So I've been playing Heroes for sometime now and I've amassed a pretty decent army at this point. Based on the ones I've obtained and are 5 Stars, I want to give my general impressions of how they have served as members of my army.


The ratings I give are out of 5 stars. These are my opinions based on their overall usability in Arenas and Arena Assault. Ratings and Summaries may change based on meta changes, new skills, and weapon refinements.

  • ✯✯✯✯✯ - God Tier Character - Excellent unit overall. Has very little flaws if any, exceptionally powerful and must haves. Should train immediately.
  • ✯✯✯✯ - High Tier Character - Great unit overall. Has some flaws, but are overall useful. Well worth putting the time into training.
  • ✯✯✯ - Mid Tier Character - Decent unit overall. Does not particularly shine in any aspect but is not unusable. Can put time into them which leads to good results.
  • ✯✯ - Low Tier Character - Bad unit overall. Has more flaws than perks, but still has something in them that can be used as a surprise pick. Train to fulfill a specific niche.
  • ✯ - Trash Tier Character - Terrible unit overall. Almost no redeeming qualities and not worth the effort. Do not bother with these units, not worth the effort or the Feathers.

Please keep this in mind, these are purely subjective and based on my own personal opinions. I do have opinions about basically all units, but theses are the ones I've personally have in my roster.


Number Name Portrait Unit Type Summary Rating
1 Lucina Portrait Lucina Heroes Heroes Infantry FEH Sword A solid red unit and my very first 5 Star pull. Her solid offensive stats makes her a prime Red unit and her Falchion lets her be a Falchion Healer. Starting from the top at the beginning of the game's life, Lucina has managed to maintain a solid top tier position and was given more help thanks to her weapon refinement. She always has a special place in my heart because of how much she has done for my Arena, Arena Assault, and Tempest Trial teams. ✯✯✯✯
2 Robin (M) Portrait RobinM Heroes Heroes Infantry FEH Thunder Tome My initial blue mage obtained in the same board as Lucina. Was a decent Red unit check, but was easily powercrept by better Blue units. I tend to use him to counter Brave Lyn in Arena Assault with Triangle Adept + Blárraven+. Can work and easily obtained, but best suited as a Colorless Unit Arena Assault counter. ✯✯✯
3 Nowi Portrait Nowi Heroes Heroes Infantry FEH Thunder Breath While my my initial impressions were less than stellar about Nowi when I got her within the first week of playing the game, she has easily become one of my favorite units to use given the rise of Dragon teams and Breath refinement. Powerful stats, has built in Lightning Breath+, and can be obtained at 4-Stars. Anyone who can get a good stat spread Nowi should immediately invest in her for a solid long run unit. ✯✯✯✯✯
4 Merric Portrait Merric Heroes Heroes Infantry FEH Wind Tome An oddly defensive Mage unit, Merric is an interesting unit for sure. He's a jack-of-all-trades which is a good and bad thing. He cannot standout like the rest of the other Green Mages in the game and his stats do not help nor hurt him. He's a 4-Star unit as well, but not a unit I would have promoted to 5-Stars, but I guess lucky for him, he was a 5-Star Pity Break. Downside is that he was the only Green 5-Star I had for a while. ✯✯
5 Alfonse Portrait Alfonse Heroes Heroes Infantry FEH Sword Alfonse is one of our "Lord" characters in the game and...he's not good, mainly due to the fact that he cannot be merged. He is slow, but has bulk. But in a Meta where Atk and Spd are the two most sought after stats for an offensive driven unit, Alfonse cannot compete. To be honest, if it was not for the fact that I insist myself into using him for Story, I probably would not use him at all. He IS usable, but not worth it if you can pull from the plethora of solid mergeable Sword units. ✯✯
6 Roy Portrait Roy Heroes Heroes Infantry FEH Sword Your boy is here, available since launch of the game and...he is also not good. Like Merric, balanced stat spread, but that serves more to hinder him in our Atk/Spd meta. He does come at a lower Rarity at 4 so the possibility to build via merging is there. But at the same time, there are more powerful 4-Star units that are worth promoting over him. Hopefully he gets a refinement so he can do something other than be a fan favorite and be outclassed by his Brave and Seasonal variants. ✯✯
7 Jakob Portrait Jakob Heroes Heroes Infantry FEH Dagger For my first dagger unit, Jakob underperforms. I have very little little to say about him that keeps him on par with the slew of Dagger units already present upon launch and the ones that have come out since. He is a 5-Star pity break and likely the only reason why I have one. Though he is one of my favorite Fates unit, not worth investing unless IS adds Jakob's Tray with something a little more useful in terms of a skill.
8 Klein Portrait Klein Heroes Heroes Infantry FEH Bow Solid Brave Bow+ user and can be obtained at 4-Stars. His starting kit has Death Blow 3 at the two rarities he can be obtained at, making him an extremely powerful Player turn character. His stats do not really allow him to make usage of it as strongly as others, but without inheritance, Klein has the makings of a solid unit for any user, both new and old. ✯✯✯
9 Takumi Portrait Takumi Heroes Heroes Infantry FEH Bow Once the most powerful units in the game, Takumi has fallen from grace, both literally and figuratively, thanks in part to powercreep. Good offensive stats and access to one of the most sought after skills, Close Counter, Takumi is still relevant, but not quite as oppressively so as he was back in the day. His weapon refinement at least makes him feel more like he was in Fates. ✯✯✯✯
10 Azura Portrait Azura Heroes Heroes Infantry FEH Lance Dancer bias is pretty high with me so basically expect all Dancers from Azura afterwards to be 5-Stars. At the time, Azura was one of two Dancer units. While I only had Olivia for a solid month or so, Azura granted me the help I needed with a strong Blue unit and a Dancer in one neat package and became a staple on dozens of teams after I got her (at least until I got more dancers later). Her offensive stats are good for a dancer and can help to dispatch red units thanks to her starting weapon. She just needs a little skill investment and Azura proves to be a great teammate for any team. ✯✯✯✯✯
11 Eirika Portrait Eirika Heroes Heroes Infantry FEH Sword Unlike most of the Sword unit base, Eirika is a little different. She has good enough stats to be a decent duelist, but she shines best as support. Her Sieglinde and Hone Spd 3 gives her allies two really useful buffs for offense. With her recent weapon refinement, she has easily risen in power since not only can she distribute buffs, but also copy them to power herself up. An interesting unit to have and in my opinion one that can give your team some extra power if your roster is small since you can obtain her at 4 stars. ✯✯✯✯
12 Ephraim Portrait Ephraim Heroes Heroes Infantry FEH Lance I was lucky to obtain Ephraim literally right after Eirika. Solid bulk and attack on top of a rather interesting refine skill, Ephraim is both supportive and offensive. He is still quite vulnerable to mages, but considering the massive benefits he can give with the right skill inheritance, it is hard not to recommend him even if he is 5-Star locked. ✯✯✯✯
13 Lilina Portrait Lilina Heroes Heroes Infantry FEH Fire Tome Lilina is generally my pity breaking unit. She is the only non-Tempest Trial unit whom I have a Merge +2. She is best described as a Nuke. One large grand attack from her highest Atk for a Red Mage (tied with Sanaki). Unfortunately her low Speed means that any sort of physical unit that can survive her attack will be able to easily one round her during their turn. She requires a bit of investment and skill foddering to be useable since her base kit is poor. With investment, she can be interesting at the very least, but cannot outperform much of her Red Tome competition. ✯✯✯
14 Sharena Portrait Sharena Heroes Heroes Infantry FEH Lance Sharena is the other Lord character of the game alongside her brother. At the very least, she has less competition than Alfonse in her weapon type and her only real glaring weakness is her Resistance. She does have Threaten Atk 2 in Fensalir so she does have the ability to be a Threaten debuffer unit, but with the rise of Ploy and Panic skills, Sharena is decent at best and like Alfonse, is 5-Stars only because of story. ✯✯✯
15 Karel Portrait Karel Heroes Heroes Infantry FEH Sword To be honest, I often forget that I have Karel. He does not stand out from other potent sword units. He does fit his unit archetype of a speedy unit, but without a legendary weapon or the insane ATK like Ayra or Mia, Karel is good at best. With some investment he can become useable. ✯✯✯
16 Ryoma Portrait Ryoma Heroes Heroes Infantry FEH Sword Okay, where to start with Ryoma. Built in Distant Counter to his legendary weapon and great stat line that gives him better flexibility with builds, Ryoma can serve any task and serve it well unlike most units with similar balance stats. Ryoma requires a TON of investments to shine in his role, whatever role you choose for him, but given the sheer flexibility he has at being both a frontline Player Phase unit to a baiting Enemy Phase unit, Ryoma is a Jack-Of-All-Trades in Heroes done right. ✯✯✯✯✯
17 Anna Portrait Anna Heroes Heroes Infantry FEH Axe After 3 months of trying to get a good 5-Star green unit, I upgraded Anna to 5 to fill that gap. Anna is in my opinion the best of the Askr Unit trio. Excellent Speed and a quirky and powerful personal axe, Anna was my Green unit for a very, very long time. Anna could even be a high tier character if she was allowed to Merge. She could never be a broken unit by any means if she got merging capabilities, but I could easily say that she has the potential to be a 4-Star rating in my book if she could. Till then, she is stuck as average as more and more units are introduced and outperform her. ✯✯✯
18 Robin (F) Portrait RobinF Heroes Heroes Infantry FEH Wind Tome Statwise, she is Male Robin without Boon/Banes and is Green. She was a pretty early promote during at time where I was desperate for a green unit and she sadly could not fulfill that need. Her only mainstay on my Arena Assault team is her Gronnwolf+ tome which I use to dispatch Cavalry teams. Back then she was one of two that could, but now I have a few more units that are better. ✯✯
19 Nino Portrait Nino Heroes Heroes Infantry FEH Wind Tome Now Nino is the first true Green unit who fulfilled my needs. Ease of access and a good offensive stat line made Nino my Green unit for months on end. Her high speed and decent attack made her an overall solid unit for my Arena teams and is still regularly used in Arena Assault. If you are looking for a 4-Star Green unit to promote, Nino is a unit I highly endorse. ✯✯✯✯
20 Faye Portrait Faye Heroes Heroes Infantry FEH Bow Faye is pretty different from other Archers in Heroes. She lacks Speed and Attack, but instead has tremendous bulk. She is best served as an Anti-Mage unit. Firesweep Bow+ at least allows her to engage enemy units without retaliation. Locked behind 5-Stars, Faye is not a character I would go running to get, but you will find a very unique unit out of her if you manage to obtain her. ✯✯✯
21 Tiki (Young) Portrait TikiYoung Heroes Heroes Infantry FEH Fire Breath Young Tiki, like Nowi, was tremendously boosted by Weapon Refinement and her dragon status has brought her into a new league of her own. Unfortunately, she is not that easy to obtain, but if you CAN snag a copy of her, like Nowi, she is a powerful unit who can smash through teams with ease, especially if you can give her the skill foddered to her. ✯✯✯✯✯
22 Michalis Portrait Michalis Heroes Heroes Flying FEH Axe Michalis was my only Flying unit at 5-Stars for a long, long time. He is a slow, yet bulky flying unit who can negate his weaknesses thanks to his own Iote's Shield. However, he was another sleeping Grand Hero Battle unit who became immensely powerful thanks to Weapon Refinement. His already powerful Hauteclere now destroys enemies thanks to its cooldown reduction and power increase upon skill activation. While just slightly inferior to Minerva, he is still no joke and should be taken seriously when seen. ✯✯✯✯
23 Boey Portrait Boey Heroes Heroes Infantry FEH Wind Tome Boey is a bulky Green Mage, making him much different than a majority of Green Tome users in the game. Unfortunately his low attack and low resistance makes him ill suited to counter any mage threats, but he at least can perform half-decent against most blue units. ✯✯✯
24 Mae Portrait Mae Heroes Heroes Infantry FEH Thunder Tome Mae actually has pretty strong Atk, just only outclassed by Lilina and Sanaki. With her strong Resistance, she is a pretty good Mage duelist, though her decent speed means that she cannot fully capitalize on this. While she has the Def of paper, she can at least equally dispatch low resistance enemies. Decent pull and can be worth upgrading. ✯✯✯
25 Xander Portrait Xander Heroes Heroes Cavalry FEH Sword Xander has Distant Counter in his base weapon which makes him already a good unit on top of his Cavalier status.. With his ease of obtainment from GHB, Xander is a great unit for any player. Unfortunately he does not quite standout from other Distant Counter weapon users, I still highly recommend him as I still use him in Arenas and still remain in the top 30% of Arena tiers. ✯✯✯
26 Masked Marth Portrait Marth (Masked) Heroes Heroes Infantry FEH Sword Basically just alternative art Lucina. Has all the perks of Lucina and is much easier to obtain but cannot have Boon/Bane and has no starting skills. ✯✯✯✯
27 Katarina Portrait Katarina Heroes Heroes Infantry FEH Fire Tome Katarina is one of the strongest red mages in the game thanks to her respectable Attack and Speed and solid Resistance. She is not really suited for her default tome but if she can inherit the red Blade tome or Raven Tome, Katarina can truly shine. ✯✯✯✯
28 Clarisse Portrait Clarisse Heroes Heroes Infantry FEH Bow Clarisse starts off as a good debuffing archer. She can work with most common offensive bow sets, though she does not outshine any common offensive bow users. It also does not help that her Grand Hero Battle status limits the ability to obtain her and prevents her from obtaining IVs. Nonetheless, she is useable and can be built easily on a budget. ✯✯✯
29 Robin (Summer) Portrait Robin Summer Heroes Heroes Infantry FEH Lance My first seasonal unit and Robin was and is barely used unless I run out of lance users in Arena. She does, however, have an extensive amount of usage when training as her valuable Lance Valor skill accelerates SP gain, allowing my units to quickly grow and learn the skills I am intending on having them learn. For that reason alone, she is one of my most used units, though only for training. ✯✯✯
30 Tobin Portrait Tobin Heroes Heroes Infantry FEH Sword Tobin has only found usage in Arena Assault where he is my usual Hector counter. Unfortunately, Tobin requires a TON of investment to even be a decent unit outside of it and even then he is not good enough to compete with the main powerhouses of the Sword meta. I still use him, but he is not particularly good. ✯✯
31 Luke Portrait Luke Heroes Heroes Cavalry FEH Sword Luke is not a top tier Cavalier unit by any means, but his base kit alone allows him to start on the right foot to at least be useful. Brave Sword+ is a useful sword on him and he performs fantastically as a player turn character. ✯✯✯✯
32 Camus Portrait Camus Heroes Heroes Cavalry FEH Lance Camus is basically the Lance version of Xander in terms of GHB units. Solid stats across the board, his only weakness is tomes and strong green units. With a little bit of investment and time, Camus works wonderfully for any F2P player and highly recommend unlocking his potential. ✯✯✯✯
33 Clive Portrait Clive Heroes Heroes Cavalry FEH Lance Clive is a bulky, tanky blue cavalier with decent attack. Sadly I cannot say that he exceeds the likes of Camus or many other more easily obtained Lance Cavaliers. He requires a LOT of investment to be good and even then, he will not outperform anyone. He suffers from his limited availability and inability to gain IVs. He's on the bench for the most part in my roster. ✯✯
34 Berkut Portrait Berkut Heroes Heroes Cavalry FEH Lance Berkut is one of my favorite Shadows of Valentia characters and sadly, his Heroes incarnation does not do him justice. Low speed and resistance really hurts him despite the strong physical bulk and decent attack. Thankfully his special weapon gives him good bulk, but it still does not offset that speed. Decent to use, but I cannot recommend him. ✯✯✯
35 Lyn (Brave) Portrait Lyn Brave Heroes Heroes Cavalry FEH Bow Oh boy, where do I start with Brave Lyn? You know already how powerful she is. You probably can't go through any Arena battle set or Arena Assault without seeing her at lease once or worse, all 7 times. Absurdly powerful player turn character, does not need much outside inheritance aside from Brave Bow+. I've used my free Brave Lyn in nearly every team since I got her, a staple on my Arena and Tempest Trial team. Let me be clear, she is stupidly broken and the meta shifted in major ways starting with her presence alone. ✯✯✯✯✯
36 Tharja Portrait Tharja Heroes Heroes Infantry FEH Fire Tome Tharja is the most well known Red Blade Tome user thanks to her kit already coming with the skill. With solid ATK and SPD and ability to obtain at 4-Stars, she is another great investment for both 4 Star +10 Merge or a straight 5 Star merge. Her only downside is the lower Atk and less Res, but is in someway comparable to Nino. Still worth it if you got her. ✯✯✯✯
37 Lucina (Brave) Portrait Lucina Brave Heroes Heroes Infantry FEH Lance As the second Brave unit in my collection, Brave Lucina is on a lot of teams to fulfill particular needs. In particular, Brave Lucina is a supportive unit thanks to her Geirskogul weapon. While it limits her to benefiting physical units, in the end, Brave Lucina is a formidable unit not only as a supporting unit, but also a competent combatant herself. ✯✯✯✯✯
38 Ursula Portrait Ursula Heroes Heroes Cavalry FEH Thunder Tome Ursula for a time was on my Cavalry team strictly to deal with enemy Cavalry units herself. Unfortunately that is her only real strength as the more infamous Blue Cavalry units simply outclass her. I still use her regularly in Arena Assault when facing an all Cavalry Team that lacks green units. She can ORKO Brave Lyn with general reliability and a good buffing team behind her to clean up the reast. ✯✯✯
39 Nephenee Portrait Nephenee Heroes Heroes Infantry FEH Lance Nephenee is an awesome offensive unit and has a solid base kit to let her be used from the get go. She faces some stiff competition from better Blue units in the meta when it comes to fulfilling roles, but Nephenee is no slouch, especially with good teammates. ✯✯✯✯
40 Elincia Portrait Elincia Heroes Heroes Flying FEH Sword Quite possibly the strongest Flying unit in the game. She has an impressive Offensive statline that compliments her signature weapon, Amiti, letting her double attack like a brave weapon, but without as much speed penalty. With an incredibly powerful base skill set, with some minor inheritance, Elincia is a must have for any Flying team and was worth sniping to have in my army. ✯✯✯✯✯
41 Black Knight Portrait Black Knight Heroes Heroes Armored FEH Sword Out of all of the Tempest Trial reward units, the Black Knight is probably the most used one thus far. Has the perks of an Armor unit for Armor team, has Distant Counter in Alondite, and is the only other TT unit aside from Masked Marth to get more than two copies (if you bought the orb bundle). He has allowed me to start building armor teams and he is a constant presence in them. ✯✯✯✯
42 Cordelia Portrait Cordelia Heroes Heroes Flying FEH Lance From the beginning, Cordelia has been a strong unit thanks to her great base kit and stats to make the most of it as a player turn offensive unit.. She is another great investment character if you can pull her even at 4 Stars and promote. ✯✯✯✯
43 Shigure (Performing) Portrait Shigure Performing Arts Heroes Infantry FEH Thunder Tome Shigure is different from my other Dancers in my army as he is a ranged dancer. His dancing is powered by his exclusive B skill and for the most part is interesting. He does have the perk of making my Blue Tome users learn faster with his B Tome Valor skill. Useful for training and general usage. ✯✯✯✯✯
44 Felicia Portrait Felicia Heroes Heroes Infantry FEH Dagger I promoted Felicia on a whim, but what I found was a great mage check and one of my go to Reinhardt check. She got a power boost thanks to her new Legendary Weapon to make her an even harder Mage Check. While her stats do not make her THAT powerful, I still would recommend her for that niche and to laugh on the storm of Mages who dare to try and attack her only to inflict nothing while she destroys them in return (or at least the non Raven Tome users.) ✯✯✯
45 Sigurd Portrait Sigurd Heroes Heroes Cavalry FEH Sword Sigurd is another example of Jack-of-All-Trades done properly with a strong BST and a kit that leaves so much room to play around with. From Tanky to Bruiser to so much more, Sigurd has exceeded all of my expectations and with only a little more investment, he replaced Xander on my Arena defense team. ✯✯✯✯✯