defense growths and average skil and speed. There redeeming qualities lie in their high resistance and magic. Since they are not offensive they instead focus on healing damaged allies and should never be put into direct combat. However despite their lack of offensive capabilities they are a key part of any army, to preserve and keep everyone fighting fit! Promotes to War Clerics/War Monk or Sage

  • Miracle-Downgraded from its Radiant Dawn version, this skill can possibly save you from having to restart a chapter. So long as the unit has over 1 HP, they have a chance to survive a fatal blow, calculated by their luck. Most units in the game that can get this skill has rather good luck.
  • Healtouch-Adds an additional 5 HP when the unit heals a unit. A healing potency skill. A worthy skill to consider for any healer unit since 5 HP in the beginning is nearly 1/4 additional health recovered. Later it'll probably drop down to around 1/8 to 1/16, but still rather useful.

Troubadour-Mounted clerics who ride across the battlefield to heal allies of what ails them. Much like the Cleric, these holy women are not offensive, focusing solely on healing. They lack in strength and have low health and poor defenses meaning, despite riding a horse, they should not be out in front. Luckily with their horse, they gain better speed to help dodge attacks and have slightly stronger magic than Clerics, making them stronger healers. Like Clerics, these women brave the battle field on their galloping horses to keep everyone patched up and ready to fight! Promotes to Valkyrie or War Cleric

  • Resistance +2-Adds 2 to resistance. Resistance is a stat that few units can develop effectively and so this skill could be useful. Unfortunately this is exclusive to females and not worth passing down to the Children. However for those who can get it can get a needed boost, but only for a short while, before it becomes nothing more than 1/20 of the unit's max resistance.
  • Demoiselle-All male units within a 3 tile radius around the unit will gain +10 to avoid and critical avoid. This is an extremely selective skill since it ONLY affects male units. Plus units within a 3 tile radius is rather small. Though unlike Rally skills which affect the same area, this one is always active. Use with discretion.

Sorcerer-Dark Mages who have mastered the murkiest of dark magic become these sinister casters of curses.  They are much more powerful magically, but they lose some health growths in exchange. This is the only promoted class however that allows the usage of Dark Magic. If you wish to have your dark mage continue using the dark arts, this class is your only option.

  • Vengeance-Adds half the difference between the user's total health and current health and adds that to the unit's base damage. This skill activates the most out of all of the other attacking skills in the game. Stack this on Vantage and you'll kill most enemies before they can even touch you.
  • Tomebreaker-This skill increases hit and dodge rates when the opponent is equipped with a tome. This makes a unit with this skill a better mage killer unit. Most of all this can aid pegasus riding units to deal with Wind Tomes.

Sage-Mages who have perfected their knowledge in the field of magic become true practitioners of the mystic arts in both offensive and healing magic. With their high magic they make excellent healers on top of their old magic casting ways. They still suffer from low defenses but with the speed and skill they possess, this should be little trouble. Sages are the master of ground magic, so it's always nice to stick to the classics.

  • Rally Magic-Adds 4 to Magic to all units within a 3 tile radius. See Rally Strength for similar advice.
  • Tomefaire-Adds 5 to magic when equipped with a tome. A perfect skill for any mage class units. And 5 is potentially a 10% stat increase.

Dark Knight-Mages who ride on horseback to slay enemies through their tomes and swords. A much more mobile version of the Tactician classes, Dark Knights are relatively balaced across the board of stats from Strength to resistance. This does mean that they do not particulalry shine in any field, but for a mounted version of a Tactician, it's a pretty good Jack of all Trades ver. Horse. If you prefer having an offensive option for your mage rather than a support option, Dark Knights work out fine.

  • Slow Burn-Slow Burn is suited for maps that will drag out.
  • Lifetaker-Chances are, with proper reclassing, your units will be the strongest in the game. But even then you may take a beating, mainly in the DLC chapters. However with this skill, all you need to do is kill one enemy, and half of your total health is healed. A great relief skill, but keep in mind, you have to initiate the attack to activate it.

War Cleric/War Monk-Divine healers who become suitible for direct combat through axes while still being able to heal through staves. One of the most interesting new classes of the game, War Clerics/Monks take away the frail disposition of bishops and instead equips them with axes! To compensate for their new physical weapons, War Healers gain decent attack and defense growths at the cost of some skill and resistance growths. They are slightly slower, skilled, and have less magic than sages, but they are stronger physically and defensively. If you want at gimicky new phsyical healer, go for the War Cleric!

  • Rally Luck-Boosts ally's Luck by 8 in a three tile radius. One of the largest boosts from any Rally skill, this skill mainly affects dodging criticals and skills. However this can stack somewhat nicely on units with Armsthrift, Miracle, and Despoil.
  • Renewal-Heals 30% of HP at the start of each turn. A skill to increase unit longevity when healers are scarce, this is a skill to use for units to preserve stave usage and keep them safe for longer periods of time.

Valkyrie-Though the power of holy magic, these Troubadours use curative magic to heal allies through staves while casting anima magic through tomes. These are mounted versions of Sages, posessing high movement range with all the same restrictions and are simlar to it's Troubadour form with stat growths. The big difference between Valkyries and War Clerics are more physical oriented combat healers while Valkyries remain magical combat oriented. If you prefer keeping a mounted healer, Valkyries are second to none!

  • Rally Resistance-Boosts Luck by 4 in a three tile radius. Given how Resistance is a stat that is good on the few, this is a somewhat viable defensive skill, literally. It can spell out survivability for low resistance units such as Kellam who could use that boost.
  • Dual Support+-Like it's other counterparts, Dual Support+ will increase the bonuses of the Dual Support in a Pair Up or Double situation. Purely as support skill, it can spell the difference of getting hit or hitting the opponent. Use with your own discrepancy.

7. Special Classes

Villager-Just your run off the mill villager who wishes to become a capable warrior. Starting class of Donnel and Awakening's trainee class. It has very little redeeming qualities as do most trainee classes do and should be reclassed out as soon as possible. However what it lacks in base and stat caps, it excels with two excellent skills to help the training go smoothly.

  • Aptitude-Adds 20% to the unit's Growth Rates. Arguably the best training skill because it boosts the rate of stat growth rather than just the exp or weapon exp. A good skill for Donnel to pass down to his children.
  • Underdog-Adds 15 to hit and avoid when the enemy is a higher level than the user (Promoted units count as +20 to a base class unit.) Useful when your character is behind in levels when training. However once you exceed the level of the enemies, it becomes useless. Despite this it is a useful skill for much of the main game and partially for the post game.

Dancer-A lovely woman whose alluring dances invigorates allies. The exclusive class of Olivia. While lacking in strength growths, Dancers make up for in skill and speed to gracefully dodge attacks. However they are vulnerable and have weak defenses. Nevertheless Dancers have a very special skill, Dancing. Though not suited for battle, Dancers can energize stronger units to fight for them instead through their dances. It revitalizes allied units to perform another attack in the same turn. Despite this though, Dancers can hold their own with proper training letting them be a utility unit and a potentially modest offensive unit.

  • Luck +4-Due to her weak defenses adding 4 to her luck increases Olivia's dodge skills. Later on though this can be shelved, but only when she is at a safe Luck level.
  • Special Dance-When the Dance command is used on an allied unit, the unit also gains +2 to Strength, Magic, Defense, and Resistance. Unless this is on a Dancer Olivia, it is a useless skill since the Dance command is needed to use it. While it is on her, it is extremely beneficial for a Dancer Olivia to do her job to the maximum. A must on her at all times if she stays a Dancer. Luckily, this move will never be passed down to her children since Dancer is not inheritable.

Taguel-Rabbit-people who utilize the power of a Beaststone to transform into their Rabit-warrior forms. When they are in their base forms they are weak and should not be used in such a state. Thus make sure to have ample Beaststones to prevent this. When transformed, male Taguels differ slightly from female Taguels. Males tend to have more strength and defense but females have more speed and skill. They both suffer from low resistance stat growths but over all are modestly good offensive characters. Let their feral instincts show you the power of bunnies.

  • Even Rhythm-Accuracy and Avoid increases by 10 during even numbered turns-While there is no downside for having this on odd turns, the fact that it fluctuates is not something you can afford to rely on. However in the beginning like most skills, it can be a useful skill to help you along the way.
  • Beastbane-Deals effective damage on beast units while the unit is a Taguel. This is the Taguel's most useful skill as it will make them great Pegasus, Griffon, and Cavalier related unit killers. However it is limited since they have to be Taguels to use it. But the two who will use it the most should stay as Taguels anyway. However keep in mind that a unit with this skill MUST be in the Taguel class in order to utilize it.

Manakete-A legendary descendant of the Holy Dragon Naga who utilizes a Dragonstone to become dragons themselves. Manaketes are one of the most overpowered units in the game, and for good reason due to their dragon heritage. They suffer from low magic, but this is pointless due to their breath being strength dependant. They have high HP, defense, and resistance growths and average strength, speed, and skill. Much like Taguels though they need to have ample ammount of Dragonstones to avoid being vulnerable. With a manakete, you can't go wrong!

  • Odd Rhythm-Adds 10 to accuracy and avoid on odd number turns. The opposite version of the Even Biorhythm skill. It has the same problem of fluctuation and like the other, is not good in the long run.
  • Wyrmsbane-Deals effective damage against dragon units. Now we get the Manakete version of Beastbane, making them good wyvern rider killers. With three minimum units with this skill, dragons shouldn't be a problem. However keep in mind that this skill, like Beastbane, only works while the unit is in the Manakete class.

Conqueror-The invincible, stalwart conqueror who rules over his people with an iron fist. The hourse-mounted exclusive class of Walhart. Generally the stats growth rates of this class are similar to a Great Knight but with much more health and a higher Level Cap.

8. DLC Classes

Demon Fighter-A warrior of mystery boasting the power of swords, axes, and tomes. Offensively this unit is superb with decent strength, speed, and it's main point, a high resistance growth, making them a good mage killer. However are average in skill and defense and, despite their usage of tomes, low magic. Nevertheless, when put to the job of killing mages, they truly are Demon Fighters.

  • Resistance +10-boosts resistance stats by 10. One of the most generous addition to stats this allows most units to be able to become better mage killers. On a Demon Fighter, they become nearly impervious to magic. This is the only stat boosting skill that is useful in the post game since rather than +2 or +4, this gives you a nearly 20% addition to resistance to most units.
  • Aggressor-Adds 10 to attack rating when the player initiates a battle. Another great skill from the Demon fighter. This one allows you to have additional might when you start off a battle, perfect for more aggressive players and useful in all parts of the game.

Bride-A maiden wearing the ceremonial dress of matrimony. They equip themselves with lances, bows, and staves. They operate much like War Clerics, having decent attack and magic but instead excel in speed and skill. They lack a bit in defensive stats, but overall should have no problem avoiding attacks. Don't let their beautiful appearances fool you, these women are as deadly as ever.

  • Rally Heart-All stats are boosted by 2 and Movement is increased by 1 for one turn when used. A slightly weaker version of Rally Spectrum but with the addition of movement which Rally Spectrum does not provide. Much like the Spectrum counterpart, Rally Heart is another useful Rally skill since it boosts ALL stats and can stack on Rally Spectrum.
  • Bond-All allies within a 3 tile radius around the unit recovers 10 HP at the beginning of each turn. One of the best healing support skills since it can heal multiple targets at a fixed 10 HP which is essentially 10% for characters almost at their max potential.

9. DLC Skills and Other Skills

All Stats +2-Adds 2 to all stats. A generally good boost for any unit using any of the other stat increasing skills. But much like all of them, they are good in the beginning but not so much in the long run, but not useless on some units who's other skills don't maximize skill potential with shallow skill pools.

Paragon-Doubles experience gains. This skill is useful for gaining quick level ups. No downside until you max out stats. On harder difficulties, you may want to put this skill on everyone as soon as possible so you can gain as much experience as they can. It's not necessary, but it does speed up level grinding sessions.

Iote Shield-Negates unit's flying type weaknesses. Of the DLC skills, this is one of them that will last well into the post game because this will eliminate a flying unit's pesky weakness to bows and wind magic, making them do normal damage.

Limit Breaker-Adds 10 to maximum stat cap of the unit. One of the best DLC skills because it allows your characters to become much stronger by breaking their limits to gain higher stat possibilities. While this skill is not necessary for storyline gameplay this is an important skill for DLC chapters.

Conquest-Negates user's beast and armour type weaknesses. This serves the same purpose of Iote Shield by mainly negating mounted unit weaknesses such as General's Armor weakness to Hammers and Conqueror's weakness to Beast Killers and Taguel's Beastbane. Ultimately making this an extremely useful for almost all of Walhart's classes, who is the only person to start with this skill (excluding DLC).

Shadowgift-Aversa's exclusive skill (excluding DLC characters). It allows users to use Dark Magic in any tome wielding class. It isn't game changing but does give mainly non-Dark Mage related classes a chance to use the quirkier tomes Dark Tome have including Ruin, Nosferatu, Mire, and the strongest tome in the game, Goetia.

Naui's Top 10 Reccomendations

  1. Galeforce-This is one of the most useful skill in the game. Since the skill also applies with the Dual System, stronger characters can utilize this skill to the maximum if they are Dual System supported by a character who has this. Later on in the game this can allow you to clear out two opponents in one turn per unit. Downside is that it's only learned by Dark Flier units. But all female characters (or male children characters that can inherit it) should have this skill if they can. However, keep in mind that on Harder difficulties, this changes this skill from a map sweeper skill into a tactical retreat skill. If they suffer a beating, just withdraw them to a fort or forest, within range of a Rescue healer, or just position for better Dual System situation. Regardless, this is the skill to have.
    • Update: This skill is a game breaking skill on Normal and possibly Hard Mode, however Lunatic mode and above, this skill's broken ability is considerably lessened in terms of reckless offense. While many will laud this as the BEST skill in the game, I'd disagree. However I cannot deny the easy application and usage of this skill, which again, I'd still suggest grabbing and passing down above all others.
  1. Armsthrift-Another extremely useful skill. Though in the beginning it won't activate often, in the later game this skill can really save you money and, in the long run, keep your units well equipped much longer. Again the downside is that this is exclusively learned by Mercenaries which is a rather rare breed for a starting class. It's incredibly useful for preserving rarer weapons like Sol and Helswath, weapons you can only get once in the game without paid DLC. You can also use this to preserve your forges like Brave weapons and Event Tile items.
  2. Vantage-Another first tier skill, while not extremely broken on Myrmidon/Swordmaster/Assassin units, on other units who are capable of being in classes with multi-ranged weapons, this skill can prevent unwanted deaths. It works well in conjunction with Vengeance since, at 80 Max HP, assuming you drop no lower than 40, you'll get a preemptive strike plus 20 points of additional damage, more than enough to kill of most enemies. Though be wary if facing opponents with Counter.
  3. Miracle-I think Intelligent Systems saw how potentially broken this skill would be if they kept it the same as it was in the Tellius Saga. Miracle is a godsend since it'll leave your unit at 1 HP as long as it had more than 1 HP before it was hit. Regardless, this skill can really be a lifesaver on Classic Mode and even on Casual when you need to keep important units alive. It's Pokémon's Sturdy but better since you can heal them back up and still have a chance to activate it once more even if they weren't healed to full health!
  4. Renewal/Lifetaker-At the end of an enemy turn, your units have just taken a beating and there is not enough Clerics or Priests to go around...Luckily you have Renewal! This skill keeps units fresh for your turn since 30% of HP regenerated at the beaginning of each turn is great! Since you'll have some incredibly strong units, Lifetaker will allow units to kill an enemy and regain half of their total health. Stack this on Renewal and you can heal a total of 80% of health each turn!
  5. Luna/Sol/Astra/Lethality/Aether/Ignis-Much like before, these original master skills are still great skills to have to give your characters an extra boost in battle. In most cases, all characters can wield at least one of these skills, though some can't. Since these are spectacular skill, their rates of activation are  your skill stat (minus Lethality which is 1/4th your skill stat and Astra/Aether which is 1/2 of the skill stat.) Regardless, if you can, get one of them on your units ASAP. I break down these skills individually bellow.
  6. Vengeance-Vengeance works a little differently than the Mastery Skills above since the activation rate is starkly higher and the mechanics behind it's damage output is much different. It piles your current HP difference onto your attack when it activates (which rate is double your skill stat). If your character is heavily wounded, they really begin to move mountains with this skill. However again since this is HP reliant you must keep them somewhat healthy so they don't die. Regardless, Pile this with Limit Breaker, Renewal, and/or Lightning Speed and watch the bloodbath ensue. 
  7. Pavise/Aegis-Pavise will halve damage to your units from Axes, Swords, Lances, and Beaststones while Aegis protects them from everything else. These can really shave off those damage points in the long run and prevent a lot of damage and, potentially, deaths. Holy Shield is a great skill for Flying units as well. It's so good, that there are enhanced versions of them in Lunatic Mode and most main bosses on Hard Mode and higher will have one or both.
  8. Bowbreaker/Tomebreaker/Iote Shield-Bowbreaker, Tomebreaker, and Iote Shield helps mainly flying units with their weaknesses. If you aren't planning on getting the DLC, Bowbreaker and Tomebreaker are a flying unit's best friend if they can get one. +50 to Hit and Avoid when enemy is equipped with a Bow or Tome means that your unit has a better chance of getting a Lethality-Critical than getting hit. Iote Shield gets rid both problems in whole but without the Hit and Avoid boosts. For flying units, get one of these skills if you can.
  9. Limit Breaker-A DLC exclusive and for a good reason! This will boost Maximum Stats by 10 meaning that you can have Strength up in the 50's or potentially the 60's! 10 may not seem much, but that's essentially a 20% maximum stat increase for most characters and it boosts ALL stat caps. Not to mention every character can learn this skill as long as you replay the DLC episode that gives this enough times!
  • Special Mention: Aptitude-Donnel really is the ultimate stat builder with this skill. 20% added to Growth Rates can really spell out quick stat maximizing for Donnel or Donnel's children. Potentially this means that they will be the first to hit max stats before much more important characters can reach that cap. This is a special mention because a whopping 3 characters (maximum) can have this skill so it's a diamond-in-the-rough skill and trully a rare treasure.

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