• Blogs are now available
  • The userpage now includes a user masthead which makes navigation easier aswel as adds a couple new functions
  • The Spanish Fire Emblem Wiki now has 50 articles
  • Some pages for TearRing Saga have been added
  • The FE4 navigation template has been created and added to the appropriate pages by Otherarrow
  • The .ogg handler extension has been added, so sound files can be uploaded to the wiki (for samples of game music/character themes and such). It's just a matter of getting a file converter to put the files into .ogg format and then we should see them appearing (thanks to Aveyn Knight for ripping the first set of files off the Fire Emblem World site)
  • I've nominated the wiki for featured wiki on gaming.wikia. Please vote here!
  • Congratulations to Charged151 for having 1000 edits.
  • Quotes have been added to all FE6, FE7, FE8 and FE9 playable characters.
  • Over 2000 articles
  • Over 2000 Images
  • We are having a Logo design contest

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