So I've been playing Heroes for sometime now and I've amassed a pretty decent army at this point. Based on the ones I've obtained, I've gotten a good sense of how they operate, especially the ones i use mostly. I will list my impressions of the Units that I used in game, their strengths and their weaknesses.


So, for the most part, these units are my 5 Star heroes that I've obtained and had a good amount of time to train and used in PvP. Keep in mind that these are subjective and should be considered with the highest amount of digression that I can recommend. Also, I'm only focusing on the units I have obtained thus far. I've experienced most of the other commonly talked about before to know how they work, but I'm just giving my impressions of the characters that I have used and maxed.


Current 5-Stars

  • Lucina - Lucina has a special place in my army. She was the very first 5-Star I ever pulled and from my first full board pull to boot. Lucina has always been a high tier character due to her great offense and ability to work as an off-healer thanks to Ardent Sacrifice and Falchion's regeneration. If you manage to pull her, she's a unit worth using as one of the best Red units.
  • Robin (M) - Also obtained in the same board as Lucina, Male Robin was my main blue mage for a while, but he quickly lost favor to much stronger blue units I obtained later. I would not label him a terrible character, he's be gradually falling in power to much better Blue units, especially as more new characters are introduced. For now, any additional Male Robins are best suited for skill fodder.
  • Nowi - While not a character I desired to have, Nowi is a pretty useful character overall. Her main power comes from Lightning Breath+, granting her Distant Counter. For the most part, she was a good check for the Red Meta back in the earlier months of Heroes, but now, she has a lot more issues dealing with newer Green and Blue units. Still, she has solid reliablity and can even completely decimate any Falchion user who dares to try and attack her.
  • Merric - Merric is sort of an odd Green Mage. His ATK is serviceable at best and his main niche is his unique tome, Excalibur, which gives him advantages over Flier Blues especially. Overall, he's great for his specialty, but he's overshadowed by other Green Mages.
  • Alfonse - The first of the Heroes original characters, Alfonse is pretty boring in my opinion. He requires that you raise him to Rarity 5 to make him viable in the meta and obtain his signature weapon Fólkvangr, which boosts his Attack when he's under 50%. It makes him a good unit to use when his health is low and can sync well if you can give him other dire health skills like Vantage. He does have Sol in his set, so he is perfectly capable to heal himself. At the very least, he can help if you do not have a good Sword unit in your army, which is very hard considering the massive amount of them in the meta. Otherwise, he's very average. Not bad, but not very good IMO.
  • Roy - Mah boy. Roy is your anti-green unit as Triangle Adept basically spells doom for them. He can decimate enemy defenses with his Seal Defense. Unfortunately his stats are not particularly stellar in any point and Triangle adept's double edge makes the risk vs. reward need a huge amount of consideration. While the Binding Blade is powerful, the bonus two points to his defenses when attacked are hardly beneficial in the later game. In all honestly, I wish he had the Binding Blade's ability to distance attack instead. Reliable, but not outstanding.
  • Jakob - Jakob is pretty meh. He's great for setting up kills as his dagger reduces enemy Defense and Resistance. If you find a team with a lot of Mages, he can buff allies with his Rally Resistance. He also has Renewal, so at the very least he can keep himself healed. Nothing much else to say about him.
  • Klein - Klein is Takumi lite. His Brave Bow+/Death Blow combo makes him an incredibly dangerous player turn character. He also has Glacies on hand to deal good damage while he attacks. His Quick Reposte also makes him dangerous to attack from a distance when he's at high health. The ONLY reason why he's outclassed by Takumi is simply because Takumi has Close Counter. Klein is otherwise a pretty safe option and a pretty good archer character.
  • Takumi - Takumi is a GOD tier character. I think just about every player team I've ever faced that has him in their army is using him, and for a good reason. He has Close Counter, allowing him to counter attack at close range. This makes Takumi dangerous to deal with as there is no way for anyone to attack him without suffering some form or retaliation. Secondly, he has Vengeance, which makes him deal more damage when he has suffered damage himself. He eliminates a majority of the non-Iote's Shield flying meta including Camilla and Cordelia. Along with Lucina, he is one of the characters I highly recommend you starter reroll for, especially if you are coming in the game late.
  • Azura - While she is my second refreshing unit, the first being Olivia, she is the first 5-Star refresher and she is my preferred blue unit, even after using Robin pretty extensively. Her ability to refresh units. If your opponents are favoring a particular color, you can use her to refresh your units who have an advantage over them for some good results. She is also no slouch offensively as a moderately powerful Blue unit and can easily dispose of Red Units as her Sapphire Lances+ makes her incredibly deadly against Red Units, especially considering that Swords are pretty common in the Arena. She is incredibly fragile, so handling her with care is a must. While any Green unit bascially can decimate her if they reach her, Blue units can be dangerous for her as well. Despite my short time using her, she has become an essential for my Arena team.
  • Eirika - A bit of an interesting Sword unit. She's not very powerful, but she is decently fast. However, she shines as a support as she gives nearby allies bonuses to their speed and attack through her Hone Speed and Sieglinde respectively. She can Pivot to reposition and use Drag Back to pull enemies closer to your allies so you can take them down much easier. Well worth the time to get her for a pretty interesting sword wielder, but not quite as stellar as Lucina.
  • Ephraim - While he has low speed and resistance, boy does he have raw damage output. High damage from Siegmund, cripples enemies with his two passive skills, plus Moonbow and he's a potent offensive force, especially against the Sword meta. Great unit overall.
  • Lilina - The most powerful Mage in the game by far. Her Magic utterly destroys any non-Blue unit, especially green ones. Growing Flame further enhances this, making her a pretty powerful one-shot cannon character, but with the fragility of glass as if she is caught out, she's more than likely to die.
  • Sharena - Of the three Heroes guaranteed, Shareena is a great investment for your army considering she's a Blue unit, making her great against the Red heavy cast. Good attack and moderate speed makes her an offensive threat. Unfortunately, she lacks an attack skill, but that can be easily skill inherited. Of the three Heroes units, Sharena should be the first to Max rank.
  • Karel - Another Sword unit whom I've had the privilege of obtaining. While he did not replace the likes of Lucina, he still has solid Attack and Speed along with a decent Defense stat to make him dependable as a Sword Unit. His Reprisal skill makes him a deadly foe especially given its low charge and Wo Dao's 10 damage bonus when it activates. Solid all around, but still not quite the best.
  • Ryoma - Ryoma is a scary person in Fates as an enemy and that feeling carries on in Heroes. His Raijinto has a built in Distance Counter and his stats are very similar to Karel. Overall, Ryoma is probably the most sought after Sword Unit in the game since the Skill Inheritance. I was not too serious about getting him, but he has proven to be an extremely powerful unit to have in the army,
  • Anna - The last of the Heroes units, I am a little disappointed in myself for maxing her last. Green units are among the hardest to find and Anna is an overall solid unit, though not quite to Sharena's level. She has Speed on her side and a decent attack to dish out powerful blows. she can counter on the enemy turn first if she's under 75% health, making her a relatively safe front liner. Her Nóatún gives her the ability to instantly warp to safety should she be heavily wounded, further solidifying this role. She'll struggle against the Red meta, but she is good for countering Blue threats like Cordelia and Ninian.
  • Robin (F) - Statwise, she similar to Male Robin, just Green. That means that she just does not shine as much as other Green Mages. No IVs means that there are no surprises and in the end, she just can't keep up in the meta. Unless you REALLY like her as a character, maybe you can expend your feathers on her, but for me, I kind of regret promoting her as early as I did.
  • Nino - A powerful Green Mage, Nino is highly regarded as one of the best Green Mages, if not THE best, in the game thanks to her strong Attack and Speed stats. While she requires buffs to really shine, given that she is a pretty easy Hero to obtain, if you manage to snag a copy of her, she is one of the best long term investment units in the game.
  • Faye - Faye is a pretty bulky archer. She's not very fast, but if she is caught out, she can take a hit better than most others in the game. Her Firesweep Bow is great for chipping damage from enemies without worrying about retaliation. Solid unit, but not quite potent enough to exceed most of the other Archers already established in the meta.
  • Young Tiki - Generally, Young Tiki is a serviceable unit without many flaws, but not that many strengths either. She is a generally good unit to have and does not disappoint when used. If you can give her the right skills, she can become a dependable unit.
  • Michalis - Impressive attack, but not a lot of speed. Surprisingly good bulk and has no fliers weakness thanks to his Iote's Shield (Skill). He suffers from Hero Battle syndrome where he does not have any IV variation, but neverthess is a solid unit, but not the best to pull from the events.
  • Boey - He has an unusually high Def for a mage, making him a decent safe option when engaging physical enemies. He lacks the power and resistance to properly trade with other mages, even if he has color advantage. Not a bad unit to have, but he is outshined by several other mages.
  • Mae - A quarter version of Linde, Mae is much more accessible as you can acquire her at 4 rarity and improve her. Good attack and decent speed makes her a solid Blue mage unit, though she is the typical frail mage to physical attacks.
  • Xander - Without question at this point, Xander is THE Hero Battle hero to get ASAP. Built in Distant Counter in his weapon, high mobility, excellent Defense and Attack makes him a powerful defensive wall. Though his speed and resistance are lacking, Xander is well worth putting in time and feathers to max out. He's a dominant Enemy Turn unit for your team, so having him both for Offensive and Defensive makes him a powerful hero.
  • Masked Marth - Literally a blank slate, Marth is basically a free Lucina unit, but with no skills from the start aside from the sword skills. No IV variation makes Marth a pretty one note character and in reality, Masked Marth is a Lucina without IVs and skills. If you do not have a Lucina, Masked Marth is essentially a free Lucina and if you can get a copy, she is a free high tier character, you just have to teach her the skills to become good. If you don't have Lucina or have a bad Lucina boon/bane like me, she's a great saving grace.
  • Katarina - Katarina has all around well balanced stats aside from low defense and HP, which means that she will die if caught out by physical weapon units. Works marvelously as a debuffer thanks to Atk Ploy though her base tome requires tight formations to use properly. Her high Res also blends well with her Glacies skill. Good unit to have, even though she is another Red unit.
  • Clarisse - Good Atk and Spd, but does not quite shine as much as many of the already established archers since the beginning of the game. Still, she is a deadly unit who can pile debuffs thanks to her weapon and threaten defense. Add the ability to chip away damage thanks to her Poison Strike skill and Clarisse has some benefits in the long run.
  • Robin (Ylissean Summer) - Her weapon is powerful and her stats make her a deceptively powerful defensive tank. She has by far one of the best C slot skills for training, Lance Valor which multiplies SP gains when killing units. If obtained, she is a great boon for grinding for skill points. It should be noted that it also stacks on the SP weekend multiplier events as well.
  • Tobin - Oh Tobin, he's so bad. He really does not have much going for him aside from his availability. Stats are mediocre at best, base skills are also just as unimpressive. Though every player could have gotten him via Tempest Trial, he's easily one of the worst units to use, but I suppose if you're a Echoes fan, having him is not too bad. Just don't expect him to shake up your team comps any time soon.
  • Luke - Death Blow plus Brave Sword+ makes Luke a powerful Player turn unit as he can easily ORKO a lot of units. On a Cavalry team, he's a dominant force. He's a unit worth using.
  • Camus - Essentially Blue Xander, Camus is another highly desired GHB unit due to Gradvius with the built in Distant Counter. On a Cavalry team, he corrects a lot of flaws, but if he's not on one, he's still a useful unit. He's definitely worth obtaining if possible.
  • Clive - Clive's benefits come from his status as a Blue unit, which allows him to help against the Red dominated meta. However, he is a pretty poor unit in general. If he's on a Cavalry team
  • Berkut - Unfortunately, Berkut is not THAT great of a unit despite how much I enjoyed his role in Echoes and is only marginally better than Clive. I would not label him a terribad unit, but he's outclassed by other F2P Lance Cavalry unit Camus and other Lance Cavalry who you have to pull from Summoning can at least get IV manipulations that make them effective in the long run. He's okay at best, but in the long run, he does not shine as much as some would like.
  • Brave Lyn - Its a good thing that Lyn is one of my favorite FE characters of all time because recruiting her for my free pull is one of the best choices I ever made. That being said, if you haven't gotten her yet or chose not to get her, it's a little bit of a disappointment for you. Lyn is easily one of the strongest units in the game, if not the most prominent new character that will be in the Arena scene for the rest of the game's lifespan. Incredibly strong, can stop majority of the Counter game thanks to Sacae's Blessing, and is a Cavalier character, Lyn is incredibly overpowered. I hate that she is such a domineering character and is almost a must/should have character, but I'm happy that she is given the love that many fans of the series give her.
  • Tharja - As a Blade Tome user, Tharja is a powerful unit, especially when using a heavy buffing team. Her serviceable ATK and SPD make her a strong Red Tome unit and if you acquire her as a 4 Star with the right Boon/Bane, she's great promotion investment if you are lacking in strong R Tome users.
  • Brave Lucina - Strong Speed and Attack like normal Lucina, she's a great offensive unit and works as a great rallyier support unit for your allies when used. Currently, she is perhaps the strongest Infantry Lance user in the meta, which gives her a great shining badge to wear over many other units in the current meta.
  • Ursula - Ursula is a unit I promoted solely for the Tempest Trials and she did not disappoint. On her own, she's decent and works well if you can give her Blarblade, but other than that, she's not that great when compared to the likes of Olwen and especially Reindhart. If you have those two, Ursula pales in comparision. Otherwise, she's decent, not bad, but decent.
  • Nephenee - Nphenee is another Lance wielding infantry unit that was highly desired due to her popularity. I scarcely find any way to use her for any mode outside of Arena Assault. Her base set is already strong enough to use, and giving her simple, easily obtained skills will optimize her but hardly change her capabilities. Unfortunately, she is outclassed by other Lance infantries like Brave Lucina or Sharena. Not a bad unit to have, but hardly a standout outside of popularity.
  • Elincia - Elincia is essentially a stronger version of Brave Sword Caeda thanks to her signature Amiti sword. She's a powerful player turn unit and one of my favorite Flying units in my current roster.
  • Black Knight - Black Knight finally gave me the means to make Armor Emblem teams thanks to an impressive skill set and stats that make him a powerful unit altogether. As probably one of my favorite Tellius Series characters, Black Knight was well worth obtaining for me and anyone who could during that Tempest Trial. If you have him, he's a powerful asset.
  • Cordelia - What can I say? Cordelia is one of the best fliers in the game and she was an absolute guarantee promote the minute I got the best IV spread for her. She's a powerful Player turn offensive unit so I plan on using her a lot in my arena runs and to complete the monthly Flier Missions. Great unit to invest if you got a good IV Cordelia.
  • Shigure (Performing) - A singing Blue Mage Dancer gives Performing Shigure the means to be a powerful allied unit. However, his stats leave him a little dry when compared to other Dancers. This does not make him totally useless as his Dancing ability alone is a powerful asset. But in a Banner of all Singer/Dancers, Shigure just does not quite standout over Inigo and Azura, but is comparable or better than Olivia.
  • Felicia - Felicia is the first unit I purely promoted not out of need, but because I wanted to. For the most part, she is not a strong meta Hero. In fact, her only real strong trait is her ability to counter mages, which are fairly common. Though she is heavily reliant on her skill to deal decent damage, I've used her in the Arena Assault on teams where I can use her to debuff the enemy so my allies can destroy them or to hard counter common mages like Reinhardt and Cecilia. Were there better units that I could promote at this time? Yup. But I just wanted to 5-Star a unit that I wanted, rather than needed.
  • Sigurd - Despite getting roasted in his game of origin, Sigurd is surprisingly bulky. I find him to be an all around solid unit that does not have many glaring weaknesses. His base set is strong on its own and just needs a little more investments to truly bloom. More Horse units are welcome for my Arena team.
  • Saber - Saber is by no means a terrible unit. He's got a solid base stat line and a pretty bulky Skill set that makes him an off tank. However, to find ground in the Red unit slot, Saber needs a lot more to take that role. All around, he's flexible, but if you have a unit more suited for a particular role, Saber really pales in comparison. Strong for temporary gap fill for any team, but not quite enough to stand above them all.
  • Cecilia - Cecilia is an extremely strong Horse Emblem team member, though only in that situation. Her easy accessibility makes her great for those who are willing to expend Hero Feathers, though she needs very specific IVs to shine. Well worth for any non-premium player and works well with Camus and Xander, two other F2P units.
  • Arvis - Arvis is a wonderful F2P character with great support capabilities thanks to his Valflame Tome and DEF Ploy and his Recover Ring which allows him to be an off healer once he can inherit Ardent Sacrifice/Reciprocal Aid. He has the power to be used offensively, though his Defense and HP leaves him extremely vulnerable and makes him a risky unit for the aforementioned Ardent Sacrifice/Reciprocal Aid unit. Good for F2P users, more niche when compared to those who can pull good units from Summoning Banners.
  • Arden - Arden is a ridiculously bulky unit. His insane Defense and HP makes him practically untouchable by physical units and devastating with Bonfire/Ignis equipped. His Follow-Up Ring skill pairs perfectly with his Brave Sword+, making him a scary unit during either player's turn. His only downside is his atrocious speed and vulnerability to common Blue Tome users, especially Reinhardt. Nevertheless, for a F2P unit, Arden is one hell of a monster, especially if on a strong Armor Emblem team.
  • Camilla - Camilla was one of the few 4-Star available units I did not acquire until literally October, 8 months after the game's release. I was fortunate that my first Camilla pull was a +ATK -DEF stat changes so getting myself another Axe unit to 5 Stars using her was a no brainer. I would not call her a bad unit, in fact she's quite useful. But I do not quite see her as a powerhouse among the other Axe/Flying units. Definitely useful to have if you can acquire a good IV spread and she is a powerful unit overall. Use if can, replace if you have better.
  • Reinhardt - Reinhardt is of course one of the most notorious units in the meta thanks to his Dire Tome/Cavalier status combo. I really hate seeing him (though not as much as Brave Lyn). You should expect to see him or Lyn (or even worse both at the same time) in your Arena battles. But anyways, Reinhardt is incredibly strong and a potent Player turn unit. Great range, decent attack, only held back that he is weak to several Mage Checks and the easily acquired Cecilia. Luckily for people who face my Arena teams, mine does not have a good IV spread so he's not on my team. However, its thanks to him that I had to purposefully craft teams with checks for him.
  • Mist - Mist is my very first Staff 5-Star pull and unfortunately she's my pity breaker for the Halloween event. I don't have a single Halloween event character in my name so its more painful to get her in the end. Mist is nothing too special when compared to other staff users in the current meta and honestly, sacking a Lissa/Wrys to give her the basically needed Rehabilitate support healing skill puts her already on the lower end of the spectrum. Nothing useful from her base set but not a bad healer with proper inheritance. I don't hate her, but she like other healers are heavily overshadowed by more useful offensive units.
  • Joshua -
  • Fjorm - While I have yet to use her in practical combat (Arenas), I can feel that she can be a tank character. She can counter attack at range, has skills to keep her Special active and can overall act as an good frontline unit. She's still in her infancy (only being out for a few hours as of when this initial review is made), but I can feel that there might be some potential in her.
  • Genny - Possibly one of the strongest staff users ATK stat wise, her greatest claim to fame is her Wrathful Staff skill, making her a pretty viable option for attacking, though she's nothing stellar thanks to her pretty low speed. But like most healers, she's very lackluster and will hardly find a place on any of my Arena teams, but nevertheless, she's in my army so she'll be trained like the rest.

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