• Quan of Leonster

    So, as of 7/11/14, I've started making the /Script pages for Genealogy of the Holy War! Yay me. This'll be a long project, but I'm super stoked. I love this game, and transcripting the scripts is actually reminding me of a lot of things I forgot of the story, or clueing me in to things I missed.

    Prologue: Birth of the Holy Knight (*DONE*)

    This only took me a couple hours, and was quite fun to do. I'm gonna miss its simplicity.

    Chapter 1: Girl of the Spirit Forest (*DONE*)

    I'm only now realizing that this will be a long, long project. This one page literally took an entire day. Didn't help that I lost ALL OF MY F#&KING PROGRESS when I was already at the Spirit Forest and had to restart, but, well, what're you gonna do. I also had some trouble …
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